Voodoom and the 5th Gen.

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What exactly is going to happen with lighting rod on voodoom? now that it boost his stats and gives him an electric resist, are you going to take the ability away or just leave it on him?


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I am quite interested to see how this works out actually. Lighting Rod now (slightly) outclasses Volt Absorb. I guess it depends whether we want to keep the flavour ability or not. Offensive sets get a huge boost from this though.
Voodoom's ability will not change. The Gen IV CAPs will be transferred over to a PL server whenever Doug has the chance to do it, and they will be usable in random matches, but not a part of the main metagames in any way, shape, or form.

tennisace edit: I don't feel like posting so I approve this post. Gen 4 CAPs will not be updated in any way.
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