Gen 1 Underused RMT


Fearow ** Big Bird
- Double-Edge
- Drill Peck
- Hyper Beam
- Mirror Move

Most things that start from what I'm just assuming are sleepers and those will probably be either Venomoth or Tangela so Fearow is the God-send bird that actually has a STAB flying move that doesn't suck ass (ew Fly).

Tangela ** Sack of Worms
- Growth
- Mega Drain
- Sleep Powder
- Stun Spore

Standard Grass and double powder. His paralysis support is greatly needed.

Kabutops ** Hug Me
- Body Slam
- Hyper Beam
- Surf
- Swords Dance

Sweeper! He's meant to bust out late game...but I'm thinking of forgoing surf for blizzard cause it's SE against more stuff in UU... The only problem I'd actually run into would be Onix.

Electabuzz ** Couch Potato
- Psychic
- Seismic Toss
- Thunder Wave
- Thunderbolt

Electric power! My special attacker pretty much, paralysis support as well.

Primeape ** Exploding Ape
- Body Slam
- Hyper Beam
- Rock Slide
- Submission

Fast killer, probably for revenge killing. He's faster than Hitmonlee and better moves.

Porygon ** Sexy GFX
- Blizzard
- Recover
- Thunder Wave
- Thunderbolt

...UU starmie? Yeah Paralyze, attack, recover, repeat when necessary.

So I wanna know what glaring weaknesses i have, what problems could the team really run into. im playing this on NB tho i don't get that many matches, i do get some, even UU.
You don't have any weakness from what I can see. Porygon isn't that great in UU btw. Also, lol revenge killing Primape. The last time I played RBY UU Golduck and Poliwrath were whored and Wrap teams were fun to use :). Good Luck finding someone to play though...