Vullaby BW2 (Revamp)



<p>Even with it's cracked eggshell, this little bird has a lot to prove in the metagame. With such a wide movepool, Vullaby can run an effective bulky support set or just sweep on its own with a nasty plot set. In BW2, Vullaby got knock off, dark pulse, heat wave, roost, and tail wind. With moves like this it can support its teammates to the fullest. Hide your Mienfoos because none are safe with the likes of Vullaby running around. When making a team be sure not to over look this little bird. With fantastic typing only shared by the imfamous Murkrow, it also has an immunity to spikes and toxic spikes. Sadly, it has a weakness to stealth rocks which is one of the most common moves in game. With two abilities that can help sweeping or prevent residual weather damage from hurting it. It varies depending on which set your running.</p>

<p>The only thing holding Vullaby back from stardom is its lack luster speed and attacking stats, which are mediocre at best. Bulky pokemon can just come in on any attack and hit it with a super effective move. Even with a form of recovery Vullaby can't tank every attack because the likes of Staryu and Chinchou both taking little from Vullaby's attacks, but can hurt Vullaby with a thunder bolt or ice beam. Most bulky pokemon with a super effective move against Vullaby is a good way too check it. Still, Vullaby maintains status its even with all its cons.</p>

move 1: Toxic
move 2: Taunt
move 3: Roost
move 4: Knock Off/Heat Wave/Whirlwind
item: Eviolite
nature: Bold
evs: 36 HP / 236 Def / 236 SDef


<p>This his EV spread makes Vullaby a bulky teammate, combined with eviolite it just makes Vullaby's defenses superb. With this set it can check many boosting sweepers and just shut it down with taunt and whirlwind out to stop a sweep. Toxic can be used to stall out threats Vullaby can't handle and roost is form of recovery Vullaby has. As we all know eviolite plays a huge impact in the metagame and with knock off Vullaby can render defensive threats useless by taking off their precious eviolite. Heat wave can be used to deal with steel types that wall Vullaby.</p>

<p>These moves ensure Vullaby's ability to stay intact and spread status among the opponent's pokemon. Vullaby can try to knocking off as much eviolites as it can, because it ensures a teamates ability to sweep without getting walled. Vullaby can run whirlwind to stop substitute users from setting up on Vullaby. Usually knock off is the better option on Vullaby, due to the extensive use of eviolte in the meta game.</p>

name:Nasty Plot
move 1:Roost/Heat Wave
move 2:Air Slash
move 3:Dark Pulse
move 4:Nasty Plot
ability:Weak Armor
evs: 116 HP / 36 Def / 236 SAtk / 76 SDef / 36 Spe

<p>This set requires you to set up on a physical attacker, after gaining the speed boost from a physical move then set up with nasty plot. Air Slash and Dark Pulse are for duo stab and to hit hard. Roost can be used to restore HP, after taking several hits. Heat wave can be used to hit steel types that otherwise wall Vullaby and its ability to sweep. Nasty plot is self explanitory, probably the only way Vullaby can sweep on its own. After a weak armor boost Vullaby hits a speed of 19 which outspeeds most of the pokemon in the meta game already. After a nasty plot Vullaby can hit a staggering 30 SAtk put a dent in the opponent's team with its powerful moves. Beware this little bird doesn't only defend, but it can sweep.</p>


<p>The sets above are probably the best ones Vullaby can pull off, but Vullaby can utilize a choice scarf set to become an effective revenge killer or become a bulky attacker with its great defensive stats. Though, Vullaby lacks good attacking stats which make pulling off these sets hard. Hidden power fire can be used over heat wave if you really don't like the chance of missing for heat wave, but it messes up Vullaby's evs. Tail wind can be used to help slower teammates sweep or set up. U-turn could be used to scout but most pokemon outspeed Vullaby anyway.</p>

<p>Vullaby just hates taunt and status which makes natu a great teammate, because Vullaby can just switch out on the incoming taunt or status into Natu and just reflect back it to the opponent. A cleric can be used, but Vullaby already has roost to heal itself. Chinchou can be used because they both cover each other's weakness and Chinchou has heal bell to cure status. Sweepers can be paired with a defensive Vullaby for making it easier by just knocking off eviolites or crippling walls.</p>

[Other Options]
<p>Vullaby can run a bulky attacker set consisting of brave bird, knock off, roost, and taunt. Other then that Vullaby doesn't have any other options, because if its lack luster stats. It has access to rain dance and sunny day, but really who uses weather with the likes of snover and hippopotas running around. However the move sets and evs can be tailored depending on the team your building. Other then that Vullaby doesn't have any more moves to fill its moveslot. Any other set may be unreliable due to Vullaby's stats.</p>

[Checks and Counters]
<p>Even with its fantastic typing and bulk Vullaby has numerous counters such as steel types, they wall all Vullaby sets that don't have heat wave or hidden power fire. Magnemite should receive a notable mention because it hits Vullaby incredibly hard with a volt switch or thunder bolt, it also is immune to toxic and resists all of Vullaby's attacks. Staryu and chinchou and slam Vullaby with a ice beam or thunder bolt. Since staryu has natural cure it doesn't fear toxic and chinchou resists brave bird. Even the lileep can counter Vullaby, but it hates getting its eviolite knocked off, getting posioned, and taunted. Though, lileep can use ancient power and recover off all the damage it has taken. Rock types and stealth rocks are a good answer to Vullaby, to wear Vullaby down.</p>

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