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BW LC VoltTurn (but not really) [Peaked #1]

Discussion in 'RMT Archive' started by apt-get, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. apt-get

    apt-get How cute.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    +6lol rat my tem its epic it has foo an krow so lulz xd!!!111

    Ladder rank (open)

    (I'm Little Clops)

    Volt-Turn (but not really)
    Hi! This is my first serious Little Cup RMT, and probably one of my best teams so far not like my level is good. As such, after a few months of use and tweaks, I finally made a team that I liked. It's based on a core that I always wanted to try out before, the Volt-Turn core. So why not try it in the tier I play the most? Fortunately, Little Cup has some pretty good VolTurn cores, and this team is also one of my first attempts to play an offensive team (instead of the balanced ones I used before). I hope you enjoy it!​
    Teambuilding process (open)
    Teambuilding process (open)

    VoltTurn is the base of this team. I chose the most popular VoltTurn core in Little Cup: Mienfoo-Chinchou-Larvesta. However, instead of the standard bulky Mienfoo, I took a scarf one to have a powerful revenge killer. Chinchou was the standard bulky attacker set, while Larvesta was too.​
    I decided to add Snover, since it's easily the best check to sand. It also provided me with a second scarfer, because having a double scarf core is always good.​
    I needed a spinner for the team: Drilbur provided me this, along with Stealth Rock and a powerful STAB Earthquake.​
    You never have too many U-turners, right? That's what I thought at the time. Flying Gem Archen was just a nuke button, along with a good mienfoo check.​
    That's when I changed the team a bit. Drilbur was a bit too slow to my taste, and gave me a pretty big water weakness since both Snover and Chinchou don't have reliable recovery. I replaced it with Staryu, giving me a double bulky-water core. Meanwhile, I replaced Archen with Eviolite MixKrow, luring in things that thought it was scarf and hitting them with a powerful coverage move/STAB and taking some resisted hits.​
    The only change after this one was that I changed Murkrow to a Life Orb one, to do even bigger damage. This was the version of the team I used when I wrote this RMT.​
    This is the current version of the team. After Electrolyte's post, I gave Drilbur a second chance, since the team changed a lot, and I can say it's fantastic. Stealth Rock really is great, and Earthquake is a fantastic move on this team to dispatch lead bronzors, Magnemite, etc. It could also hit Misdreavus and Frillish harder on the switch, 2HKOing without worrying about missing with Hydro Pump (which only 3HKOed)! This allowed me to spin easier, and drilbur synergizes well with chinchou and Larvesta, taking the rock-type attacks possibly aimed at both of them. It can also act as a fodder late-game, allowing me to bring in Murkrow, Snover or Mienfoo.​
    A quick glance at the team
    [​IMG] Foobar - Mienfoo @ Regenerator|Adamant|Choice Scarf[​IMG]
    EVs: 236 Atk|36 Def|236 Spe​
    Hi Jump Kick|Stone Edge|U-turn|Knock Off
    Mienfoo is one of the most important pokémon in the team. Being able to wallbreak, revenge kill and support its team in one Pokémon is amazing. Hi Jump Kick is the main move to spam: Hi Base Power, Hi Damage Rolls, but also Hi Miss Rate. I need to be careful about ghosts too. U-turn is the second most used move, and allows me to directly switch to a teammate: the pillar of a VoltTurn team. Knock Off is easily spammable early-game, as it allows me to cripple the opponent's checks to Mienfoo. Stone Edge is the move I use the less, having redundant coverage with Hi Jump Kick and only useful when I need to hit flying-types (and the only common one is murkrow, and I'd rather hit it with Hi Jump Kick anyway).​
    [​IMG] Raichou - Chinchou @ Volt Absorb|Modest|Eviolite[​IMG]
    EVs: 52 Def|232 SpA|224 Spe​
    Hydro Pump|Volt Switch|Hidden Power [Grass]|Heal Bell
    Chinchou is the glue of the team. Some might scream that Evioffensive is its worst set, but it's just so good as a glue. Its role is mainly to take on Murkrow early-game, to act as a Cleric and to defeat Magnemite/Water-types in general. Hydro Pump is the main STAB move: it inflicts neat damage, and beats all it needs to. Volt Switch is the main spammable move, hits decently hard and most importantly, allows me to beat water-types and Murkrow. It also allows me to escape Chinchou's counters (Grass- and Ground-types) and switch to either Snover or Larvesta, depending on the opponent. Hidden Power [Grass] is a coverage move mainly used to hit other Chinchous, while Heal Bell allows me to heal status. Chinchou allows me to play recklessly most of the time, as even a burn on Mienfoo can easily be fixed with Heal Bell.
    [​IMG] CUTENESSOVERLOAD - Larvesta @ Flame Body|Adamant|Eviolite[​IMG]
    EVs: 76 HP|196 Atk|156 Def|36 Spe​
    Flare Blitz|U-turn|Wild Charge|Will-O-Wisp
    Larvesta is the second bulky attacker of the team. Its main role is to keep physical attackers in check and to throw powerful attacks at both walls and sweepers. Flare Blitz is a powerful STAB that decimates everything; however, it shouldn't be used recklessly, as flare blitz damage, hazards damage and hail damage all add up quickly. U-turn is the main spammable move, inflicting a fuckload of damage to everything. Will-O-Wisp is often used when I want to burn a dangerous physical attacker, either on the switch or if they stay in; it's also more reliable than Flame Body. Wild Charge is a really situational move only used when I need less recoil when I hit Murkrow on the switch or when I absolutely need to hit Staryu or Frillish.
    [​IMG] Snovhurr - Snover @ Snow Warning|Naive|Choice Scarf[​IMG]
    EVs: 124 Atk|184 SpA|200 Spe​
    Blizzard|Giga Drain|Ice Shard|Hidden Power [Rock]
    Snover is nearly a must-have in any Little Cup team: the possibility of completely dismantling sand teams is just too good to pass on; It's also a great revenge killer. Blizzard is the move to spam most of the time, as its high Base Power allows Snover to 2HKO a large part of the meta. Giga Drain is there for healing and pesky water-types, while Ice Shard is a panic button against things like LO Murkrow or DD Axew. Hidden Power [Rock] is once again a rarely used move, but it can sometimes be used to hit a larvesta switch-in for the 2HKO.
    [​IMG] Gem - Drilbur @ Mold Breaker|Jolly|Eviolite[​IMG]
    EVs: 36 HP|236 Atk|236 Spe​
    Rapid Spin|Earthquake|Rock Slide|Stealth Rock
    Drilbur is the spinner of this team, and the general switch-in to random things. Rapid Spin is a mandatory move, removing these sneaky pebbles to help Larvesta, Snover, Murkrow and Chinchou. Earthquake is the STAB move of choice, OHKOing everything weak to it while 2HKOing the main part of the meta, including Misdreavus! Rock Slide allows me to hit flying-types and bug-types, especially Murkrow, Vullaby, Shelmet, etc. Stealth Rock is one of the greatest tools available to this team in the mid-game, allowing me to put pressure on the opponent on a forced switch to break the game in half in my favor, but funnily enough, I never use it in 80% of my battles because it's often not necessary.
    [​IMG] Weak to Machop - Murkrow @ Insomnia|Naive|L̸̬̗̹͂ͮ̆̓͋ͯ́ͫ̚̕I̸̖͈͇͍̝͗̔̒͟͡F̢̦̺̝͚̦̖͖̎͛̐ͪ͗̅̋ͤ̾͞Ḛ̛͕̦̈̾̏̎̅̕ ̻̠͖͍̭̤̱̝̊ͫͅŎ̶̸͉̙ͥ́ͅR̴̗͖̜͋̑̔̋B̧̹̫̻͓̗̼ͩͨͦ̾͜[​IMG]
    EVs: 240 Atk|80 SpA|188 Spe​
    Brave Bird|Sucker Punch|Heat Wave|Hidden Power [Ground]
    In all seriousness.
    Murkrow is the wallbreaker of the team: it punches horrendous holes, and die. That's all. You may say that it's just a wasted slot, but when I start the battle with 5 members when he's dead, the opponent probably only has three or two left after this beast rampaged everything. Brave Bird is probably the only move you'll use: it hits so hard it 2HKOes its counters, Porygon and Lileep! Sucker Punch is a useful priority move to pick off weakened opponents or frail scarfers. Chinchou is also 3HKOed most of the time and sometimes 2HKOed by HP ground. "but why not HP grass?" Because I'm tired of missing Heat Wave against Magnemite, and it doesn't even OHKO. HP ground secures the OHKO and allows me to hit Chinchou like before: it also gives me an insurance against heatproof Bronzor, an annoying threat to my team (especially when it's a calm mind variant). Heat Wave is there for steel-types, mainly.
    I hope you appreciated the team, and don't forget to rate!
    A last glance
  2. apt-get

    apt-get How cute.
    is a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 19, 2012
    Threat list

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    LC Offensive Threats

    [​IMG] Mienfoo:
    • Bulky Attacker: Larvesta easily takes care of it.
    • Choice Scarf: Ugh, predicting can be hard against him, but generally if I see stone edge/Hi Jump Kick, I know it's a scarf. I can play mindgames between Drilbur and Larvesta.
    • Baton Pass: uh, I don't see on which member he's gonna sub or SD except like free snover switch-in. Anyway taken care of by larvesta and I can easily U-turn on the BPass to maintain an advantage.
    • Life Orb: OHKOed by every single attack in the team (and everything's faster bar Chinchou and Larvesta)
    [​IMG] Chinchou:
    • Bulky Sweeper: Drilbur easily OHKOes and outspeeds. weakened by Chinchou before being picked off by another member. Generally, hail + HP ground from Murkrow 2HKOes so it's not a problem for him.
    • Choice Scarf: Never actually seen it, Chinchou counters.
    • Agility: Never actually seen it, Chinchou counters². Murkrow's suckerpunch. Drilbur prior the boost.
    [​IMG] Misdreavus:
    • Nasty Plot: 2HKO that nigga with any attack and hail.
    • Bulky Attacker: SubWisp, I guess? Larvesta/Snover if weakened.
    • Choice Scarf: Never actually seen it, seems a bit hard to wall. Murkrow can threaten it out, giving me a free attack.
    • Calm Mind: fuck you chieliee btw - Murkrow 2HKOes. Or larvesta can threaten a 3HKO.
    [​IMG] Staryu:
    • Eviolite: chinchou walls/snover forces out
    • Life Orb: never actually seen it. Seems OHKOed by anything.
    • Rain Dance: lol
    [​IMG] Croagunk:
    • Bulky Offensive: Ugh, a pain in the ass if SR is on the field and Murkrow/Drilbur is dead. Threaten with Drilbur/Larvesta/Murkrow enough so that another member can pick it off.
    [​IMG] Gastly:
    • Substitute: fuck this thing btw, I can threaten it with every single one of my members so he doesn't have the time to sub. Still annoying with that power tho.
    • Choic Scarf: Never actually seen it, but anything OHKOes, but he'll do some damage before going down.
    [​IMG] Murkrow:
    • MixKrow: UGH FUCK THAT THING - Chinchou threatens out after a KO.
    • SubRoost: Not a problem for my team, mienfoo lures in and KOes if it's a bit weakened. Chinchou can volt switch on his sub/roost. Snover kills easily.
    • Calm Mind: Snover threatens, but could be a problem in the long-term.
    • Choice Scarf: chou or switch out if it doesn't have LO damage and uses HP grass
    [​IMG] Drilbur:
    • All-out Attacker: Snovhurr
    • Swords Dance: Snovhurr
    • Mold Breaker: Snovhurr, Krow
    [​IMG] Snover:
    • Choice Scarf: Larvesta easily walls if it doesn't have HP Rock. Seriously, fuck HP rock.
    • Leech Seed: lol
    [​IMG] Magnemite:
    • Bulky Attacker: Everything threatens it out except Snover. Also HP ground OHKOes as opposed to Heat Wave.
    • Choice Scarf: Hard-Walled by Chou, like bulky attacker
    [​IMG] Dwebble:
    • Spiker: Drilbur 2HKOes even through oran berry, can flinch with rock slide and just spins its hazards.
    • Shell Smash: fuck this thing. Anyway, Drilbur can survive an Earthquake/x-scissor and OHKO. Murkrow KOes with SuckerPunch.
    [​IMG] Stunky:
    • Trapper: lol
    • Life Orb: Never actually seen it, but everything threatens it. Sucker Punch may hurt, tho.
    [​IMG] Abra:
    • Special Sweeper: I just need to remove its sash so that anything kills it. Mienfoo is a good lure with U-turn and Murkrow.
    • Choice Scarf: Never actually seen it, but it might get a surprise kill on something like Foo.
    • Dual Screens: lol
    [​IMG] Diglett:
    • Life Orb: No fuck that thing. Well it can only trap Chinchou but it's annoying.
    [​IMG] Shellder:
    • Choice Scarf: Never actually seen it, but snover ties and can giga drain, while Mienfoo outspeeds and HJK's.
    • Shell Smash: Shit is THE biggest weakness of the team. It can setup on Snover's Blizzard, has a fuckton of defense so it can even setup on shit like Mienfoo's HJK, has ice shard to attack murkrow directly, OHKOes Chinchou... I need to weaken him down and snipe him with ice shard + Hail.
    [​IMG] Houndour:
    • Eviolite: not a problem, it's weak and can't trap anything.
    • Mixed Attacker: Ugh, nothing can switch in it except like chou which is 2HKOed by crunch. I can usually outspeed with foo and KO, tho.
    • Choice Scarf: lol does that thing even exist
    [​IMG] Munchlax:
    • Tank: Mienfoo always threatens out/KOes , Murkrow/Drilbur 2HKOes and usually threatens out.
    [​IMG] Clamperl:
    • Shell Smash: Ugh fuck this. Can threaten with any attack and hail damage will KO it anyway. Murkrow OHKOes with BB and Revenges with SuckerPunch. Larvesta is a good lure, Inflicting neat damage with Wild Charge for Krow/Snover to revenge later.
    [​IMG] Drifloon:
    • AcroFloon: Chinchou is nice. Drilburcan take any hit except boosted acrobatics and KO with RockSlide.
    • SubCM: Never actually seen it, but Snover revenges with ice shard. Larvesta/Drilbur can take a boosted hit and Flare Blitz/Rock Slide it.
    [​IMG] Omanyte:
    • Shell Smash: Can't setup on anything, and even then Krow revenges/Drilbur takes a hit and KOes.
    • Spiker: Drilbur beats it and spins.
    [​IMG] Larvesta:
    • Eviolite: I can usually lure it in with Foo to KO with Stone Edge. Oh, and SR. Krow/Drilbur/Chinchou.
    • Choice Scarf: Never actually seen it, but even frailer than before.
    [​IMG] Tailow:
    • Choice Scarf: Never actually seen it, but Chou. Return hurts tho. Krow.
    • Guts: Krow/Foo.
    [​IMG] Timburr:
    • Bulk Up: Ugh, fuck that thing srsly. I need to keep Murkrow alive to check it later.
    [​IMG] Pawniard:
    • Swords Dance: Eh, can't setup on anything except Snover, though if he predicts the foo switch-in and iron head, I'm in for a world of pain.
    • Choice Scarf: Never actually seen it, but everything takes a hit and KOes except Krow and Snover.
    [​IMG] Dratini:
    • Offensive Dragon Dance: ??? Never actually seen it, but can't setup on anything except like Chinchou.
    • Marvel Scale: Fuck this thing. Nasty sweeper. Can't setup on anything tho.
    [​IMG] Tirtouga:
    • Shell Smash: Hits hard and fast; a problem for my team. If it sets up, it's usually GG, but Foo can take a boosted aqua jet and HJK for the KO. Can't setup on anything, too.
    [​IMG] Vullaby:
    • Bulky Attacker: Ugh, I hate it. Snover/Chinchou/Drilbur can all threaten, I guess...
    • Nasty Plot: Any member inflicts a lot of damage before it sets up, and snover can ice shard when it's weakened.
    • Choice Scarf: You mean Murkrow?
    [​IMG] Ponyta:
    • Eviolite: Pain in the ass thanks to sunny day, but Chinchou and Drilbur are usually are good enough to beat it. Mienfoo can revenge, Murkrow can tie and heavily damage it.
    • Choice Scarf: Uh, never actually encountered it but yeah Chinchou is the best counter I have.
    [​IMG] Elekid:
    • Physical Attacker: Chinchou/Foo/Bur
    [​IMG] Darumaka:
    • Choice: Chinchou can easily beat it / Drilbur threatens it out if locked in something else than FB.
    [​IMG] Meowth:
    • Physical Attacker: switch dat larvesta on it and watch it burn.
    [​IMG] Porygon:
    • Choice Scarf: Um, it can't actually switch in anything, and anyway mienfoo kills.
    [​IMG] Exeggcute:
    • Substitute + Harvest:u-turn shenanigaaaaans (and insomnia from Krow)
    • Chlorophyll: lol snover
    [​IMG] Axew:
    • Dragon Dance: Snover can revenge if its weakened, and anyway he can't setup on anything.
    [​IMG] Aron:
    • Rock Polish: Can't setup on anything.
    • Choice Band: lol
    [​IMG] Mantyke:
    • Swift Swim: Snover removes hail and 2HKOes with blizzard, but must be careful of air slash. It can't setup rain dance against anything, though.
    • Agility: can't setup on anything and weak.
    [​IMG] Archen:
    • Agility: Snover threatens, can't setup on anything.
    • Eviolite: Ugh, pain in the ass, though Chinchou/Snover/Drilbur all threaten it out.
    • Choice Scarf: can't come in on anything and KOed by any attack.
    [​IMG] Deino:
    • Choice Scarf: Foo, Snover. Drilbur can EQ for the KO while he can't KO in return.
    [​IMG] Joltik:
    • Choice Scarf: Larvesta can come in on anything but Thunderbolt, Chinchou/Drilbur can come in on Thunderbolt. Nice.
    • Agility: Can't setup on anything.
    • Eviolite: Stone Edge from foo, and Murkrow threatens with Heat Wave. Won't be OHKOed, but usually residual damage will pick it off.
    • Substitute + 3 Attacks: Can't sub on anything.
    [​IMG] Solosis:
    • Trick Room: Krow sucker punches, larvesta u-turns.
    [​IMG] Cranidos:
    • Choice Scarf: Foo/Drilbur can usually take a head smash and HJK/EQ for the KO. Krow sucker punches.
    • Rock Polish: Can't setup on anything.
    [​IMG] Doduo:
    • Choice Scarf: Ugh, return hurts. Chinchou usually, but yeah. Krow can suckerpunch.
    [​IMG] Machop:
    • Choice Scarf: pain in the ass, Foo can kill it with a bit of residual damage.
    • Guts: KOed by any attack.
    • Bulk Up: You mean Timburr? *hm.* Yeah, KOed by any attack too.
    [​IMG] Natu:
    • Dual Screens: I can usually threaten with Krow and Foo's stone edge and Snover, but it's a pain in the ass. Oh, and I stealth rock through magic bounce with Mold Breaker Drilbur.

    LC Defensive Threats
    [​IMG] Bronzor:
    • Tank: Spam Flare Blitz/Earthquake. Usually beaten by krow's heat wave and repeated Hi Jump Kicks from Krow. Actually, any spammable attack in my team will slowly pick it off.
    • Oran Berry + Recycle: Spam flare blitz/Earthquake. Not hard to beat, but if it's a CM variant, I'm in for a world of pain. Foo can KO if its health is between 50% and 70%, and Krow can heat wave/HP ground.
    [​IMG] Misdreavus:
    • Defensive: Any spammable attack will wear it down. A pain for Foo, though.
    [​IMG] Hippopotas:
    • Defensive: Snover/Chinchou.
    [​IMG] Murkrow:
    • Bulky Support: Never saw it.
    • Parafusion: T̴̞͍͙̎̽ͭͮ̀H̟̜̤̠̺͕̜̔͋̽E̶̖̟͑̎̐͢R̂́͑̄͑͛̽̔͏̜̹̗͖̣̠̳̟͘Ė͍͙̝̔ͧ̌ͪ̿͟͠ ̢̬̻̫̍̃͜͞Iͩ͌͐̏̃̀͏̷̦S̩̭̙̜ͨ͜͜ ̈̐ͪ̎҉̢̥̣̫̜N͉͕̏͂O͔̘͓̥̪͔̼̞͊̈ͥ ̵̆ͪ͋̾͒̈҉̬ͅW͍͇͚̄͂ͣ͒ͪ͒̍̚͟A̢͚̒ͩ̈ͭ̀Ȳ҉̴̙͙ ̛̪̦͎̩̃̽͝T̸̡̻͎͆̉ͭ͛̀Ǫ͍̱ͥ͌̓̕ ̶̻̺̗͉̺ͨ̾̚͡W̊͛͏̛͚̗̘̙̜́I̧̛͔̠͔̋̍́N̢̼̗͍̪͎̲̯ͣ̅ͮ̋͋͠ ̶̡̘̩̞̮̻̏Ả̺̖̄ͩ̆G̵̽͋̊͒̚͏͕͓̪̳͍̳ͅA̴͒́͑́̎̌̂ͦͥ͏̳̱̼͉Į̛̹̜̺͚͙̠̱̇͊̋ͣͥ̍ͅN͓̦̭̝̮̹͎̫͒̿̈ͮ̓́S̡͇̺̮̓͂͘͜T̛̳̙̞͇̝͕̞̝ͤͣ̎̿͌ͩ͝ ͉̼̳͖̖͖̘͈͉̀Tͯ͋̑͐̅͜͝҉̰͎͍͚ͅH̸̟̺̎I͚̼͚̺̜͔̰͑͗͐͜S̜̮͈̘̜͇͚͋̄͒͐̃ͥͩ̌͜ ̨̢̥̪͓̦̔ͮͮ̑ͮͩW͇̘̫̟̜̘̜̖̿ͮͯͩ̒͑Į̰̬͖͕̝̙̃ͫͤ͛ͮ̎͊ͭ̀Nͥͥ͂͏̝̖͢G̝̲͍͈͍̠̳͓ͮͬ̀ͅE̱͉̲̹̟̜͔̞͊̈ͧ̍͘͢D̡̮̜̲̣̙̩̃̑̈́͂ͅ ̷̡̯̎́̄̔ͤͬͤͮ̔͟B̞̣͎͔͒͗̿E̶̟̻͚̬̝̖ͪͫ̔͊ͫ͡A͂͏̛͖̣̱̩̲͟S̛̑̆ͦ̃̊͐ͧ̚͠҉̩̮̬͔͉̖T̗̠̦̼͍̭͇̓̚͠
    [​IMG] Ferroseed:
    • Spiker: Roasted by Ferroseed and Murkrow, bent by Foo. I can then spin later.
    [​IMG] Frillish:
    • Defensive: Ugh, a pain in the ass. Wild Charge from Larvesta will inflict a lot of damage, though it can just scald and KO me. Brave Bird hits fucking hard against it, and Snover/Chinchou can usually threaten. Drilbur can 3HKO, I guess...
    [​IMG] Lileep:
    • Tank: U-turn from Larvesta, Snover, Mienfoo. Also, will try to switch in Murkrow and will be 2HKOed by Brave Bird.
    [​IMG] Tentacool:
    • Support: Ehh, Drilbur wrecks it and spins its toxic spikes, Chinchou 2HKOes/Krow OHKOes.
    [​IMG] Natu:
    • FeatherDance: Foo outspeeds and 2HKOes with Stone Edge even through featherdance. Chinchou both do a good job at beating it, while Snover threatens it out. Oh, and Krow.
    [​IMG] Slowpoke:
    • Tank: U-turn threatens it pretty hard. Snover/Chinchou.
    [​IMG] Koffing:
    • Pain Split: Krow 2HKOes Drilbur OHKOes, and generally Snover/Chinchou threatens it.
    • RestTalk: See Pain Split
    [​IMG] Vullaby:
    • Defensive: Pain in the ass. See bulky attacker.
    [​IMG] Wynaut:
    • OH NO, IT'S WYNAUT!: lol u-turn, although someone is going down. I can heat wave first turn against it with Krow when it counters, and then BB for the 2HKO when it mirror coats.
    [​IMG] Porygon:
    • Eviolite: I HATE THIS THING REALLY, Murkrow 2HKOes and Foo threatens it out. I can even knock off if it stays in expecting me to u-turn so that my other pokémon will defeat it easily.
    [​IMG] Cottonee:
    • SubSeed: lol u-turn
    [​IMG] Shelmet:
    • Support: Fuck you Chieliee btw again, little bitch can be taken care of with knock off and hydro pump/blizzard spam and larvesta/krow before acid armor.

  3. Electrolyte

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    Jul 5, 2012
    Hi Sark ur a nub so lemme help ya out

    This is probably as generically solid as any Hail team can be, nice job! The only possible suggestion I would make is for you to maybe try Mold Breaker Drilbur instead of Staryu. Your team could really use some Stealth Rock hazards to wear down opponents, as well as a solid switch in to Rock types, a check to Magnemite, and a counter to Chinchou and Levitate CM Bronzor. Staryu's speed might be tantalizing at first, but it's too weak to Chinchou and its offensive coverage is a bit redundant with Chinchou. Drilbur, on the other hand, sets Stealth Rock, spins just as effecticely, beats Electric types, and beats Rock types, simulatneously covering multiple threats and problems of this team. Its weakness to Grass, Water, and Ice are thoroughly covered by the rest of the team, since you no longer have an added Water weakness in Archen (not that water types are very problematic for you anyway.)

    Cool team! Good luck in LCPL if you get picked ;P
  4. Rowan

    Rowan The professor?
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    Jul 21, 2009
    Hi Apt-Get!

    I actually built a similar team recently with the only exception being Croagunk>Mienfoo and also resttalk chou, scarfkrow and i ran recover on staryu which probably just highlights our differences as players. Croagunk was because I felt the team lacked a solid check to SS Tirtouga. However with your team it doesn't matter as much because you're such an offensive player that Tirtouga finds it difficult to set up. I'd just watch out with locking Snover into Blizzard when the opponent has one. Scarf Mienfoo is also a decent check I guess but only if it's over 90% health as that's how much +2 Aqua Jet will do. I guess Croagunk could also be used to give you a good switch-in to Stone Edge Mienfoo but it really ruins the whole momentum based offensive team.

    As for Drilbur vs. Staryu, Electrolyte does have a point. However, for this team, Chinchou is already your Magnemite and Chinchou counter, and Larvesta beats Bronzor KOing it with ease so Drilbur is more redundant imo. But having Stealth Rock would really add to this team and really help to either wear down your opponents team or even gain back momentum as the opponent is forced to use rapid spin if you get them up early. I just think Staryu has an easier time switching in though so I guess it comes down to personal preference.

    Anyway fantastic team, I've played it a lot and once you have the momentum on your side of the field, it's very difficult for the momentum to shift back. It can really run rings around standard Balance and Bulky Offensive teams with good prediction and usually runs rings round my more defensively inclined playstyle.
  5. apt-get

    apt-get How cute.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    no fk u ur a nub noone lieks u

    Thanks Electrolyte for the rate! Anyway, Drilbur is an option I've always wanted to try out over Staryu when I used this team, and both have their pros and cons. I'll definitely try it. Good luck to you too for LCPL!

    Thank you too for the rate, Corkscrew! Yeah, Tirtouga is somewhat of a problem, but with clever switching with foo I can easily recover my health with regenerator to Hi Jump Kick it. It can be a big problem if it's dead, though. Drilbur vs Staryu is a matter of preference on most offensive-based teams, as it's essentially Ground STAB and Stealth Rock vs. Bulky water and 19 speed. Both should synergize well with the team.
  6. apt-get

    apt-get How cute.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    Welp, I tested Drilbur and he's as good, if not better than Staryu. Thanks for the suggestion, Electrolyte.
    EDIT: yay, peak to #1 with drilbur.
  7. puregenius


    Mar 30, 2011
  8. Superpowerdude

    Superpowerdude !
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Hey! Congrats on the peak!

    Since this team has achieved good success, there isn't anything that has to be changed. However, I do have a suggestion that you may want to test out. You could use a SubRoost Murkrow>LO Murkrow I am sure you know how the offensive core of Scarf Snover and SubRoost Snover works, Snover can lure in Fighting-types for Murkrow to scare out and get a Substitute on. Snover can also deal with annoying pokemon to SubRoost Murkrow like Chinchou. This set gives your Murkrow more survivability with Roost and lets you still keep the power of Life Orb Brave Birds and Sucker Punches. This set does however lose the fantastic coverage and the surprise of Hidden Power Ground that your set posseses. So I guess its pick your poison.

    So there you have it, not much I know just something to think about. I guess you could try the standard Restalk Chinchou if you really wanted. Anyway nice team and congrats on the peak.

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    Murkrow @ Life Orb | Prankster
    Jolly | 36 HP / 236 Atk / 20 Def / 20 SpD / 188 Spe
    Brave Bird | Sucker Punch | Substitute | Roost

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    .Try out SubRoost Murkrow

  9. apt-get

    apt-get How cute.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    update: edited RMT with Drilbur instead of Staryu. Probably the definite version of my RMT!

    @SPD: I tried LO subroost krow. It's kinda nice I guess, but I found myself saying "man I would really have appreciated Heat Wave/HP ground" much more than "roost/sub saved me this time".
  10. Electrolyte

    Electrolyte and at once I knew I was not magnificent
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    Jul 5, 2012
    Yeah, the inclusion of Drilbur has definitely made this team top-notch solid. There is reall nothing this team struggles to handle, except for the occasional Misdreavus after a misplay with Murkrow, but such situations are very rare. I have been laddering with this team and it has given me huge success as well- I'm currently #11 on the ladder and I'll only be rising from there!

    I think this team is so successful because of two things- the constant offensive pressure from the team's two Scarfers, as well as the VoltTurning mayhem that makes predictions a snap. Scarfoo is a major asset to the team, revenge killing everything and U-Turning along with Larvesta and Chinchou, who form a solid bulky / offensive VoltTurn core.

    I absolutely love this team. Awesome job!

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