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To be fair, I didn't believe I was in a good position to lead, considering the healing pin was pretty powerful and protective roles like that should not be in the open (not to mention I thought SOMEONE would step up), but at the same time I regret not talking to others as much (I died without having talked to anyone about this), although considering I nearly died the first cycle I didn't stand much of a chance.

And yeah, if you're going to do an item game like that, the only person who should possibly have a thief is the wolf. Either that, or there is some way to keep certain items upon yourself no matter what.
daenym: you weren't invited to #mami because it was made so we could discuss without shifty neutrals :P we then carried on using it because we couldn't add ace to the ops list in #totori, which was secure :/

also i kept waking up to find logs showing that spiffy had done something to annoy the neutrals in my inbox lol, it wasn't exactly a pleasant way to start the day since i supported letting daenym win and getting on with it, since we knew we could kill him after he won anyway!
I apologize for raging.

That was a dumb thing for me to do.

And just before I go...


And I'm going to lol at my screwing over MB for a while. :3


Mafia Champion
Im not saying that what I did was an amazing play by me I was just explaining how I discovered their channel. It wasn't anything special. Also can you explain what exactly is wrong with anonymous irc alts? Other than the fact that they are stupid, am I like somehow breaking the integrity of the game?
I think they toe the line of the "no player impersonation" rule, personally. I'm sure some people disagree, but it's just how I feel about it, and I'm not gonna be changing my mind on the subject.


Alas poor Yorick!
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How did I miss this log???

22:32 the_angry_scientist: how long are you gonna keep up the act walrein?
22:32 Layell: aren't you rebooting the heal this cycle?
22:33 Walrein: yea
22:33 the_angry_scientist: he hasn't sent it in if he is
22:33 Walrein: i have
22:33 the_angry_scientist: (or i forgot to put it on the sheet)
22:33 Walrein: i just forgot to tell you
22:33 Walrein: i only sent it
22:33 Walrein: to acklow
22:33 Layell: ohhh
22:33 the_angry_scientist: :(
22:33 Layell: burn
22:33 Layell: by the guy
22:33 Layell: who is frozzzzen
22:33 Walrein: so yea tas
22:33 the_angry_scientist: better send it to me
22:33 Walrein: if it isnt on the sheet
22:33 Walrein: i will tell you
22:33 Layell: Shroud Self, Reboot Thanx
22:33 Layell: is what I have
22:34 Walrein: ya
22:34 Layell: maybe you should give me your sheet tas
22:34 Layell: so I can add it
22:34 Walrein: yea
22:34 Walrein: that is a good plan

I am now also trying to replay TWEWY on hard mode because of this game. Not going too well.