Unown (Soul Devourer)

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This is a new age. The gradual evolution of our Metagame has made me realize that for too long have we let these Unown play with our lives and make us cower in fear. It is time to stand up. Although most of these Pokemon are relatively innocent and carefree, some are not. Some harbor horrid memories that have warped their minds beyond recognition. These are the Soul Devourers. We all have known the sheer power of this set from Unown's inception, but we have been too afraid to utilize it due to the horror it brings. We have all seen it. The way a Pokemon writhes and screams as Unown stares into its soul and feeds. It has haunted our memories for aeons. We must face our fear and warn people of the demon that is UNOWN.

-Hidden Power Dark/Ghost/Psychic
Nature: Serious
Item: Focus Sash
Evs: 252 Atk/252 Def/4 SpDef

Why this set deserves to be onsite:
-unown's general scariness scares away all kinds of boosted attackers and causes them to switch out
-unown's eye can steal its opponent's soul if it it doesn't switch out
-sometimes Pokemon become so distressed that they automatically use Explosion out of frustration, which is what focus sash is for
-in some cases causes the opposing Pokemon to go insane and stab its own trainer repeatedly
-in some cases causes the opposing trainer to become sadistic and beat its Pokemon to death
-Even after Unown is dead, the memories of its terror reign over for the rest of both sides' lives

Additional Comments:
-252 Atk/252 Def/4 SpDef makes Unown look as stong and menacing as possible for maximum intimidation. Attack is used instead of SpAtk coz SpAtk is for NERDS
-Hidden Power Dark/Ghost/Psychic are the scariest out of all moves Unown has and are used to scar the opponent emotionally if it decides to stay in (what courage!)
-Serious nature coz Unown don't take notin from nobody

These Unown have no friends. No family. Only despair.

Dugtrio can attempt to appease Unown as their friendship from their cave days lets them connect in ways no others can.

Great Sage

Banned deucer.
Unown's power is too great for us to accept this analysis. It would be blasphemy because written word can only demean Unown's power. I hope you understand.
Not open for further replies.