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  • +50 to your usual delay is just to give you some extra time so you don't have to button smash to get into the game. Wanted seconds is whatever you want it to be. If you play around with pikatimer's wanted seconds, you'll discover that you can raise and lower the first timer. Whatever wanted seconds you eventually choose, it must match in RNG Reporter. I wrote that guide for noobs, so I said to use the same wanted seconds as the calibrated seconds. You can follow the guide exactly if it's easier on your head, but later you can mess around with pikatimer as you get more experience doing RNG.
    Well, the EV training is intended to make sure the EVs are complete on a pokemon, right? Rare candies simply raise the level after that. The stats rise based on the pokemon type and the EVs placed on the stats.
    Well, it depends on what's more convenient for you. If you have a load of rare candies, that's easier. But if not, using the E4 will also work.
    It's relatively easy for me. Breeds take about 30 minutes to an hour total time, unless I have really bad luck. Captures are faster, (about 15 minutes) but I do less of them due to not having that many good spreads and lots of Pokémon needing egg moves. I've heard HGSS is much easier than DPPt, but I've never done DPPt RNG.
    HGSS. There are more options for advancing frames in HGSS while also confirming the frame you are on and there is only one NPC in the breeding area.
    There are other NPCs south of the cowgirls that also move, unfortunately. You have to try again. Also, 9 is a rather high egg frame. How many times did you calibrate and get that egg frame? Most of the egg frames that worked for me on DPPt were always in the range of four and five, most often four. When I calibrated egg frames, I often had to do it four times before I could be sure I had a good save.
    No problem. I seem to have written on my own wall in my rush last time. Sorry about that. My kids just left on the bus. Anyhow, hope the ditto helps you. Do you already have your SID?
    All right, well you may not be on line any longer, so I'll try to check in between around 7 PM EST. My time in the evening is 7 to 8. I won't stay on very long at 8 because it's cutting into time meant for my children, so unless you get on the wifi really quickly, giving you the ditto at that time is not going to work for me. If I don't respond near 8, it's because I'm no longer available. So you may want to try to get on line earlier.
    Hi. Do you have a few minutes right now for getting the ditto? And I mean right now. I have to go make lunch for my kids not long from now.
    Yes, it's possible to trade between HGSS and DPPt. The loveball, however, will become a pokeball in DPPt. Any pokemon you give me will be released after the trade. So don't bring any special pokemon for this trade. Just bring a junk pokemon to trade for the ditto. It's a free ditto.

    Ok, so check to see if I'm on tonight around 7. Right now, I'm getting my kids ready for school.
    Sure you can have the ditto, however this weekend is very bad for me to do any distributing. I have relatives over and very little time for gaming or the computer. If you're on line at all in the evening Monday to Thursday (between 7 and 8 PM EST) let me know.
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