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Introduction to the UnderUsed Hub

Welcome to the UnderUsed Hub—your one stop shop for everything you need to know about the metagame and community surrounding Smogon's best tier. Most of the Pokemon in UU are widely recongnized as strong, just not quite strong enough to make it into OU. This creates a very balanced environment where almost any strategy and playstyle is viable, making UU an extremely fun and diverse tier. To the left of this page you'll find links to various places, including other sections of the hub, analyses of UU Pokemon, and our very own forum. If you look below, you'll find the latest news regarding UnderUsed; this will help you keep up with things such as mini-tournaments and other ongoing events. If you're looking to talk about UnderUsed, then you're welcome to join the community by posting in the forums or come talk to use at #genvuu on SynIRC. Learn more about IRC here.

Latest News

Ghosts N Stuff

Posted by Ace Emerald

In case anyone has been living under a rock these past few months, UU is winding down as the fifth generation draws to a close. The last tier shift of the generation was a huge (if predictable) disappointment; nothing new fell from OU. Now all that remains is to fully iron out the tier and test some remaining suspects. After some debate, it was decided that Froslass would be the first one on the chopping block due to her ability to provide easy Spikes support at very little cost to the user. To discuss this spectral suspect and her effect on the metagame, you can post in the new megathread, np: UU Stage 13 - Ghosts N Stuff. If you want to vote on its UU status, the Identification thread has requirements and instructions outlining the process. Her fate is in your hands, happy testing!

A Beautiful Lie

Posted by Ace Emerald

With the release of March's usage statistics, the tiers completed the three month benchmark and shifted. Due to trends set by January and February, many players expected terrifying new drops in Haxorus and Reuniclus, but thankfully the tier was spared for at least another three months. While nothing dropped into the tier, Nidoqueen finally got the respect many felt it deserved and moved up from RU. To further discuss the UU tier as it is now, you can head over to the new mega thread, np: UU Stage 12 - A Beautiful Lie. In other news, the UnderUsed Premier League kicked off this week. The multi-generation tournament brought many old and well known players to play the UU tier in a standard team tournament. Good luck to all players!

Tournament Updates and the Chandelure Suspect Test

Posted by Ace Emerald

In the past month UU has seen many tournaments. The second Mafia Challenge ended with no user triumphing against the elite UU players, and user Ernesto defeated both kd24 and DestinyUnknown to win the 5th UU Minitour. With Minitour 5 over, RT. has opened sign ups for the 6th Minitour. Hurry over if you'd like a spot! In addition to the various community tournaments, the UU Senate has suspected Chandelure. The Suspect Thread is open for discussion, and in a few weeks, the expanded UU Senate will vote on its fate. Happy testing!

A Quickban and a New Project

Posted by Ace Emerald

Because the important Smogon Premier League requires a balanced metagame for vital matches to be fair, Chansey has been temporarily quickbanned from UU. This is only to ensure fair tournament matches, and while she is banned for now, she will return for a proper test later. A brand new community project has opened! Lead by user fatty, The Next Best Thing explores the other options popular Pokemon have in attempt to create new standard sets. Get out there and start testing!