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What could I be doing better with this team?

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Mr._Rex, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Mr._Rex


    Feb 24, 2011
    I am preparing for a tourney; we have already had the pretrourny battles to test our teams out. I came out on top, losing only three Pokémon at once. I should have no reason to be afraid, no? Well it is two weeks until the tourney and they are going to edit their teams to beat mine and I don’t know what I could change. So could you people help me with that?

    [​IMG]Ferrothorn-Adamant Nature
    Ability- Iron Barbs
    Evs- 200 Defense,
    200 Special Defense
    100 Hp
    Moves-Leach Seed
    Stealth Rocks
    Gyro Ball
    Seed Bomb
    Ivs- 0 Speed.
    This is my lead. As you can see I use it to set up Spikes and seed the opposing lead. I gave it Seed Bomb because it is more reliable then Power Whip. I was losing because of misses… I gave it 0 speed IV for pretty obvious reasons, to power up Gyro Ball.

    [​IMG]Sigilyph-Timid Nature
    Item-Flame Orb
    Ability-Magic Guard
    Ev- 200 Defense,
    200 Special Defense
    50 Speed
    50 HP
    Moves- Air Slash
    Psycho Shift
    Cosmic Power
    This guy can cripple a team single handedly. After 3 Cosmic Powers he can’t be 1HKOed. And with Psycho Shift he can cripple a physical sweeper, set up and proceed to burn and kill the rest of their team.

    [​IMG]Porygon2- Bold Nature
    Item- Eviolite
    Ability- Trace
    Evs- 100 Defense
    150 Special Defense
    252 Special Attack
    Moves- Toxic
    Ice Beam
    This is one of the best Evioliet users I have found. He has over 300 in each defense and over 300 HP so he can take a hit and recover very well.

    [​IMG]Zoroark-Timid Nature
    Item- Life Orb
    Ability- Illusions
    Evs- 252 Special Attack
    252 Speed
    Moves- Night Daze
    Focus Blast
    Nasty Plot
    Zoroark is my all time favorite Pokémon. I gave him a special sweeper/revenge killer role in this team. He is fast enough to out run Garchomp and can 1HKO it most of the time. I gave it Nasty Plot just incase I get the chance to get one it, because after one he has more than 600 Special Attack and can KO almost an thing

    [​IMG]Haxorus-Adamant Nature
    Item-Choice Scarf
    Ability- Mold Breaker
    Evs- 252 Attack
    252 Speed.
    Moves- Outrage
    Rock Slide
    This is my primary Physical Sweeper/Revenge killer. Out of all my pokemon he scores the most kills of any of them. His Attack is maxed out and so is his Speed. That means that he can revenge kill any thing except Saramory.

    [​IMG]Spiritomb- Bold Nature
    Item- Leftovers
    Evs-252 Defense,
    252 HP,
    4 Special Attack
    Moves- Rest
    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball
    Hiddenn Power-Fight
    He releys on Ferrothorn and Sigilyph to set up and burn most pokemon in the opposing team. I also have him here to that Zoroark has a decent Pokemon to Mimic. He is one of the pokemon I am thinking about replacing…

    So that is my team, what do you think? What, if any thing, am I doing wrong?
  2. Dezza Laa

    Dezza Laa

    Jun 4, 2010
    every pokemon gets 510 effort values. Some have 500, some 502 some 508 in your team...

    Zoroak is very gimminkcy and really doesn't work.
  3. Mr._Rex


    Feb 24, 2011
    I use Pokemon Online, and for some reason it removes EVs from the Pokemon. I just put what the simulator says. As for Zoroark, he works very well.

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