Wynaut (Analysis)


QC [2]:
Shiny Azelf

GP [2]:

<p>Wynaut hasn't changed a bit since generation four; its small yet perfectly suited movepool remains the same, along with its always useful role in helping set up Pokemon. Wynaut did gain a boost in the the introduction of the Eviolite, however, which only adds to its durability. With so many new threats to stop and support, Wynaut may just find more importance than ever during this generation.</p>

name: Why Not?
move 1: Counter
move 2: Mirror Coat
move 3: Encore
move 4: Safeguard / Tickle
nature: Bold
item: Oran Berry /
evs: 76 HP / 132 Def / 212 SpD / 12 Spe
ivs: 0 Atk

[Set Comments]

<p>Wynaut retains the same niche it had last generation. The uncanny ability to dispose of
Choiced attackers is invaluable to many Pokemon. There are many strong attackers which can blast holes through teams that Wynaut traps and KOes, such as Meditite. It also has the ability to get rid of slower attackers and Encore set up Pokemon, meaning Wynaut will almost always be of use in every game.</p>

<p>Wynaut's movepool, while only consisting of eight moves, is perfectly suited for
its job. Shadow Tag lets it trap all Pokemon so they can't switch out. If the Pokemon is locked into a physical attack, Counter will dispose of it, unless Wynaut is KOed, which is unlikely considering its massive HP stat and respectable defenses. Mirror Coat bounces back special attacks. However, the crux of Wynaut's viability lies in the move Encore. Encore lets it force attackers to repeat a move, meaning you can either switch into a Pokemon taking little damage from the attack and set up, or just KO it with Counter or Mirror Coat. If your opponent tries to set up on Wynaut, Encore lets you switch in a Pokemon to set up on it while your opponent is locked into a move for three turns. </p>

[Additional Comments]

<p>While only three moves are sufficient for Wynaut to complete its job, it has several options to fill the last slot. Safeguard
lets it Encore a status move such as Thunder Wave, use Safeguard, and allow a Pokemon like Dratini to set up Dragon Dance without worry. On the other hand, Tickle may be used to weaken a wall so far that it will be killed by a Pursuit user easily. Needless to say for this to work a Pursuit user is mandatory. Destiny Bond is another option for the last slot, though Wynaut's low Speed stat without any investment makes it rather useless against most attackers. Destiny Bond works much better with a Custap Berry, but that hasn't been released yet.</p>

<p>The EVs are rather self explanatory. Wynaut reaches a HP stat of 27 with these
EVs, along with 14 in each defensive stat. When boosted by the Eviolite, Wynaut will almost never be killed in one hit by an attack. The twelve Speed EVs allow it to outspeed minimum Speed Bronzor, letting it Encore a move such as Stealth Rock before it can switch moves. A Bold nature is used instead of an Impish one to minimize confusion damage when switching into a Choiced Machop's DynamicPunch. It is also recommended you make the Attack IV 0.</p>

<p>Wynaut's job is to remove
Choice Scarfed Pokemon and to allow set up Pokemon to do just that, set up. As such Pokemon who enjoy this luxury are clearly good teammates. A Pokemon like Aron is perfect with Wynaut, as it can come in on one of its numerous resistances and set up a Rock Polish. Mantyke and Gligar are in a similar boat, with their sky high defensive stats letting them set up Agility or Rock Polish on many weak or resisted attacks.</p>

<p>The choice between Oran Berry and
Eviolite is hard to make. While the Eviolite makes Wynaut almost impenetrable, it reduces the damage done by Counter and Mirror Coat greatly. Oran Berry allows both moves to hit at a higher power and allows Wynaut to recover off damage. However, Wynaut may be killed in one hit by powerful attackers like Carvanha.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>As mentioned several times earlier, Wynaut's movepool is slightly lacking in quantity. All the viable moves have been mentioned already. Splash is useless, unless you really want to rub your victory in your opponent's face. If that is the case you are better off using Magikarp or Hoppip, however. Charm on the other hand is plausible, but
Tickle tends to be better since it not only lowers Attack but Defense as well, having added utility.</p>

<p>The amount of speed Wynaut runs is up to the user. Wynaut's
Speed, with a neutral nature, can hover anywhere between 8 and 12. Wynaut needs Speed to outrun walls, and lock them into an attack. Wynaut outspeeds Ferroseed with no investment, and you may choose to go with the lowest Speed possible to take as little damage from Gyro Ball as possible. 172 Speed is needed to outspeed no Speed Frillish, but this really takes away from its Defenses. 12 Speed EVs are probably the optimal investment, a small amount to outspeed walls, but not enough to impact defenses. If you would like to outspeed Hippopotas, 92 Speed EVs are needed, which also is usable.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>There is no real "counter" for Wynaut, as nothing can switch in. However there are several ways to dispose of Wynaut. After Wynaut faints a
Pokemon, a strong Pursuiter, such as Cranidos or Munchlax, can come in and knock it out. Commonly Choiced Pokemon which often are trapped by Wynaut may opt to run a set using an Expert Belt or Oran Berry to trick Wynaut into using a reflecting move while you boost your attacking stat and then KO it. However this is a very specialized approach which will rarely find use otherwise. Also, as Wynaut's only way of doing damage is reflecting an attack, special attacking Dark-types and physical Ghosts, like Houndour and Duskull, are immune to Wynaut's attacks. Other specific Pokemon who threaten Wynaut are Misdreavus and Scraggy. Taunt is an absolute killer to Wynaut, since once Taunted it can only use Counter and Mirror Coat. Lastly, anything with Volt Switch, U-turn, or a Shed Shell will avoid capture, effectively countering Wynaut as it can't do its job. Be warned, however, that if Wynaut uses Mirror Coat on Volt Switch or Counter on U-turn, the Pokemon that switches in will take damage.</p>

[Dream World]

<p>Wynaut gets Telepathy as its Dream World ability, which is utterly useless in singles battles and is completely against the point of using Wynaut in the first place. Always use Shadow Tag.</p>

<p>The Custap Berry is yet to be released from the Dream World, but when it is a Custap Destiny Bond set is viable. It will allow Wynaut to reflect and KO one
Pokemon, and then Destiny Bond the next before they can attack, which will usually net two kills per match.</p>


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The scarf set gives a guaranteed free turn with encore + shadow tag, giving it utility over monmen, who generally does encore better. It also has a fast dbond, and potentially charm to turn something into setup bait. It's more focused on abusing shadow tag than simply killing the other guy with countercoat (which it can still do ofc).
I think Wynaut has a completely different job from Monmen. Monmen is supposed to come in and Stun spore, leech seed, or encore an opponent. Wynaut is supposed to come in and remove choiced pokemon along with encore to make sure people dont set up on it. If it encores a move that something can set up on, cool. That's how i tend to play when using wynaut. Monmen is also no where near as bulky, and any smart player would realize that after it encored an earthquake or dynamic punch a misdrevous is going to come in, and can switch accordingly. they dont have that luxury with Wynaut.

I keep thinking of custap berry like its still banned on shoddy. I'll either add that set or put it in OC.

The more I think about it, the more I feel berry juice should be the primary option. However I think I'll do some calcs to see if evo stone lets you survive anything imprtant.


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Wynaut and Monmen are completely different (read: Shadow Tag). Monmen doesn't compete with Wynaut, they have different niches.

Additionally, why Evolution Stone? It lowers Wynaut's damage.....why not just use Berry Juice (until it's banned) or Oran Berry?
Stuff like surviving scyther's pursuit after SR, always surviving LO misdrevous shadow ball, LO abra signal beam after SR, etc. On the other hand, most of the time berry juice is better. I think evo ston deserves a mention as Wynaut is nearly unkillable with it.


Nuke the Weebs
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Shadow tag is what gives it use over monmen. They can switch out of monmen, but wynaut will give you a free turn. Agreeing that monmen is still usually better.


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Stuff like surviving scyther's pursuit after SR, always surviving LO misdrevous shadow ball, LO abra signal beam after SR, etc. On the other hand, most of the time berry juice is better. I think evo ston deserves a mention as Wynaut is nearly unkillable with it.
Why are you staying in on Misdreavus Shadow Ball, Abra's Signal Beam (which you survive either way, actually) and such? Wouldn't it make much much much more sense to use Wynaut in it's unique niche and not try to be a wall? Use Slowpoke if you want a Psychic / Fighting resist.

They compete in 1 aspect: Providing a free turn to a sweeper. Wynaut is better at that, but Monmen can also do othe rthings. That's all I meant.
Monmen isn't providing a free turn to a sweeper....when you Encore, they can switch out. Wynaut doesn't give them that option, they need to stay in and even get Tickled by Wynaut. This always provides a free turn. It also removes many Choice Scarfers.
Gothin or gochim or whatever it's called may have the -same- niche as Wynaut, providing we allow DW abilities/it's DW ability is released.

I think a set of Tickle/Safeguard/Destiny Bond/Encore deserves a mention. Using Evolution stone nearly guarantees it won't be OHKOd and then you can decide to either continue tickling, encore or Destiny Bond.
Custap Destiny Bond deserves a mention. It can either get one more kill, or it can switch out, and come in later on a set up move and Encore it.

Put that in OC, and I'll stamp it.
Bump. I added a Custap Set and then realized you asked for an OC mention. Still, I think it may as well have a set considering it is perfectly viable.
If I'm not mistaken, Custap Berry is currently unavailable in Black and White. You may notice that Wobbuffet's OU analysis has Custap/DBond relegated to the "Dream World" section for that reason.


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The first set name is lame. It's just copying the wobbufet one. Call it "Wyaunt?" or something like that. (Or "Moo is cool")

As for the second set, "Custap Bond"? And why is Encore higher up than Counter? its the same as Mirror Coat so Encore should last imo
Shouldn't we be aiming for Wynaut to take the most damage possible with Counter and Mirror Coat as it does double damage taken? IMO Eviolite(Evolution Stone) should be slashed in the second slot and maybe an Oran Berry first allowing the full potential of C+MC and giving access to healing.
Oran Berry is the first option already.

I made a couple updates like Evolite's name, the Custap mention in DW, and some grammer. I think its ready now.
More Speed EVs could be invested to run certain walls, allowing Wynaut to get the Encore on them.

Assuming neural nature:

0 EVs = 8 Speed
12 EVs = 9 Speed
92 EVs = 10 Speed
172 EVs = 11 Speed
252 EVs = 12 Speed

Add an EV spread in Additional Comments that can be used. I'll leave that spread up to you, but it should be able to outspeed some common walls who would usually outspeed Wynaut otherwise.

Let me know when you are done, so I can stamp this.


i want it...
Do what SA said, I guess. I personally wouldnt run it, especially at the expense of defensive investment. If you do decide to put it in, stress something along those lines. Otherwise, this is good.