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well tested, but needs modification.

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by ganon1, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. ganon1


    Feb 16, 2012
    This is a Gen 5 RU team that i made specifically for honchkrow and golurk.
    Lead - Adamant Aerodactyl@focus sash
    EV's 252 speed 252 attack 4 hp
    -stealth rock -taunt -pursuit -stone edge
    If the opponent leads with anything with stealth rock, taunt first turn then set up my own rocks as they switch/ attack. if the opponent went for an attacking move first turn, then taunt is still good to prevent boosting/rocks and set up stealth rocks next turn before they finish off aerodactyl.

    #2 adamant golurk@leftovers {iron fist ability}
    Ev's 252 hp 252 attack 4 speed
    -substitute -focus punch -shadow punch -earthquake
    if i can, i try to come in on a rapid spin (or any move golurk can take, obviously) then threaten the opposing pokemon out and set up a sub. i havent had any abundance of success with this poke, but it does work well with proper predictions.

    #3 modest accelgor@life orb
    EV's 252 special attack 252 speed 4 hp {sticky hold ability}
    -bug buzz -giga drain -hidden power rock -u-turn
    With accelgors ridiculous speed, it makes for great scouting and works to break anything with a focus sash or sturdy with u-turn. u-turn is a very weak move to run on a modest set so i only rely on u-turn for scouting and switch advantage. i have considered a choice specs set, but i generally prefer being able to switch moves without switching due to the fact that accelgor takes significant damage from stealth rocks.

    #4 adamant honchkrow@life orb
    Ev's 252 speed 252 attack 4 hp
    -substitute -roost -sucker punch -drill peck
    this is the basic moxie set from smogon with drill peck instead of brave bird to increase survivability.

    #5 calm slowking@leftovers {regenerator}
    EV's 252 hp 252 special defense 4 defense
    -surf -toxic -slack off - flamethrower
    Basic special wall in conjunction with tangrowth

    #6 impish tangrwoth@leftovers {regenerator}
    Ev's 252 hp 252 defense
    -leech seed -sleep powder -substitute -power whip
    Substitute on a switch, leech seed then switch out to a poke that can counter what the opponent switched into.
  2. Delko

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Please read the rules before posting, take a look at the RMT-archives to see how your team must look like.
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