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X5Dragon Sets yOUr Pritorities Straight

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by X5Dragon, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. X5Dragon


    Jun 12, 2011

    "You may have speed and choices but my priorities come first"





    Hey there smogonites! It's been a while since I made something new (*coughanotherversionofmyteamcough*) but the changes that happened recently forced me to do something about it if I were to continue competitively in this metagame.

    The release of semi-perfect scouts (Genesect), speed base 120+ (Tornadus-T) and abilities such as Imposter made the whole concept of setting up and forgoing hazards a whole lot harder since the opponent is basically outspeed you with everything and let's not even talk about him having priorities and hazards/stally weather as well. I found it hard in the beginning to let go of my Weatherless HO roots and embrace shenanigans such as choice items and walls, but with a help of a few more DW releases and tutor moves, I found myself a perfect balance and something that I can play with, priorities. I can punish them for switching so often by having SR on their field and with the right moves I can finish them off one by one while also having time to set up when appropriate.

    This team of mine would not have been posted if I didn't deem it worthy or viable enough but after defeating a couple of top 10 PO users and going toe to toe with others, not to mention breaking into the top 100 after my latest adjustments, I present to you the most successful Priority team as of now.


    The Support Crew:

    Infernape @ Focus Sash
    Naive (-SpD, +Speed)
    Iron Fist (Powers up punching moves by 20%)
    252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 SpA

    (Copyright Endless Whispers)

    [​IMG] Overheat
    [​IMG] Stealth Rock
    [​IMG] Close Combat
    [​IMG] Thunder Punch

    As the first half of the support crew and also bluffing a priority of his own, this dude has one job and one job only, throw rocks at the other side and keep them there. Going mixed is a smart move considering how you want to make sure that Forretress doesn't push it luck against you and the choice of Thunderpunch was because of the Starmie and Tentacruel switch ins as well as the enemy turning into Xatu for help. Stone Edge and Earthquake were tested and considered but between wanting something to die so badly and actually hitting, along with Infernapes DW ability, I think Thunderpunch is the best compromise. The focus sash not only helps to make sure you get your chance, but to also finish off an enemy too preoccupied to try spin rocks or give them a farewell kiss before fainting.


    Starmie @ Leftovers
    Timid (-Atk, +Speed)
    Natural Cure (Removes status effect after switching out)
    252 SpA, 252 Speed, 4 HP


    [​IMG] Rapid Spin
    [​IMG] Thunderbolt
    [​IMG] Scald
    [​IMG] Psychic

    The other half and just as important, Starmie is here to make sure you don't get punished for switching in and your priorities lasting a lot less from LO recoil as well. Psychic is to make sure Gengar never tries to mess with you again, Scald for the sweet burn and stab, and Thunderbolt for other Starmies, Jellicents and general coverage. Leftovers so your opponent just doesn't spam SR with Ferrothorn and you die eventually from Iron Barbs or other shameless tactics they may use.


    The Priorities:

    Dragonite @ Lum Berry
    Adamant (-SpA, +Atk)
    Multiscale (If at full health, damaging moves are reduced by 50%)
    252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP


    [​IMG] Dragon Dance
    [​IMG] Outrage
    [​IMG] Extreme Speed
    [​IMG] Fire Punch

    Standard D-Nite doing his thing, setting up and Outraging your opponent to pieces. MS is outstanding as it is, giving you setting up opportunities even against non stab Ice Beams, and what separates him from the other Dragons is his Extreme Speed. Great for punching holes or cleaning up late game, couldn't have imagined this team without him. I see my partnership with him lasting for a very long time. Heck at 15+ years we should make a julibee or something :)


    Breloom @ Lum Berry
    Adamant (-SpA, +Atl)
    Technician (Powers up low base moves by 50%)
    252 Atk, 124 Speed, 132 HP

    (Copyright SailorClef)

    [​IMG] Spore
    [​IMG] Bullet Seed
    [​IMG] Sword Dance
    [​IMG] Mach Punch

    OK I first helped in making the Toxic Orb, Jolly SD loom popular with my previous RMT and know it even makes much more sense, but my focus has changed here and I went from concentrating on my Grass stab to my Fighting priority and abusing Technician instead. So what is this ev spread? Basically max attack, good enough to take super effective, non stab moves like Politoed's Ice Beam and live to spore about it, and just enough speed EVs to outspeed common sense such as Blissey, Bros, Amoonguses and even the occasional Cresselias. Keep this fellow around if you see your foe massively exposed to a fighting priority after removing a pokemon or two from his side. As slow as this dude is, and with pranksters around, the lum is necessary and I find having an LO makes him a one shot pokemon and as Sonic says, that's noooo good.


    Scizor @ Life Orb
    Jolly (-SpA, +Speed)
    Technician (Powers up low base moves by 50%)
    252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

    (Copyright siv is back)

    [​IMG] Sword Dance
    [​IMG] Bug Bite
    [​IMG] Superpower
    [​IMG] Bullet Punch

    Why so Jolly? Because you people keep on sending Magnezones, that's why. Also with Technician and LO, and the fact even with Adamant he can't achieve OHKO status on frail sweepers with just +1, being Jolly is good. Scizor after SD is a wild animal and isn't afraid to even do outrageous stuff like shaving half the health of Jellicents and Tentacruels after setting up. Bullet Punch is an awesome stab, capable of taking down entire teams late game without getting touched. Superpower for taking down opposing Scizors, Ferrothorns or even smashing through resists and defensive walls like Skarmory.


    Mamoswine @ Life Orb
    Jolly (-SpA, +Speed)
    Thick Fat (Lowers the damage of Fire and Ice moves)
    252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

    (Copyright of niawolf)

    [​IMG] Ice Shard
    [​IMG] Icicle Spear
    [​IMG] Stone Edge
    [​IMG] Earthquake

    Finally the Dragon/Genie/LulwutGrass Slayer. If you don't have an ice priority then your gonna be in trouble facing the massive threats of OU. I tried at the begining an Endevaour set and while it was fun, it didn't power up my Ice Shard with focus sash or give me a chance to pack another Ice move against SubGliscor and MS Nite. LO is for making up for the speedy nature because I want to outspeed Breloom and other neutral speed based mons.


    Thanks for reading, as always any suggestions are welcomed, I will continue to ladder until I peak somewhere this team deserves to be so let's see what happens :)
  2. DEMo_Gorgon47


    Mar 27, 2011
    I love the idea behind this team, great job man. This is something i've been trying to do for awhile now. But looking at the team, it seems to me it is weak to sun teams, especially those packing Volcarona. If Volcarona were able to get a boost it could "outspeed" all your pokemon, and easily KO four of your six pokemon. Infernape too, would be easily beaten due to its fragility. After that it is only a matter of your foe playing around Dragonite.

    So to solve this, replace Infernape with Heatran. Heatran functions to a similar role, doesnt have the fraility of Infernape, gives you another Dragon resist, and is a hard check to Sun Teams.

    Set (open)

    Heatran @ Air Balloon
    Modest Nature
    EVs: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP
    -Fire Blast
    -Earth Power
    -HP Ice
    -Stealth Rock

    Once again, I love this team, and I think adding Heatran would help it be even better Great job man, keep up the good work!!!
  3. X5Dragon


    Jun 12, 2011
    Hey guys thanks for the luvdiscs and your comments Demo. Yeah I agree Sun Teams are getting on my nerves and my honeymoon/love affair with Infernape is pretty much over.

    I might keep the attacking core intact but the support needs to keep up with me. I was thinking how a Taunt user would rock my world, so for now I'll try Heatran and see how it goes as a SR setter.

    Another option is just to reset my Starmie set to the RainSpin list I have been using for ages now, Sun teams are the frailest once you take their weather down.

    More suggestions appreciated!
  4. Motagua

    Motagua El Ciclón Azul

    Mar 14, 2009
    Damn it brooooo!! It´s been a long time I havent seen you for a while! Really amazing team, I should say I plan to work an RMT based on a old team similiar with priority abuse, but yours is fantastic as well :). The combination of Dragonite + Mamoswine + Breloom + Scizor is overkill pal and you´re destroying people like a boss. That´s the shit ;). My only suggestion would be using a CB Dragonite over DD. Skarmory sounds like a troll for this team as it stops your Scizor, Dragonite or Breloom sweep coldly. Choice Band has the power to dispatch and 2HKO that thing with a strong Fire Punch on the face and pretty much pressures Skarmory from repeatedly switching in as with that big chunk of health taken, it will surely not survive a +2 Superpower from Scizor or a +2 Mach Punch. For the last moveslot, since Rain teams are common, Waterfall fits over Dragon Dance as it can still achieve the same 2HKO on Rain while Superpower destroys Ferrothorn because Earthquake is too mainstream. That´s all pal, so I hope this helps you out bro and keep wrecking them all in ladder :).
  5. Shurtugal

    Shurtugal The Enterpriser.

    Jun 25, 2011
    I would replace Ape for Dual Screen Azelf, which is nice for Dragonite to set up and sweep with. Explosion / Light Screen / Reflect / Stealth Rock would be the moves, timid / jolly w/ light clay. It would also help against offense, if only for a bit.

    Luvdisc'ed bro :)
  6. bubbly


    Dec 4, 2009
    Hey, nice if kinda standard offense team. Sun could be troublesome if they carry a hard stop to DNite such as Cressy or Mamoswine. The only real issue I can see is Latias, and to a lesser extent Latios. CM Latias with HP Fire really steamrolls this team if you ever lose momentum; you have three strong priorities to wear it down with but any good player can work around that. Latios is, obviously, similar, but more susceptible to your priority. On the other hand it's almost guaranteed to be using HP Fire (on non-Rain teams).

    The simplest fix is just to run Scarf Genesect > your Scizor. You lose some offensive power, but you get a reliable revenge killer for the random anti-meta threats people are bringing in which aren't weak to Mach Punch or Ice Shard. Outspeed the Lati's, get Attack boost from Download, U-turn etc etc. Also, the usual Genesect counters (Heatran, Chansey, Gastrodon, SpDef Hippo, Ferro in Rain) are all setup fodder for at least one of your offensive mons so that's all good.

    I think that's everything. Be careful of Gyarados, it's usage is going up (probably because it's been on my last 50 teams or something) and it walls or checks everything on your team bar Starmie (although Genesect would help against that too). Cool team, good luck :)
  7. X5Dragon


    Jun 12, 2011
    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Hey man how's it going? It's good to be back. Priorities are always attractive and a scary prospect for the opponent, but because we are missing a few types at this gen and most of them are physical it's hard to make it competitive but we'll see :)

    As you suggested something needs to be banded in case I don't have the opp to set up, and seeing how Dragonite function as my wall break I'll give CB a shot! I like Fire pwnch even with the abuse of rain because it removes Scizor and Ferro reliability after a DD and rock damage.

    Much appreciated that you stopped by! A need a good lead as a replacement for Infernape so I will be testing suggestions such as Hetran and your Azelf set, thanks!

    Thanks for the detailed critique, I agree that sun has become quite a problem which I didn't experience before. I am now reverting back to Rainspin Starmie for starters as well as looking for a speedy lead.

    Scizor is too important for this team to forgo, and since this team has no reliable walls to switch into I can't use Genesect either. I'll take your threat list into account when I test new mons in the team, thanks!

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