Create-A-Pokémon Pokémon Showdown! Server

  1. Introduction
  2. Server Staff


The Create-A-Pokémon project has customized the Pokémon Showdown! battle simulator to implement all of the Pokémon created by the project. The primary purpose is for playtesting CAP Pokémon in their respective metagame, but it is used for regular Pokémon battles as well. During the off season when the project is not playtesting a new Pokémon, other ladders are populated by the server's users that you can participate in for fun. If you cannot connect to the server, see the Pokémon Showdown! website for assistance.

Server Staff

The Pokemon Showdown! staff are those dedicated individuals who moderate our servers at all times of the day. They are tasked with keeping people civil, removing those users who make everyone's life miserable, and being generally helpful and respectable individuals. If you should run into one of our server staff on the server, treat that user with respect and you'll find that they'll do the same to you. Do not break the rules, however, lest you force these staff members to dispense indiscriminate justice upon your mortal soul with the full extent of their power.

You'll notice that there are a plethora of staff members on Pokémon Showdown!. However, not all of these staff members visit the Create-A-Pokémon Project on a regular basis. This is because Pokémon Showdown! recruits its own staff members; CAP battlers are required to respect their authority and decisions. There are many CAP community members who compose the Pokémon Showdown! staff, however. They are indicated in the below section by order of their rank. Feel free to ask any of your CAP specific questions to these staff members.