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Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by Eo Ut Mortus, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Eo Ut Mortus

    Eo Ut Mortus Elodin Smells
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    Jun 3, 2007


    • She's ugly as sin but has an affordable niche thanks to typing, defensive stats, and movepool.
    • Vuljiina's typing makes her a decent check to Pokemon who rely upon Ghost/Dark + Fighting two-move coverage.
    • Recovery (Roost) + Dustproof lets her recover-stall more easily than other walls in adverse weather.
    • She's weak to Stealth Rock, unfortunately.
    • Her offenses are very, very poor. Thus, she does not fare very well against most boosting sweepers.
    name: Defensive
    move 1: Roost
    move 2: Toxic
    move 3: Brave Bird
    move 4: Taunt / Whirlwind / U-turn
    item: Leftovers
    ability: Dustproof
    evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
    nature: Careful

    Set Comments:
    • Due to her typing, Vuljiina is more suited as a special wall than a physical wall. She is capable of switching into the attacks of threatening sweepers such as Gengar, Jaroda, and Choiced Darkrai, Roosting off the damage, and stalling them out.
    • Toxic is your main method of dealing damage. Vuljiina is adept at wearing down opposing defensive Pokemon thanks to a relatively high base 80 Speed and Taunt.
    • Brave Bird is your best attacking option. In particular, it deters Fighting-types with Guts from switching into you.
    • Whirlwind is an option over Taunt best used in conjunction with entry hazards. In addition to racking up residual damage, it also prevents Pokemon like Doryuuzu from setting up on Vuljiina in complete safety.
    • U-turn deals lousy damage to most Pokemon; however, it is good for gaining momentum, since a number of Pokemon can set up on Vuljiina with relative ease. Rapid Spin support is a must if you elect to use U-turn.
    Additional Comments:
    • Knock Off is an option in the fourth slot, allowing Vuljiina to do something to the Steel-types that wall her.
    • A Dark STAB is an option over Brave Bird but will provide less useful coverage. Payback is fairly inconsistent due to Vuljiina's Speed, so Dark Pulse is preferable.
    • Vuljiina has slightly higher Defense than Special Defense, so using a physically defensive set is an option; however, due to her typing, Vuljiina is better at taking common special attacks and combinations.
    Teammates & Counters:
    • Rapid Spin support is welcome from Pokemon such as Starmie and Forretress, else Vuljiina will lose a quarter of her health every time she switches in.
    • Steel-types resist both of Vuljiina’s STABs and are immune to Toxic. Bronzong and Skarmory are vulnerable to Taunt; however, offensive Steel-types like Dialga, Doryuuzu, and Jirachi can be problematic. Bulky Ground-types like Groudon and Hippowdon are therefore good teammates, also capable of handling problematic Rock-types such as Terakion and Tyranitar as well as switching into Zekrom’s Electric attacks (watch out for its Dragon STABs, though). Bulky Water-types like Kyogre and Suicune are also capable of handling most Steel- and Rock-types as well.
    • With Taunt and Roost, Vuljiina is capable of breaching certain dedicated walls, such as Burungeru, Blissey, and Lugia. Pokemon such as Heatran and Dialga who struggle against these Pokemon partner well with Vuljiina for this reason.
    • Watch out for Pokemon who take little from Vuljiina’s attacks and can sweep with one turn’s worth of set up, especially if you’re not carrying Whirlwind. Groudon, Doryuuzu, and Arceus are just a few examples of such Pokemon.
    • Faster Taunters are troublesome to Vuljiina. Gliscor is a notable example; with Roost, Taunt, and Toxic, it can easily stall Vuljiina out.
    [Team Options]
    • Entry hazard support is welcome, as Whirlwind, Taunt, and Toxic have the potential to cause switches. Forretress and Deoxys are good options.
    • Sandstorm support is nice, since Vuljiina won’t take any damage from it, and it can aid in Roost-stalling most Pokemon; however, should you use a Pokemon with Sandstream, absolutely make sure you have Doryuuzu covered, as its offensive abilities are further enhanced by sandstorm.
    [Optional Changes]
    • Vuljiina can run Nasty Plot, but it’s too weak to sweep. If you want a Dark/Flying Nasty Plot sweeper, use Honchkrow.
    • Vuljiina can try a Mean Look + Toxic set, but such a tactic will not work unless she can out-stall the opposing Pokemon, and competent opponents will generally know better than to keep a Pokemon in on Vuljiina if it can barely damage her.
    • 84 Speed EVs enables you to outrun min Speed Giratina and beat it through Taunt and Toxic.
    • Doryuuzu is probably Vuljiina’s most threatening counter: it walls her completely and can freely set up Swords Dances on her. Other Steel-types, such as Dialga, Aggron, and Heatran, fare similarly. While they don’t resist Dark, Metagross and Jirachi are bulky enough to take Dark Pulse and can dispose of Vuljiina via Meteor Mash and Iron Head, respectively.
    • Electric-types such as the Rotom formes and Zekrom resist Brave Bird and can beat down Vuljiina with their STAB attacks. Rock-types, including Tyranitar and Terakion, operate in the same manner.
    • Fast Taunters, especially those with recovery, such as Gliscor, can completely shut down Vuljiina.
    [Dream World]
    • Vuljiina’s Dream World ability is “Broken Armor,” which raises her Speed and lowers her Defense when she is hit by a physical attack. As a defensive-oriented Pokemon, Vuljiina has little need for a Speed boost at the expense of a Defense drop, so this ability has little utility.
  2. Eo Ut Mortus

    Eo Ut Mortus Elodin Smells
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    Jun 3, 2007
  3. Rising_Dusk

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Added a missing colon, marking as done.
  4. Bologo

    Bologo Have fun with birds and bees.
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    May 7, 2006
    Your link for Vuljiina is leading to the wrong place.
  5. Ahhhhhh......Clefable.


    Oct 14, 2010
    I really, reallllly hope this guy's name in the English version of the games is less.....oogey.

    The uncomfortable name aside, he seems like a fun new option, and at least looks super-cool! I like the set you've got listed. Could Torment be used in the last slot to help secure recovery time with Roost? I understand the other options are generally more useful, but Torment could have potential, I think.
  6. LeviLamprey


    Nov 24, 2010
    Vuljiina has staying power, by the looks of things! I second the Torment point set by Ahhhhhh......Clefable, however. If Vuljiina is meant to be bulky, Roost time is needed if the enemy has one NVE and one neutral attack or some such while she drains them with Toxic. Sad she is Steel-bait...Bark Out could see some use, too, if you really want extra Roosts against a Special Attacker. I really like the set, regardless of the final move!
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