Weavile is by far one of the fastest pokemon in UU. It has a high base stat and speed making it a great offensive threat but lacks strong hard hitting moves.


name: Lead
move 1: Beat Up
move 2: Brick Break/Low Kick
move 3: Ice Shard/Ice Punch
move 4: Substitute
evs: 252 Atk / 176 Spe / 76 Hp
nature: Jolly
item: Kings Rock
ability: Pressure


This set destroys focus sash Azelf and Froslass. Not only is beat up super effective and will kill them in a few hits, Weavile is faster so they will be forced to switch or just die.

Kings Rock gives beat up a flinch rate of approximately 45%, and can almost always prevent other leads on setting up hazards.

Ice shard is great behind a sub because it evades pokemon who try to sucker punch and finishes off scarfes.

Substitute is to evade status, while Brick break/low kick is to hit steel types such as registeel hard

[Additional Comments]

Ice shard is also used against the very few pokemon whi outspeed weavile such as Crobat and Aerodactyl.

Taunt can be used instead of substitute to deny hazards , status , and setting up , but spamming beat up behind a sub would be much better.

The extra evs in HP is for weavile to at least take 1 hit, or just have more subsitutes to set up.

The reason why he has 176 spe evs is because it
ensures it can outspeed all 115 base speed pokemon.

[Other Options]

Taunt can be used instead of substitute to deny hazards , status , and setting up , but spamming beat up behind a sub would be much better.

Night slash can also replace substitute, incase weavile is around till the end of the battle and needs to hit harder with it.


Yanmega can protect to outspeed Weavile and OHKO with bug buzz, but will be hurt by ice shard.

Hitmontop can get intimidate off while evading flinch and killing with close combat or mach punch.

Accelgor can also outspeed weavile and destroy it with bug buzz.

Bronzong can tank beat up as along as it doesnt get flinched and OHKO with gyro ball.

Empoleon resists both stabs as it can fire off a scald and burn Weavile.


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Very few Pokemon can pull off dedicated lead sets in BW--Azelf and Froslass being two of them--but since very few people actually go for the whole dedicated lead thing, having a team slot wasted just to beat dedicated leads is very wasteful.

There's also other issues with this, such as the fact that you clearly don't understand the principles of competitive Pokemon just yet (King's Rock as the item choice is a dead giveaway).

For these reasons, I'm going to have to lock this up. Sorry! ^_^