UU Throughout the Ages Tournament-Finals- May 2010 [Won by JabbaTheGriffin]

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I'm talking to a Tourney Director to okay this thing getting called.

Got an okay from EW to call it. Congratulations, JabbaTheGriffin!

Sorry to some of the competitors for some questionable decisions by myself in earlier rounds of the tourney, I know I wasn't a great host but I hope to improve managing a tourney if I apply to host one in the future. Thank all of you for joining, and I hope to see you again!

Congrats again to Jabba, I will update the title and OP soon, and then this thread can finally get locked!
Sorry to my opponents for being so inactive. My few (infrequent) attempts at scheduling with Jabba all fell through.

Congrats to Jabba for winning.
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