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  • Im off tomarrow so I am online all day until 5:00 and then again from like 9:00 on

    I am est, and these are in my times.
    We have to battle for the type restriction tournament, I know you haven't built your team yet but what times are you usually available.
    Hey, we still need to get our match for the uu themed tournament done. I'm free for the majority of the next two days, just tell me when :)
    Oh, well alright. I'm all for getting the match done as I'd prefer to not win by activity. I'll talk to Justinawe to see what he says. If he gives us the chance, do you want to play around the time I posted earlier, just tomorrow?
    hey can you be on at 11 am/ 8pm (for you) so we can get this done. a little later is cool too, but no guarantee ill be up earlier. thanks
    hey we need to battle for type restriction some time. tell me when youre ready and well play. thanks and good luck
    We're suppose to battle for the tournement of thieves, Message me when you sent your team and Stone approved it.
    hey, I see your team is approved.

    I should be able to battle around 3:00(I think that is 9:00 for you) for today->friday. If you can't then we'll figure something out this weekend I guess.
    I'm leaving for a week on Saturday, so hopefully we can get this done tonight or tomorrow.

    I'm in EST, which is GMT-5 I think. If you can battle any time from when I posted this for the next few hours that would be great; if not then I guess we'll work something out! Hopefully we do get this done this weekend.
    Ok I'm GMT+13, so anything in the morning my time I can't do. Weekend sounds good to me, how about Saturday 10pm my time?
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