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Victory . Wish . Heart . Time ~A PokeStore

Discussion in 'Wi-Fi' started by AvoKitty, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. AvoKitty


    Apr 29, 2012

    Welcome to Victory . Wish . Heart . Time ~A PokeStore,were i trade all sorts of everyday pokemon needs.I have a wide variety of Shinies and Events to satisfy you.Enjoy your stay!

    -Pokemon Offering


    Please follow these rules,to keep this thread and Smogon happy!

    one. Follow Smogon Forum rules
    two. Please don't offer any hacks,if i find the pokemon you offered is a hack,i will commence a trade back.If the trade back is ignored,you will be blacklisted.If you find any hacks in my collection,please PM Me.
    three.No poke checked ribbon pokemon.It is ok if you just use pokecheck to check pokemon's IVs/Evs/Legitness
    four. Do not flame at me if i deny your offer,just simply offer again,or politely say thankyou and leave.
    five. All these pokemon are cloned and some are RNG'd.If you don't accept clones or RNG ,i suggest you go back to the trade shop forum.
    six. You may VM me offer,but i prefer you post her.
    seven. Hope you enjoy your stay,and find something you want.
    eight.You can follow the trade ratios,bit even if you don't,you might score yourself a cheap deal ^^

    Trade Ratio:
    Shiny for Shiny
    Shiny Flawless for Event or other Shiny Flawless
    Rare Events for Rare events (or multiple shiny flawless)
    ....all trade ratios are also vice versa C:
    Do not hesitate to offer a misc pokemon.

    Credit i have:

    Credits i have (open)
    None atm

    Credits I owe

    Credits i owe (open)
    ]None C:

  2. AvoKitty


    Apr 29, 2012
    These are all the pokemon i offer:


    Events (open)
    -WIN2012 Celebi-ID:02211-Impish-Lvl 50-Used Event
    -Jap Mitsurin Celebi-ID:60720-Serious-Lvl 10
    - INV2011 Celebi-ID:01211-Modest-Lvl 50
    -WIN2011 Celebi-ID:01211-Adamant-Lvl 50 w/ Seed Bomb,Zen Headbutt,Sucker Punch,Trick**

    -Jap Susumu Mew-ID:11219-Timid-Lvl 5
    -Jap Pal City Fukuoka Mew-ID:07157-Quirky-Lvl 50
    -HRH2010 Mew-ID:10160-Bashful-Lvl 5
    -AUT2010 Mew-ID:10160-Gentle-Lvl 5
    -0T02010 Mew-ID:10160-Modest-Lvl 5
    -NOK Mew-ID:03219-Bashful-Lvl 50
    -Hadou Mew-ID:11219-Timid-Lvl 5
    -Aura Mew-ID:20078-Timid-Lvl 10
    -Eppie's SHINY Mew-ID:25126-Adamant-Lvl 30 w/ Softboiled,Transform,Counter,Metronome

    -Film11 Shaymin-ID:04019-Modest-Lvl 50
    -Jap PC Shaymin-ID:12191-Lax-Lvl 50
    -Peli11 Shaymin-ID:04019-Timid-Lvl 50
    -NOK Shaymin-ID:07249-Mild-Lvl 50
    -Korean Time Square Shymin-ID:05010-Adamant-Lvl 30

    -Jap Tanabata Jirachi-ID:40707-Sassy-Lvl 5
    -Jap Daisuki Club Jirachi-ID:08188-Careful-Lvl 5
    -NZ Jirachi-ID:06199-Naive-Lvl 5
    -CHANNEL Jirachi-ID:40122-Timid-Lvl 5

    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Naughty-Lvl 5 -w/ Fire Punch,Thunder Punch,Stealth Rock,Iron Head
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Bashful-Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Docile-Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043--Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Careful-Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Jolly-Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Naughty-Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Serious-Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Hasty-Lvl 5
    -Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Timid-Lvl 5

    -ANA Darkrai-ID:12270-Lonely-Lvl 50
    -2011INV Darkrai-ID:11011-Modest-Lvl 50
    -2011WIN Darkrai-ID:11011-Timid-Lvl 50
    -2012MAY Darkrai-ID:05092-Timid-Lvl 50
    -2011WIN Darkrai-ID:11011-Timid-Lvl 50
    -2012MAY Darkrai-ID:05092-Jolly-Lvl 50

    -NOK Rayquaza-ID:05318-Rash-Lvl 70

    -GTS Tom Heracross-ID:24974-Quirky-Lvl 1
    -GTS Seth Heracross-ID:08604-Lax-Lvl 1

    -GTS Ken Psyduck-ID:05458-Bashful-Lvl 1
    -GTS Shige Shige Psyduck-ID:54337-Sassy-Lvl 1

    -Kyle Riolu-ID:03208-Serious-LVL 30
    -Kiko Riolu-ID:03208-Serious-Lvl 30
    -Jap Pkm Ranger Riolu-ID:03208-Serious-Lvl 1

    -VGE12 Larvitar-ID:030320-Adamant-Lvl 5
    -Non-Shiny DUKING Larvitar-ID:37149-Jolly-Lvl 20

    -Movie14 Victini-ID:12031-Jolly-Lvl 50
    -Movie14 Victini-ID:12031-Adamant-Lvl 50
    -FILM14 Victini-ID:12031-Adamant-Lvl 50

    -Spa Land Axew-ID:-3191-Brave-Lvl 10
    -Spa Land Axew-ID:13191-Adamant-Lvl 10
    -Spa Land Axew-ID:03191-Bashful-Lvl 10
    -Spa Land Axew-Id:03191-Jolly-Lvl 10

    -McDonalds Pikachu-ID:05308-Bashful-Lvl 20
    -Colloseum Pikachu-ID:31121-Quiet-Lvl 10
    -Sleeping Pikachu-ID:02079-Relaxed-Lvl 50
    -Kyshu Bullet Train Pikachu-ID:03012-Modest-Lvl 50
    -ELT Pikachu-ID:07301-Adamant-Lvl 30
    -Ash's Pikachu-ID:02011-Naughty-Lvl 50
    -Pika Pika Carnival Pikachu-----Info yet to check (english version)
    -Pika Pika Carnival Pikachu-----Info yet to check (jap version)

    -Kor Cartila's Hydreigon-ID:11031-Modest-Lvl 70
    -Cartila's Hydreigon-ID:06171-Timid-Lvl 70

    -Kor Jantia's Golurk-ID:06272-Bold-Lvl 70
    -Jantia's Golurk-ID:11031-Adamant-Lvl 70

    -Milo's Twin's Tornadus-ID:12161-Modest-Lvl 70

    -Milo's Twin's Thunderus-ID:12161-Timid-Lvl 70

    -FEB2012 Mewtwo-ID:02112-Jolly-Lvl 70
    -FRU2012 Mewtu-ID:05012-Timid-Lvl 70
    -FEB2012 Mewtwo-ID:02112-Lonely-Lvl 70
    -Kor Strongest Mewtwo-ID:03042-Modest-Lvl 70
    -Kor Strongest Mewtwo-ID:03042-Naive-Lvl 70

    -SPR2010 (Pikachu coloured pichu) Pichu-ID:-03050-Jolly-Lvl 30
    -PCJP Wish Pichu-ID:02624-Hardy-Lvl 5
    -FRu2010 (Pikachu coloured Pichu) Pichu-ID:03050-Jolly-Lvl 30

    -SMR2011 Schnuthelm (SHELTMET)-ID:06011-Sassy-Lvl 50
    -EST2011 Shelmet-ID:06011-Adamant-Lvl 50
    -ETE2011 Escargaume-ID:06011-Quirky-Lvl 50

    -JBHF Manaphy-ID:11077-Lonely-Lvl 50
    -NOK Manaphy-ID:03298-Adamant-Lvl 1

    -NOK Deoxys-ID:08308-Lax-Lvl 50
    -Eppie's SHINY Birth Island Deoxys-ID:25162-Adamant-Lvl 50

    -Cilan's Pansage-ID:64137 (ME)-Brave-Lvl 1

    -Ash's Pidove-ID:64137-Hardy-Lvl 1

    -Iris's Axew-ID:64137-Naive-Lvl 1

    -PCJP Wish Bagon-ID:32110-Calm-Lvl 1
    -SHINY Year of the dragon Bagon-ID:53222-Hardy-Lvl 1

    -Ash's Zekrom-ID:07161-Carweful-Lvl 100
    -SPR2012 Zekrom-ID:03102-Timid-Lvl 100

    -Osaka Meouth-ID:03209-Jolly-Lvl 10
    -PokePark Meouth-ID:09001-Serious-Lvl 5

    -Sapphire Shiny Zigzagoon-ID:21121-Modest-Lvl 5
    -RUBY Shiny Zigzagoon-30317-Brave-Lvl 5

    -PCJP Spite Absol-ID:32110-Careful-Lvl 5
    -PCJP Wish Absol-ID:53205-Jolly-Lvl 5

    -10JAHRE Lugia-ID:06227-Relaxed-Lvl 70

    -JEREMY Machamp-ID:13579-Quiet-Lvl 38 -5/19/2012
    -JEREMY Machamp-ID:13579-Quiet-Lvl 38-8/17/2011

    -PCJP Charm Ralts-ID;56452-Sassy-Lvl 5

    -PCJP Teeter Dance Bellsprout-ID:09998-Bold-Lvl 5

    -PC Fukuoka Groudon-ID:03172-Bold-Lvl 80

    -Concert Chatot-ID:10286-Jolly-Lvl 25

    -HORDEL Zaprong (Elekid)-ID:41400-Quirky-Lvl 20

    -PC Fukuoka Kyogre-ID:03172-Bashful-Lvl 80

    -Sunday Whiscash-ID:03217-Gentle-Lvl 51

    -Sunday Tropius-ID:02037-Jolly-Lvl 53

    -NOK Regigigas-ID:06209-Adamant-Lvl 100

    -PC Tag Ninetails-ID:05072-Bold-Lvl 50

    -Hadou Registeel-ID:50901-Jolly-Lvl 40
    -Hadou Regirock-ID:50901-Jolly-Lvl 40

    gєямαи ∂ω єєνєєℓυтισиѕ
    -DW Blitza (Jolteon)-ID:17541-Rash-Lvl 10
    -DW Folipurba (Leafeon)-ID:12563-Quirky-Lvl 10
    -DW Aquana (Vaporeon)-ID:48764-Hasty-Lvl 10
    -DW Psiana (Espeon)-ID:43814-Rash-Lvl 10
    -DW Glaziola (Glaceon)-ID:08095-Relaxed-Lvl 10
    -DW Flamara (Flareon)-ID:29024-Adamant-Lvl 10
    -DW Nachtara (Umbreon)-ID:55333-Hardy-Lvl 10

    ρσкємσи ¢σℓℓσѕєυм нσ-σнѕ
    -DUELLBE Ho-Oh -ID:10048-Quirky-Lvl 70
    -MT BATA Ho-oh -ID:10048-Hasty-Lvl 70
    -ERNESTO Ho-oh -ID:10048-Careful-Lvl 70
    -Jap pkm Colloseum Ho-oh -ID:10048-Lax-Lvl 70

    נєяєму ρσкємσи
    -Growlithe-ID:24680-Quiet-Lvl 32
    -Tauros-ID:13579-Docile-Lvl 25
    -Vulpix-ID;13579-Quirky-Lvl 18
    -Ekans-ID:24680-Docile-Lvl 14
    -Gengar-ID:13579-Hardy-Lvl 23
    -Staryu-ID:13579-Timid-Lvl 18

    ѕнιи ѕαє gαє
    -Munchlax-ID:07049-Relaxed-Lvl 5
    -Feebas-ID:07049-Calm-Lvl 5​
  3. AvoKitty


    Apr 29, 2012

    Sorry,there not sorted into regions..There all mixed up xD
    Shiny Flawless/NF (open)
    -Growlithe-ID:34732-Serious-Flash Fire-Flawless
    -Ditto (JAP):ID:18880-Adamant-Limber-Flawless
    -Goldeen-ID:19226-Lonely-Lightingrod (DW)-Flawless
    -Eevee-ID:19920-Jolly-Anticipation (DW)- EM:Curse,Wish,Yawn,Substitute-Flawless
    -Ditto-ID:10505-Modest-Limber-Near Flawless
    - Eevee-ID:12214-Timid-Anticipation (DW)-EM:Yawn,Charm,Wish,Fake Tears-Flawless
    -Smeargle-ID:03030-Relaxed-Own Tempo
    -Natu NN:* -ID:23871-Impish-Early Bird
    -Dunsparce-ID:24839-Adamant-Serene Grace-Flawless
    -Marill-ID:48509-Adamant-Huge Power-EM:Super Power-Flawless
    -Hoppip-ID:10505-Jolly-Chlorophyll-EM:Encore,Seed Bomb,Cotton Guard,Aromatherapy-Flawless
    -Corsola NN:Coral-ID:12214-Bold-Hustle-Flawless
    -Skarmory-ID:45242-Impish-Sturdy-EM:Brave Bird,Stealth Rock,Roost-Flawless
    -Numel-ID:10505-Mild-Simple-EM:Yawn,Iron Head,Heat Wave,Ancient Power-Flawless
    -Carvanha -ID:48509-Adamant-Rough Skin-EM:Hydro Pump,Ancient Power,Double Edge-Flawless
    - Latias-ID:62387-Timid-Levitate-Flawless
    -Skitty-ID:12214-Adamant-Wonder Skin (DW)-EM:Zen headbutt,Sucker Punch,Wish,Baton Pass-Flawless
    -Wingull-ID:12214-Modest-Rain Dish (DW)-EM:Brine,Knock Off,Roost,Agility-Flawless
    -Skorupi-ID:35049-Careful-Battle Armour-Flawless
    -Pachirusu-ID:10505-Careful-Volt Absorb (DW)-EM:Bite,Iron Tail,Covet-Flawless
    -Chatot-ID:48509-Timid-Keen Eye-Flawless
    -Shinx-ID:48509-Adamant-Intimidate-EM:Fire Fang,Ice Fang-Flawless
    -Deino-ID:53161-Modest-Hustle-EM:Dark Pulse-Flawless
    -Tepig (JAP)-ID:35325-Adamant-Blaze-EM:Super Power-Flawless
    -Terrakoin-ID:51484-Jolly-Justified- Near-Flawless
    -Litwick-61147-Modest-Flash Fire-EM:Heat Wave-Flawless
    -Deerling-ID:10505-Jolly-Sap Sipper-EM:GrassWhistle,Energy Ball-Flawless
    -Emolga NN:Momentaro-ID:12214-Timid-Static-EM:Roost-Flawless
    -Roggenrola NN:Erthys-ID;12214-Adamant-Sturdy-Flawless
    -Larvesta-ID:37147-Timid-Flame Body-Flawless
    -Lucky Dub-ID:12214-Timid-Keen Eye-Flawless
    -Blitzle-ID:64143-Adamant-Motor Drive-Flawless
    -Yamask NN:Rameses-ID:12214-Bold-Mummy-Flawless
    -Scraggy-ID:19920-Jolly-Shed Skin-EM:Drain Punch,Low Kick-Flawless
    -Sandshrew-ID:51631-Sand Veil-Adamant-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Meinfoo-ID:23718-Jolly-Regenerator-Lvl 1-EM:Knock Off-Flawless
    -Caterpie-ID:06070-Timid-Shield Dust-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Squirtle-ID:41485-Modest-Torrent-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Nincada-ID:62598-Adamant-Compoundeyes-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Slowpoke-ID:34487-Quiet-Regenerator-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Omanyte-ID:38718-Modest-Swift Swim-Lvl 1-EM:Spikes,Toxic Spikes-Flawless
    -Tynamo-ID:39000-Naughty-Levitate-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Luvdisc-ID:41048-Modest-Hydration-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Burmy-ID:24664-Modest-Shed Skin-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Cobalion-ID:23065-Jolly-Justified-Lvl 42- Near Flawless
    -Houndour-ID:05122-Timid-Flash Fire-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Maractus-ID:51308-Modest-Chlorophyll-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Snover-ID:27122-Sassy-Snow Warning-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Tirtouga-ID:56484-Jolly-Solid Rock-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Sigilyph-ID:23718-Calm-Magic Guard-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Giratina-ID:03323-Timid-Pressure-Lvl 1-Flawless-EM:Sleep Talk
    -Cryogonal-ID:30917-Calm-Levitate-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Klink-ID:30917-Adamant-Minus-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Bronzor-ID:30917-Sasssy-Levitate-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Tympole-ID:30917-Modest-Swift Swim-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Woobat-ID:30917-Timid-Unaware-Lvl 1-Flawless
    -Pidove-ID:30917-Jolly-Super Luck-Lvl 1-Flawless EM:Wish
    -Snover-ID:30917-Hasty-Snow Warning-Lvl 1-Flawless-EM:Skull Bash
    -Riolu-ID:30917-Jolly-Steadfast-Lvl 1-Flawless-EM:Blaze Kick,Hi Jump Kick,Vacuum Wave,BulletPunch-Flawless
  4. AvoKitty


    Apr 29, 2012
  5. AvoKitty


    Apr 29, 2012
    :toast: :evan:OPANNNNNNNNNNNNNN
  6. religiousjedi

    religiousjedi Burning 3DSes before the virus known as GSC hits.
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributoris a Forum Moderatoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Oct 9, 2010
    It seems you're lacking some crucial information:

    Please list the IVs and the OT of your Pokemon. Pictures do look nice too, but aren't really a requirement.

    I see you recently opened, so I'll give it a day for you to post up the info. Remember, the more details you give, the more likely you'll have business! :)
  7. Reshiram89


    Mar 24, 2011
    Hi I'm interested in the following -regardless of the IVs.

    CHANNEL Jirachi-ID:40122-Timid-Lvl 5
    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi-ID:20043-Timid-Lvl 5
    Eppie's SHINY Birth Island Deoxys-ID:25162-Adamant-Lvl 50
    PCJP Wish Bagon-ID:32110-Calm-Lvl 1
    RUBY Shiny Zigzagoon-30317-Brave-Lvl 5
    PCJP Wish Absol-ID:53205-Jolly-Lvl 5

    I can offer:
    Show Hide

    Dex no: 150 Lv: 70 Gender: Genderless Species: Mewtwo
    OT: FEB2012ID: 02112
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Timid Ability: Pressure
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Psystrike/ Shadow Ball/ Aura Sphere/ Electro Ball
    Dex no: 150 Lv: 70 Gender: Genderless Species: Mewtwo
    OT: 최강의귀환ID: 03042
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Timid Ability: Pressure
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Psystrike/ Shadow Ball/ Aura Sphere/ Electro Ball
    Notes: Strongest Return Mewtwo (KOR) Non-redis

    Dex no: 151 Lv: 5 Gender: Genderless Species: Mew
    OT: FAL2010 ID: 10160
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Timid Ability: Synchronize
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Pound

    Dex no: 151 Lv: 30 Gender: Genderless Species: Mew
    OT: Eppie ID: 25162
    Nature: Adamant Ability: Synchronize
    IVs: 31/30/31/9/30/31 EVs: None
    Moveset: Softboiled/ Transform/ Counter/ Metronome
    Notes: Faraway Island Mew, Semi Redis

    Dex no: 246 Lv: 5 Gender: Male Species: Larvitar
    OT: VGC12 ID: 03032
    Nature: Adamant Ability: Guts
    IVs: 31/31/31/2/31/31 EVs: None
    Moveset: Bite/ Leer/ Sandstorm/ Superpower

    Dex no: 381 Lv: 40 Gender: Male Species: Latios
    OT: Ash ID: 38316
    Nature: Timid Ability: Levitate
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Protect/ Refresh/ Luster Purge/ Zen Headbutt
    Notes: Enigma Stone Latios, Semi Redis

    Dex no: 384 Lv: 70 Gender: Genderless Species: Raquaza
    OT: ノブナガ ID: 03172
    Nature: Jolly Ability: Air Lock
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Outrage/ Dragon Pulse/ AncientPower/ DragonDance
    Notes: Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza Fully-redis

    Dex no: 385 Lv: 5 Gender: Genderless Species: Jirachi
    OT: SMR2010 ID: 06260
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Jolly Ability: Serene Grace
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Wish/ Confusion/ Rest/ Draco Meteor
    Notes: Has PKRS Fully-redis

    Dex no: 386 Lv: 50 Gender: Genderless Species: Deoxys
    OT: Gamestp ID: 06218
    Shiny: No
    Nature: NaiveAbility: Pressure
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Psycho Boost/ Zap Cannon/ Iron Defense/ ExtremeSpeed

    Dex no: 386 Lv: 50 Gender: Genderless Species: Deoxys
    OT: オブリビア ID: 03060
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Bold Ability: Pressure
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Psycho Boost/ Meteor Mash/ Superpower/ Stealth Rock

    Dex no: 491 Lv: 50 Gender: Genderless Species: Darkrai
    OT: ALAMOS ID: 05318
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Timid Ability: Bad Dreams
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Roar of Time/ Spacial Rend/ Nightmare/ Hypnosis

    Dex no: 492 Lv: 50 Gender: Genderless Species: Shaymin
    OT: TRU ID: 02089
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Timid Ability: Natural Cure
    IVs: 31/30/31/30/31/30 EVs: None
    Moveset: Seed Flare/ Aromatherapy/ Substitute/ Energy Ball
    Notes:Semi Redis

    Dex no: 493 Lv: 100 Gender: Genderless Species: Arceus
    OT: TRUID: 11079
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Adamant Ability: Multitype
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Judgement/ Roar of Time/ Spacial Rend/ Shadow Force
    Notes: Available on 4th gen but I can poketransfer this anytime, Semi Redis

    Dex no:494 Lv:50 Gender:Genderless Species: Victini
    OT:Movie14 ID: 12031
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Adamant Ability: Victory Star
    IVs: 31/31/31/18/31/31 EVs: None
    Moveset: V-create/ Fusion Flare/ Fusion Bolt/ Searing Shot

    Dex no:643 Lv:100 Gender:Genderless Species: Reshiram
    OT:SPR2012 ID: 03102
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Timid Ability: Turboblaze
    IVs: Flawless EVs: None
    Moveset: Draco Meteor/ Blue Flare/ Dragon Pulse/ Mist

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