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don't know where to put this so here it is

I am new to competitive pokemon and really want to go to the VGC in DC but i don't have a team i need some help making a team i don't know whats a good team i have heard that Trick room team is a good one but don't know how to make one and i don't know how to ev or iv breed. I also don't have the time with school exams and work so i would love it if someone could help me

i am willing to trade you my shiny black and white starts for your help

thanks a lot


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This is not the place to ask for help with your team or to offer trades. I've already closed this thread once, don't repost it.

If you want to learn VGC and how teams work then have a look at some of the videos of matches from past qualifiers or look at some analyses of VGC Pokémon in Contributions & Corrections. Alternatively, you can get your questions on VGC answered here.
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