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DPP UU [UU RMT] - Balance.

Discussion in 'RMT Archive' started by CTI, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. CTI

    CTI black

    Jun 22, 2007

    Ok, this is the team that's I've been using for more than 2 months. Its gotten me to number one on the ladder on my alt, and its the team that that has gotten me most of my points in the smogon tour, with it going to the finals in 2 tours, and semis in another (haxed out :( ). With the tour over for me, I thought I'd post it and make a new one. This team is past its prime though, and for me, its starting to get boring to use. Also, with dugtrio now in UU, it'll make this team much less effective than it once was.

    At A Glance

    [​IMG]@ Lefties​
    Ability: Levitate​
    EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SDef​
    Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)​
    -Stealth Rock​
    -Thunder Wave​

    Comments: Uxie is a very sturdy lead, and that's why I picked it. 130 base in both defenses and a decent 75 base in HP were too good to pass up. It can easily withstand a lot the UU metagame has to offer, and either cripple opponents or set up rocks. It easily switches into most of the Fighters that give my team trouble, such as Blaziken('s superpower) and Hariyama, and hit them back hard with a STAB Psychic.

    Against the top 10 leads, this is what I usually do:
    • Uxie: Always set up rocks.
    • Roserade: Go to Registeel to absorb Sleep Powder.
    • Ambipom: I may stay in sometimes, I don't know why, but I usually go to Registeel.
    • Moltres: Always Thunder Wave it.
    • Yanmega: Switch to Registeel, seeing as specs will OHKO with Bug Buzz.
    • Electrode: Psychic as they Taunt, Psychic as they Rain Dance, switch to Registeel as they boom boom.
    • Arcanine: I dont mind Uxie being poisoned, so I always set up rocks.
    • Steelix: Rockz
    • Hippopotas: More rockzzz
    • Typhlosion: Go to Milotic seeing as Specs / Scarf Eruption won't 2HKO.
    Moveset: Standard Uxie set . When I first got back into the swing of UU, I would always see people use Uxie with Yawn as opposed to thunder wave. I thought “why Yawn when it can Thunder Wave to instantly cripple things?” So when I was building this team, I opted to test out Thunder Wave > Yawn on Uxie, and it was great. It nails sweepers like Absol or Espeon who might switch in on predicted Psychics, and the parahax it may provide is a plus. Stealth Rock instantly checks Moltres, Scyther, Yanmega, and anything else weak to Rock. It also help in slowly chipping away the opponent's HP. Psychic is for STAB and is mainly for those fighters, and U-turn is there for scouting purposes, as well as nailing some super-effective hits on anything weak to it.

    Evs / Nature: Max out its decent HP, then go for Defense. Leftovers go into Sp. Def. Nothing fancy. +Def nature is to help absorb hits.

    [​IMG]@ Life Orb
    Ability: Super Luck​
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd​
    Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)​
    -Night Slash​
    -Sucker Punch​

    Comments: Absol, along with Blaziken, provides the firepower that my team needs to combat the likes of stall and Rain Dance. Originally, I had Honchkrow here, but ever since it became a suspect, I've been using Absol, although it has proven not to be as effective as Honch. Either way, it still gets the job done. Super Luck is chosen as the preferred ability, because those critical hits can be annoying for the opponent. Originally, I also had Scope Lens, but I like Orb for the enhanced power. Occasionally I'll alternate between Absol and Drapion, because both of them are similar, and Drapion has the added bonus of being a second check to Roserade and Absol (with Battle Armor), both of whom are problematic to the team.

    Moveset: Night Slash is a deadly move that has a pretty high chance to crit you, unless you have Battle Armor. It is also a power STAB attack that is used to nail Psychics like Slowbro, and can turn 3HKOs into 2HKOs if you are lucky enough to critical hit. Sucker Punch is there for priority, and also checks Rain Dance and Sunny Day, albeit not that great, because I absolutely do not like like Sucker Punch / Night Slash / Pursuit prediction wars. Superpower nails Normal and Steel types who would otherwise wall Absol completely. Pursuit is there because most people don't expect it and carelessly switch out their move-locked 'mons, netting Absol some lucky KOs. It also dents a switching Chansey who'll attempt to flee an expected Superpower.

    Evs / Nature: Max Attack and Speed for maximum sweeping capability. Jolly to ensure I tie with other Absols.

    [​IMG]@ Life Orb
    Ability: Blaze​
    EVs: 188 Atk/68 Spd/252 SAtk​
    Rash nature (+SAtk, -SDef)​
    -Fire Blast​
    -Hidden Power [Grass]​
    -Stone Edge​

    Comments: <3 Blaziken. I now see why Heysup loves this thing. It can single-handedley (with correct prediction) destroy stall teams. The raw power it provides is much needed, seeing as dismantling stall teams was one of the objectives of this team. With two 120 base STAB moves, Blaziken will usually net at least one kill per game, if not then it'll surely dent something.

    Moveset: Powerful dual-STABs in the names of Fire Blast and Superpower are a godsend. They hit things who are weak against them extremely hard, and the same goes for anything neutral to them. HP Grass is there to deal with the bulky waters that cause him problems, and iirc, Fire Blast + HP Grass from Blaziken will be able to take down Slowbro. In the last slot, I have Stone Edge, as opposed to Vacuum Wave because stone edge helps to counter stall better. It can easily KO a Moltres that may have been paralyzed, or an Altaria that switches into one of my moves, especially if I have rocks on the field. I've never really found Vacuum Wave all that handy, except when Absol is giving me problems, and even then, Blaziken may have to take a Swords Danced Sucker Punch, which will pretty much limit his sweeping potential.

    Evs / Nature: Blaziken needs max SpA to deal as much damage as possible with Fire Blast. The Speed EVs that Blaziken has generate 213 speed, enough to outspeed Adamant Torterra (211) (beause it would absolutely suck not to be able to outspeed that slow fucker and nail it with Fire Blast), while also outpacing those who invest in enough Speed for the same purpose (212), such as Milotic. The rest of the EVs were dumped into Attack to enhance Superpower's and Stone Edge's power. Rash powers up my Fire Blast so I can wreck shit.

    [​IMG]@ Scarf​
    Ability: Natural Cure​
    EVs: 6 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk​
    Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)​
    -Leaf Storm​
    -Sludge Bomb​
    -Hidden Power [Ice]​

    Comments: ScarfRade is amazing. Originally I had Shaymin in this spot, but I think I like Roserade better because of one reason: it soaks of Toxic Spikes while Shaymin doesnt. I used Scarf Shaymin to counter Rain Dance teams and to surprise Crobat switch-ins, but Rade gets the job done almost as well. It outspeeds Modest Omastar and Gorebyss in the rain and hits them with a power Leaf Storm. Roserade is also my answer to a once Rock-Polished Adamant Torterra, seeing as it can out speed and hit it with HP Ice. Of course, Roserade is not as fast as shaymin, which means it still gets outsped by Ludicolo and Kabutops is the rain.

    Moveset: Leaf Storm is for power STAB. It can easily cause a lot of damage to anything that doesnt resist it, and it can still do some damage at -2 SpA. Sludge Bomb is powerful STAB and allows me to hit other Grass-types. HP Ice is specifically for Altaria and Torterra, becaise they can because problematic if not stopped. Also, I didn't choose HP Fire or Ground because it'll do diddlyshit to the Registeel that may switch in. Rest is to recover HP that I may have lost due to repeatedly switching into Surfs or other attacks, or just by entry hazards. I can sometimes get a free Rest off of a fleeing bulky Water such as Milotic who fears Leaf Storm.

    Evs / Nature: Max SpA and Speed for max efficiency. Timid so I can be as fast as possible.

    [​IMG]@ Lefties
    Ability: Marvel Scale​
    EVs: 252 HP/200 Def/56 Spd​
    Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)​
    -Sleep Talk​
    -Hidden Power [Grass]​

    Comments: I love ResTalk Milotic. She takes status like a champ and can just Rest off the Poison she may mave gotten from an LRcanine or something. Even without Marval Scale activated, she takes hits like a champ. She counters the Fire-types take may destroy me, like LO Moltres, and she can hit them back with STAB Surf. If Uxie is gone, she is the one who will have to take on random EQs and Close Combats.

    Moveset: Rest and Sleep talk on a ResTalk Milotic is needed. They ensure that while Milotic is sleeping, she wont be completely (unless pitted against Toxicroak :[ ). Surf is for STAB and it counters Fire-types. HP Grass is for other water types like Feraligatr that may stat up in my face. It also hits Omastar and Kabutops for 4x damage, and gives me a better way to deal with SubPunch Azumarill.

    Evs / Nature: Max HP is nice for taking special and physical hits. I have 56 EVs in Speed to outspeed Adamant Torterra if need be, and also the more slower forms of Blaziken. The rest 200 go into Defense to help take hits better. Bold helps me take those random fighting and ground moves better.

    [​IMG]@ Lefties
    Ability: Clear Body​
    EVs: 252 HP/40 Atk/216 SDef​
    Careful nature (+SDef, -SAtk)​
    -Iron Head​
    -Sleep Talk​

    Comments: Yeah, just like my Milotic in my last rmt, Curse Registeel is coming back again because its a fucking beast ~_~ I can switch into sleep moves and Curse up in my sleep. Registeel is my main counter to Roserade, Mismagius, and Yanmega, and it does a good job too. Even an unboosted Iron Head does respectable damage to all 3, while all the can do is spam weak Hidden Powers at me. Can also help against stall if it's the last pokemon.

    Moveset: Any Cro- pokemon will need Rest, Sleep Talk, and a boosting move, in this case, Curse. Rest improves my durability and will restore any damage I sustained while taking hits while Cursing up. Sleep Talk makes me not so completely useless when Resting, seeing as it can either pick Curse to boost my stats, or choose a possibly boosted Iron Head (or Rest, but whatever).

    Evs / Nature: Max HP to take hits better. So much EVs are pumped into Sp. Def because its the stat that I'm not boosting, and it softens special hits by a lot. The leftover EVs are put into Attack to enhance Registeel's Attack stat. Careful boosts my Sp. Def to take those special hits.

    **Credits to o 3 L e M e N T a L o for the awesome pokemon rendering.


    Team Building Process:

    When making my new UU team I knew that I had to counter all the rain dance and stall that has unfortunately plagued nUU. After reading some posts made by Heysup, I knew I wanted to give Blaziken a try:


    Alright, so far so good. Now what to do for rain dance. Priority can screw around with them, and its good to have in general. I soon saw Absol [Honchkrow previously] was a good user of priority (Sucker Punch) and it can also smack stall around with Superpower and its STAB dark moves. Super Luck is also a bonus that comes along with it that can easily annoy the opponent.:


    I wanted more speed, other than priority. I also needed a way to quickly dispose of those pesky bulky waters that just simply wouldn't die. ScarfRade [Shaymin previously] was perfect for the job. Leaf Storm just destroys Milotic and Slobro (even after a CM), and scarf gives it a lot more speed, so Rade it was.:


    Ok, at this point I was thinking that I need a water-type to soak up some fire attacks. Having previously used milotic to wonderful success before, she was the obvious choice for me <3.:


    I soon spotted yet another problem: normal-types. They will absolutely wreck me unless I get a resist. I knew I wanted Registeel because I've also used him before to great success. It acts as a sponge for special attacks thrown at the team, and if I have no more pokemon alive, he can be a last-ditch effort to combat stall.:


    Last spot needed to be filled. I had no rocks, so obviously I'll need a lead that knows stealth rocks. I didn't want this to be a suicide lead, either. Being bulky would be nice, as well as being able to spread some status around. Well, Uxie seemed to greatly fill these characteristics. An added bonus of uxie would be its ability to ward off those damn fighters that I dislike so much :(. So after playtesting a bit and tweaking some spreads / movesets, the completed version of the team would be:



    Threat List:

    (Thanks to Legacy Raider/Imran for the list.(took it from their rmt ;D))

    *Black = No Threat
    **Green = Medium Threat
    **Green = Major Threat
    (I like green)

    *~Defensive Threats~*

    Abomasnow - Registeel handles this nice enough. Subseed versions may be a problem, in which Blaziken and Roserade are backup.

    Articuno – Registeel lols at this and can curse up on it.

    Blastoise – Roserade. Milotic walls all versions.

    Chansey – Blaziken, Absol, Registeel with a few curses.

    Claydol – Milotic can 2HKO with surf. Roserade's leaf storm destroys it. Absol can sucker punch / pursuit / night slash it. Blaziken has a power fire blast and blah blah. No real threat here (unless it packs explosion).

    Clefable – Superpower with Blaziken / Absol. Can possibly get a few curses off of non-encore / trick orb ones.

    Cloyster – Registeel curses up on this. Roserade's leaf storm KOs, Blaziken can fire blast / HP Grass, Milotic can HP Grass. No real threat.

    Cradily – Hmm...I've never fought one of these in UU. I suppose Registeel can curse up on this. Blaziken and Absol have superpower for this also.

    Drapion – Milotic spams surf in its face. Blaziken has a powerful fire blast to hit it with.

    Gastrodon – HP Grass; Roserade

    Hypno – Set-up bait for Regi. Absol destroys this up the ass.

    KangaskhanMilotic spams surf. SubPunch causes trouble for me. Good thing I dont really see thing this much.

    Lanturn – Powerful Superpowers from Blaziken and Absol wear this thing down. I can get an instant KO on it in the form of leaf storm.

    Lapras – Pretty sure Milotic can break its subs with HP. Roserade can kill it with leaf storm.

    Luxray – Registeel? Who uses this thing lol. Roserade can switch into an electric attack and retaliate with two power STABS.

    Meganium – Blaziken charcoals it. Roserade can switch in relatively easy and sludge bomb it.

    Mesprit – Registeel walls and can set up on non-trick ones.

    Milotic Roserade. If Rose is gone then we have a problem. I usually need some luck here. Blaziken can possibly bring it down to around 50% if it switches into superpower, and then proceed to hidden power, leaving it with around 10% iirc and then I can bring in Absol to deal with it. This plan is foiled by those smart enough to recover to life orb stall me. This all of course happens if Rose is gone, which is unlikely seeing as I play it safe with her.

    Miltank – Superpower from Blaziken / Absol. Registeel set-up bait.

    Moltres – Can usually be paralyzed if its a lead. Milotic deals with SubRoosts versions just fine.

    Muk – Uxie? Blaziken's fire blast will do a lot to it.

    Nidoqueen – Uxie, Blaiken can revenge it, leaf storm will do a lot, Milotic doesnt really fear anything from it.

    Porygon2 – Superpowerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Registeel sets up on this thing.

    Probopass – Superpowers, Milotic.

    Quagsire – I have 2 HP Grassers, and Roserade.

    Regigigas – Keep smacking it with attacks and it will fall.

    Regirock – Milotic takes care of this. Roserade does too.

    Regice – Registeel bait. Blaziken's fire blast.

    Registeel – Blaziken..I just usually use Milotic to keep attacking non-curse ones since they have no recovery.

    RotomRoserade can switch into t-bolt and trick and hit it back with a powerful leaf storm. Uxie can take a shadow ball and t-wave it. Absol has sucker punch / pursuit.

    Shuckle – Annoying but manageable. Keep hitting with surf. Registeel can curse on this even with encore seeing as it cant do much back.

    Slowbro – Roserade. Absol does a lot to it. Fire blast + HP Grass kills it iirc.

    Spiritomb – Blaziken hits is hard, is immune to WoW and resists dark pulse.

    Torterra –
    Roserade outspeeds even after a rock polish. Blaze, Milo, and Absol outspeed before a rock polish and can retaliate if need be.

    Umbreon – Superpowers.

    Uxie – Regi set u bait. Keep smacking it with attacks seeing as it has no recovery.

    Weezing – I like smacking it around with Blaziken. Uxie usually does the job, though.

    *~Offensive Threats~*

    AbsolHalp. If I can get lucky and have it not crit absol, I go for the t-wave. Milotic can take a night slash (unless its SD and crits) and hit it back with surf. Can KO my whole team.

    Altaria –
    Roserade outspeeds even after a DD. Uxie can paralyze while its in.

    Ambipom –

    Arcanine –
    Milotic shuts this down.

    Milotic is initial switch in. It can break its subs while focus punch will do ~45%, it'll then be forced to switch out.

    Blaziken –
    Milotice is not KO'd by mixed Blaze's superpower, can outspeed slower builds and kill with surf. Uxie outspeeds slow ones and hits it with a STAB psychic.

    Camerupt –
    Milotice has a 4x surf to kick its ass with.

    Charizard –
    Milotic is not KO'd by a +6 EQ at full health.

    More halp. Taunt SD kinds can rip me apart. Milotc can wear it down for only so long. Hopefully Uxie can para it before it can get an SD.

    Espeon –
    Absol can 'trap' it. Registeel can take a specs HP Fight like a champ.

    Feraligatr –
    Milotic, Rade can revenge it.

    Glaceon –
    Registeel. Maybe milotic. Can be revenged by Rade.

    Hariyama – Uxie / Milotic usually get the job done. Can be revenged by Rade once again.

    Hitmonlee –
    See above.

    Hitmontop –
    See above.

    Houndoom –
    Milotic. Uxie may be able to paralyze it if they switch it in on it.

    KabutopsMilotic. Rose can outspeed out of rain. Its a huge problem if it has an SD in the rain.

    Leafeon – Uxie can cripple. Rade can outspeed and bomb it.

    Linoone – Reigisteel. Uxie can cripple.

    Milotic. Rade can outspeed and bomb. Absol has sucker punch.

    Marowak –
    Rade, Milo...anything faster. If its on trick room then we have a problem.

    Medicham –
    Uxie can cripple, Milotic can take some hits from it. Rade outspeeds.

    Registeel. Absol to some extent.

    Nidoking –
    Milotic can take a t-bolt. Sucker punch can dent it. Rade outspeeds.

    This thing is basically non-existent now. Even still, its pretty problematic. If it gets a nasty plot its pretty much gg if I dont have Roserade or if I mispredict.

    Omastar –
    Milo, Rose, t-wave, Absol.

    Pinsir – Just keep smacking it with attacks. Hopefully para it in the process.

    Poliwrath –
    Milo, Rade revenges.

    Primeape - Uxie / milo.

    Registeel. My own rade to an extent. LO is a problem with out Regi.

    Sceptile –
    Rosrade, Registeel.

    Scyther –
    Hopefully paralyze it before it gets a swords dance. Milo can survive its attacks at full health and dent it. SR instantly checks it.

    Sharpedo –

    Slaking –
    T-wave? Superpower if its crippled. Sucker punch does a number on it as well.

    Swellow –

    Tauros –
    Smack it with surfs. Uxie can cripple it. I've been unlucky and have been swept by a subsalace anger point tauros before...but that is an extremely rare case -____-

    Toxicroak - Oh boy. I usually go to uxie if its SD or sub version. I then procede to t-wave it to avoid sucker punch (if SD) If its NP, i'll go stright to registeel and proceed to iron head it to death.

    Typhlosion –

    Ursaring – Rade can outspeed. Milotic can take a hit at full HP.

    Venusaur –
    Uxie? My own rade. Maybe I can get a few curses up on it.

    Well, there's my team ~o~
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  2. Yuelia


    Jul 21, 2009
    Have you considered Tangrowth? It deals with Absol, Milotic, and especially Kabutops quite nicely, and can help keep Dugtrio away. It can also use Earthquake/Hidden Power Ground to deal with Drapion (though this one is theorymon; I haven't seen it in practice).
  3. d2m


    Apr 18, 2009
    You have 3 dark moves on Absol. STAB is nice but coverage is better. Psycho Cut is the preferred option as Psychic/Dark/Fighting gives very good coverage, plus it benefits from Super Luck. Use it over Night Slash as Pursuit against switchers and Sucker Punch against offensive pokes is all you should really need.

    You might consider Vacuum Wave over Stone Edge on Blaziken if you really fear Absol. It also gives you a much needed reliable priority to pick off threats like Kabutops or Omastar in Rain. Stone Edge really only covers Altaria and Moltres, who your team already has enough decent counters for.
  4. CTI

    CTI black

    Jun 22, 2007
    No I haven't, although it doesn't sound all that great. While dealing with kabutops and absol is nice, I have Roserade here to revenge a lot of faster stuff that I don't like, like other slower scarfers. Plus Tangrowth can't really deal with Milotic because it is too slow and will be hit with ice beam. :( Milotic will not switch into power whip anyways.

    Hmm, I never really noticed this because I used all 3 for different reasons. Sucker punch for priority, night slash if they they predict sucker punch and try to stat up or something, and pursuit if i know they'll switch. I've considered this before I replaced swords dance for pursuit, but never really tried it out.

    Again, I've been thinking about this. I haven't seen much altaira around now and moltres is handled by Milo, although hitting it on the switch is still pretty nice o: Also, the part about kabutops is pretty untrue since a lot of them carry aqua jet.

    Also, thanks to whoever rated this team 5 stars :D
  5. ToF

    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis the Smogon Tour Season 13 Champion

    Sep 30, 2007
    Seems like a solid enough team, the only issue I see is you have no 'reliable' way of taking out opposing Milotic. Haze Milotic especially will gradually wear you down, removing Registeel's Curse boosts. Seems like this team doesn't take out stall fast enough before it takes you out. I dunno, just looking at this team Chansey + Milotic + Hitmontop takes on most of your offensive core, and even a well-timed Pursuit against Chansey doesn't mean that its out of commission for the entire match.

    I can't really seem to find any suggestions that would fit this team, as it looks like this team has reached its prime and can't be adjusted further. Maybe the only bit of advice I can say to add more offensive pressure toward opposing stall is SubPunch Azumarill over Milotic, but that just increases your weaknesses defensively. Still might be worth a test, as Azumarill has fairly nice bulk (albeit no recovery), and Registeel can tank hits well anyway.
  6. Annoying Old Party Man

    Annoying Old Party Man

    Jul 21, 2009
    you should fit swords dance over pursuit on absol. Would you rather ko a mismagius, or sd for a sweep?

    I think you should run sleep powder over hp ice on roserade. Sludge bomb already handles grasses and theres only 1 dragon in uu, and altaria isnt that big of a threat.

    I also think that hp grass isnt doing much for milotic. You should use hp electric/ice beam.

    Just my opinion.

    Looks like a good team, so good luck
  7. Folgorio

    Folgorio I KickTehAss
    is a Past SPL Championis a defending World Cup of Pokemon champion

    Jun 7, 2009
    Heh hi there. Well as you said before, the team already reached its "prime"
    so there's not much left to say. On the other hand I do wonder how necessary the 3 dark moves are on absol. In my opinion you should remove night slash for something else, maybe psycho cut or SD.

    To be honest I can't really think of anything else to say lol. I don't think duggy and donphan are a big threat to this team considering the only poke duggy can really trap and kill is blaziken, since roserade is scarfed and registeel with 2 curses is out of duggy's league. What I'm trying to say is I don't see why you're retiring this team, but to each his own i guess.

    Anyway great team and nice job on the rmt.
  8. dobby13


    Jul 20, 2009
    With the HP grass for Milotic, people don't expect that or their retarded, I've taken out atleast 1 water pokemon from each team by sending out Milotic.

    Also a note on the HP ice on rose, it is actually very usefull because I've sent her into a grass pokemon and she took the hit and then took them out with ice.
  9. CTI

    CTI black

    Jun 22, 2007
    Yeah, with stall I still have to predict around it if I want a chance to win. If 3 layers of spikes and SR is down, then I usually lose unless i make some great predictions.

    That sounds like it would work, but I don't like the sound of no recover since Milotic is the one that takes hits for the team.

    I had it over pursuit. Never used it.

    HP Ice one-shots torterra, and is also super effective against other grass pokes. Also the only status i'll need is paralysis from Uxie's t-wave.

    HP Grass is so i'm not walled or set up on by other water pokemon. Why would you choose Electric > Grass though?


    Don't like SD. Psycho cut sounds good though.

    Yeah well, it'll still make my life harder. Plus I'd rather just make a new team anyways ~o~

    Thanks :D

    Yeah, or she can just just sludge bomb if they aren't venasaur / roserade
  10. dobby13


    Jul 20, 2009
    How do you handle Trick rooms??

    It might be because I'm fairly new to metagame but I am crushed by trick room teams with your team.
  11. CTI

    CTI black

    Jun 22, 2007
    It depends on the pokes on trick room. If they have a marowak, then obviously I will have trouble with it, as stated in the threat list. Sometimes i may have to sac something to get milotic or uxie in on it and hit it with super effective attacks / stab psychic. Absol's sucker punch help a bunch too, if its still in the game. You'll have to play smart if you want to beat it ~_~

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