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Revenankh Analysis/Three Attacks moveset said:
...With Revenankh’s low Speed, Payback outdamages Shadow Punch in almost all situations...
Shouldn't it be Shadow Sneak? Shadow Punch isn't listed in the moveset, Shadow Sneak is.

Pyroak Analysis/Rest Sleep Talk moveset said:
...Lava Plume again provedes a reasonable chance of Burn while Grass Knot covers Bulky Waters and Grounds...

Pyroak Analysis/Opinion said:
...Puroak's great bulk, dual STABs and Leech Seed allow it to play it's role as a tank very well...

Fidgit Analysis/Entry Hazard Supporter moveset said:
...its typing and ability allow Fidgit to be immune to sleep, poison, and paralysis statuses, which sweepers will hate to be affected by...
This isn't true. Ground types aren't immune to paralysis, they are only immune to Electric moves. Out of 19 attacks that may cause paralysis, only 9 are Electric moves. Force Palm, Bounce, Stun Spore, Body Slam, Glare, Secret Power, Tri-Attack, Dragonbreath, Lick and Fling (with Light Ball) all have a chance to paralyze.

Fidgit Analysis/Rapid Spin Supporter moveset said:
...and Skarmory will be have to use Spikes...

Fidgit Analysis/Field-Effect Supporter moveset said:
...It also has a unique ability, Persistant, which increases the duration of field-effecting moves by two turns, solid defensive typing and stats, and a massive support movepool...
The name of the ability is Persistent and a semi-colon must be used instead of the bolded comma.

Fidgit Analysis/Other Options said:
...Safeguard is a decent supporting option for the team, but Fidgit won’t find it very beneficial for itself, due to the fact that it’s already immune to paralysis, poison, and sleep...

Also, clicking on Paleo Wave on Stratagem's analysis page gives you no result. Since it's a move created by the CAP project and not a move that the casual reader probably knows about, it would be nice to create a page about it. The same thing about Shadow Strike, and the abilities Mountaineer and Persistent.

I apologize if by creating this thread, I somehow violated the rules.
Wow. Good catches on these typos.

I think this deserves a +1 because apparently there are quite a few mistakes in the CAP analyses that most (if not all) have overlooked / missed. Good job! :)

Thanks for the corrections. I've fixed them and should be on-site once they are cached.

However, I didn't do Pyroak yet, since it's still in the process of being revamped.
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