Create-A-Pokémon Leadership Team

The Create-A-Pokémon Project is a large community project, with many facets. Each aspect of the project has leaders responsible for organization and governance.

Head of the CAP Project

This is the top CAP leadership position, and all aspects of the CAP Project ultimately fall under this person's authority.

NOTE: DougJustDoug is also the owner and head programmer of the Create-A-Pokémon Battle Server, and the head programmer for the Create-A-Pokémon website. These duties are not necessarily tied to his role as head of the project, but it certainly helps to get things done!

CAP Forum Moderators

Forum moderators are the active managers of most day-to-day activities on the CAP project. In addition to traditional forum moderation duties, they also make rules interpretations, post voting threads, resolve project disputes, and approve policy reviews.