Unorthadox But Effective Sets

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This article will showcase some very uncommon, unorthodox, or outdated sets in that can still be effective. Feel free to post any sets I haven't already covered as well (and make sure that their not currently listed as a standard set on a Poke's Smogon Analysis)! Post if you want me to continue this for UU!

SET UNO: MclceGar (tweaked)

Gengar @ Life Orb
184Atk / 132SpA / 192Spe
Levitate / Hasty
-Focus Punch
-Pain Split/Destiny Bond

-Can leech off of Blissey's huge HP stat with Pain Split and then KO with a Focus Punch (Focus Punch w/o any prior damage is guaranteed even 2HKO 252/252 Bold Blissey!)
-Guaranteed 2HKO Scizor (OHKOs 252/0 Scizor with SR and 3 layers of spikes!)
-Guaranteed 2HKO standard Spec. D Heatran as well w/o prior damage (OHKOs with SR and 3 layers of spikes!)
-If Gyarados tries to switch into a Focus Punch, it can potentially be OHKO'd one and a half times by TBolt

-Though Scizor can be potentially OHKOd with full hazard support, it can OHKO Gengar back with a Pursuit or Bullet Punch if Genger lacks a sub.
-If Blissey can get off a Softboiled after breaking Gengar's sub, it can simply PP stall the hell out of Focus Punch and takes pittance on TBolt/Thunder
-Pretty much any move in the game can break Gengar's substitutes.
Gengar is so frail, a Rapid Spin from Staryu can OHKO it!
-This set has NO way of touching Landorus outside of Destiny Bond (if Gengar decides to carry it)

EV Explanation:
-184 Atk EV's are for the guaranteed OHKO's and 2HKO's listed above, though more EV's can be taken out of SpA to pump up Gengar's Focus Punches even further (even an uninvested TBolt OHKOs 56/0 Gyarados).
-188 Spe EV's and a SpD boosting nature is necessary to outpace positive-natured base 100's (such as non-scarf Salamence, Volcorona, offensive Celebi, offensive non-scarf Jirachi, and offensive Ninetales), +1 base 60's (such as DD Tyranitar, [when was the last time you saw one of those?], and scarf Abomasnow), base 101's (such as Landorus and Tornadus-T), and Garchomp
-The rest of the EV's are thrown into SpA to make TBolt/Thunder hit harder

Additional Comments:
-Thunder should only be used with Politoed (duh)
-Shadow Ball is an option over TBolt or Thunder if Gyarados isn't a problem for your team, though Gengar will be left defenseless against the omni-present Tornadus-T (Drizzle for Ubers, lol), so this isn't recommended.
-This set requires spot-on prediction, as Genger will often perish if you mispredict (especially against Scizor and TTar)
-If Destiny Bond is used over Pain Split (which used to counter Scizor and TTar, BTW) wish support is almost mandatory as Life Orb and Substitutes will very quickly wear down Gengar.

SET SHTAYIM: Suicide Lead Cacturne

Cacturne @Focus Sash
4HP / 252Atk / 252
Water Absorb / Timid
-Sucker Punch
-Destiny Bond

-This set is almost guaranteed to either kill something or set up a couple layers of Spikes
-Sucker Punch is one of the most powerful priorities in the game; coming in at a great 120 BP after STAB
-Counter can OHKO any physical attacker trying to destroy Cacturn
-Once Cacturn is down to its Sash, it can Destiny Bond something down with it, potentially taking down two Pokes in exchange for itself, all while getting up Spikes

-This set is, like MclcGar, high-risk high-reward, being very hard to pull off
-This set CANNOT function in standard OU (at least not for me); lower tiers only
-This set's consistency is shaky at best

EV Explanation:
Is this really necessary?

Additional Comments:
-Cacturne can either take down two Pokes or set up some Spikes; either way it does your team some good
-nuff' said

SET TROIS: Uber Stall Abomasnow (or Snover)

Abomasnow @ Focus Sash
252HP / 252Atk / 4Def
Snow Warning / Adamant
-Leech Seed
-Ice Shard

-This set can potentially "sweep" an entire team with Toxic Spikes set up (which is hilarious)
-Ice Shard is great STAB priority to have just in case
-Leech Seed keeps Abomasnow healthy and can potentially restore his Sash

-Endure and Protect have limited PP
-Fun Fact: Fake Out has the same priority of Endure (+3), making faster Fake Out scouters the perfect counter to this set (such as Mienshao or Ambipom, which should be RU, BTW)
-This set is completely shut down by Taunt users on a predicted Endure or Leech Seed, though more frail Taunt users will often be KOd or heavily crippled by Ice Shard
-This set absolutely DESPISES status of any form on an Endure or Leech Seed, though a Lum Berry may be ran to prevent this
-Sandstorm completely shuts this down as well
-Toxic Spikes are almost required due to Endure and Protect's limited PP (16 max PP, if I'm not mistaken)

Additional Comments:
-Since this set so much relies on Toxic Spikes, Forretress, Tentacruel, Roserade, Qwilfish, Scoliopede, and Drapion are great teammates for Abomasnow
-Ghosts such as Gengar and Jellicent are magnificent teammates for Abomasnow as well, due to their Spin Blocking capabilities
-Lum and Leftovers are very viable as item options over a Sash

Well, this is all the sets I have for now, but I will be sure to procure more (and don't be afraid to post your own sets down below)!

Just an extra thing I wanted to throw in: 252/184+ Wobbuffet can survive a 252+ Specs Water Spout with ~20% from Kyogre and KO back with a Mirror Coat in Ubers!


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