A Letter From Gen VI Smogon to Gen V Smogon

By Codraroll. Art by Rocket Grunt.
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November 5, 2015

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Dear Smogon of 30-something months ago,

Crazy kid by Rocket Grunt

If our datamancers have done their job correctly, you will be reading this in February 2013, just as the fifth generation of Pokémon is coming to an end and the sixth one is dawning upon you. You're probably all pretty excited about the upcoming Pokémon X and Y versions. Oh my, are you guys going to be shocked! For reasons I can't fully disclose with you, I'm sitting on a lot of information about Gen VI and its influence on the competitive scene. I'm going to share it with you fifth-genners, as the news from Game Freak has been very sparse since the announcement of X and Y. I was very bored myself back then, so I figured I'd make the waiting time more interesting for you guys. And, just to get that out of the way, I'm not making any of this up! Everything I'm about to tell you is true! I'm not looking for attention or trolling or anything. No, sir, these are all very credible facts about Gen VI that you will learn to be true before long:

First of all, Mewtwo will get an evolution this generation. It will have a base Special Attack stat of more than 190 and a BST of 780. It will be called Mega Mewtwo.

No, wait—it will actually get two evolutions, one focusing on Special Attack and the other on Attack. The second one will have base 190 Attack and be part Fighting.

Charizard will evolve too—into Mega Charizard, which is part Dragon and one of the best Pokémon in OU. It will also get a second evolution, which is equally good, but in a different way. Charizard and Mewtwo will be the only Pokémon to have two new evolutions. One of the evolutions will use super-strong physical attacks, while the other will use even stronger special ones, and they're made much more dangerous because you can't tell the evolutions apart in Team Preview.

I don't have much to tell you about the new Pokémon in Gen VI, but I can reveal some interesting facts: The starters will be Psychic, Dark, and Fighting when they are fully evolved. Also, there will be a Ghost / Steel Pok√©mon based on a sword, that has base 150 Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense. It will be Uber.

Speaking of Ghost-types, they will never release Shadow Tag Chandelure. Game Freak agrees with my analysis that it would be too OP with it, so they will change its hidden ability to something crap before they release it in Gen. VI. As such, Chandelure with its hidden ability will be totally forgettable in every relevant format. We won't see its ugly face in any tier. However, Gengar's new evolution, which will be Uber, will have Shadow Tag.

In Gen V, somehow Politoed came in and ruined everything with its stupid new ability. Everybody used it and adored it, and it was everywhere and made me lose many battles to stupid hax. Nobody likes Politoed in Gen VI; it was never cool and people will finally understand that when X and Y come out. There will be a new tier below NU. And then somebody will create another tier below that one again. They will call it FU, and that's where you'll find Politoed! And it won't even be top-tier there! Just stop using it already—it will soon be considered so crappy and uncool that everybody will regret ever liking it. Some of us understood that the whole time, by the way.

Also, weather wars will become a lot less common. People will finally understand how uncompetitive it is to keep shutting down my weather, so weather will be utilized a lot less. Except for sun, of course, so Charizard can use Solar Beam more effectively.

Some of my favorite Pokémon that everybody says are crappy will be very good in Gen VI. Mawile will be so good that they'll ban it to Ubers, as will Kangaskhan, which gets an evolution where the Kanga-kid grows big so that Kangaskhan can attack twice in one turn. No other Pokémon will be able to do this. Also, Altaria will become the second best Dragon in OU, being only marginally worse than Garchomp. Altaria will beat Garchomp one-on-one most of the time, though, so my two favorite Dragons will be almost even.

Yes, Garchomp will come back to OU and be one of the best Pokémon there once again. It will have almost no counters, apart from Clefable, which gets a new typing that makes it immune to Dragon-type attacks. Garchomp will get an evolution too, but it will be worse than regular Garchomp, so nobody will use it. Garchomp is perfect as it is already. But Clefable is better.

Beedrill will get a new evolution too, which has 150 Attack and Adaptability. It will then cement its status as the best early-game Bug-type. My second-favorite Bug-type, Scolipede, will be nearly as good, though, as Game Freak will amend their mistake from Gen. V and change its hidden ability. When you transfer a Quick Feet Scolipede from Gen V to Gen VI, it will get Speed Boost instead.

Ever since I first caught Pinsir in Pokémon Blue, I've known that Game Freak did it injustice and it is a lot better than people say it is. Pinsir will be one of the staple offensive Pokémon of generation six, breaking walls with Return and strong priority in Quick Attack. In earlier generations, Pinsir has been unfairly overshadowed by Heracross, which is basically a clone of Pinsir. In Gen VI, Pinsir will finally prove its superiority to Heracross, usually defeating it with a single move whenever the two meet in battle. Heracross will remain a decent battler, but worse than Pinsir, and whenever it shows up people will laugh at its silly design.

Some of my other favorites won't change that much, luckily, as they're very cool already, and I can't think of a way they could be changed for the better. They will be just as awesome as they are currently, but the metagame will change around them, so they will be even more useful. A good example is Hippowdon. It will be useful to counter some of the strongest Pokémon in OU, such as Bisharp, Lopunny, and Metagross. It's also good against less dominant threats such as Thundurus, Jirachi, and Excadrill. Keldeo will remain just as cool and good as it is in Gen V, but it needs to run Hidden Power Flying so that it can hit Venusaur. And Shuckle will become so broken on hyper offense teams that it will be banned halfway to Ubers.

Anyway, it's time to talk about Legendary Pokémon. My favorite Legendary trio, the Weather trio from Hoenn, will be much better in Gen VI. Kyogre will get an upgrade, with more glowing tattoos and whatnot (it looks really cool, but I can't show you the design). Kyogre won't dominate Ubers any more, though, as it's hard countered by Groudon's new Fire / Ground evolution. With its new evolution, Groudon will become the most popular, viable, and awesome Pokémon in Ubers. Rayquaza will also evolve, and it will be so good it will be banned from Ubers. Smogon will have to make a new tier only for Rayquaza's evolution.

Yes, you will be able to visit Hoenn. There, you will go to the Mossdeep Space Center and then go to space to catch Deoxys. You will not use a rocket, but instead ride on the back of Rayquaza's new evolution.

As we all know, Baton Pass is too hard to play around but too cool to ban completely. Smogon will address this in Gen VI by removing broken stuff while leaving the cool Baton Passers be. Bans are made so that you can play without having to worry about Ninjask or Gorebyss ruining your day, though you can still make Baton Pass teams with Gliscor and Espeon.

You probably wonder what other moves people will use in Gen VI. Arguably, the two moves that will have the biggest impact on the metagame are Knock Off and Defog. Gen VI will have so much swag that Swagger will be banned (this is because Liepard turns out to be broken with it). And Flareon will finally get Flare Blitz. It will still be crappy, of course, but at least people will shut up about it.

Again, I'm not making any of this up. I know, because in Gen VI, I will become a mod at Smogon.

  • Sincerely,
  • Codraroll
  • Cobra D. Roll
  • Future Orange Islands Moderator
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