Create-A-Pokémon Project

"The Create-A-Pokémon project is a community dedicated to exploring and understanding the competitive Pokémon metagame by designing, creating, and playtesting new Pokémon concepts."

If you are new to the CAP Project, please read this before proceeding any further:
Welcome to Create-A-Pokémon: A Guide for Newcomers

Online Pokédex of all the Pokémon created in the CAP project to date.
Detailed descriptions of every step of the process for creating Pokémon.
Community forum where we create Pokémon and discuss the project.
Reference information and guides on a variety of topics related to the project.
Battle Server
Information about Pokemon Showdown!, where all CAP creations can be used in real battles.
Art designs from past CAP projects and other contributions from the amazing CAP artists!