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  • I'm back, mofos. Not yet, but very soon.

    For my old pals out there who still hang out on Smogon, it has been a long time, long enough that I don't even remember what made me disinterested in 'mons in the first place. I might start battling again soon, but not for a while, because I know shit about G5.

    I'm a high school senior now, planning on attending Penn State Schreyer next year, possibly majoring in engineering or chemistry (though sports journalism continues to interest me). I don't necessarily remember all of you, though I look forward to reacquainting myself in the coming weeks.

    It's good to be back.
    I'm pretty much retired from Pokémon in general, so expect to see me hanging around the community occasionally, but no more than that. -AP
    Back at last, decided to break from competitive for a while. Expect to see me (hopefully) get back into UU soon.
    Hmm, it can be that 14.00 your time is a little too early for me, because I have to work today. Can you do it 16.00 your time?
    And what timezone do you live? And do you mean 2.00 - 4.00 or 14.00 - 16.00?
    Hi, we still need to do our battle for the Random Tournament, so when can you?
    Hmm.... About anytime is fine. What time zone are you in? I am in USA central time. To arbitrarily decide a time, how about tomorrow, Monday Jan 18th at 9pm USA central time?
    If not, you can propose one and it'll probably be fine for me.
    Yeah gg, i think that maybe the hax was what made the game fun.

    P.S don't worry baout not having the log, i saved it and i don't think you'll need it because we both agrred on what happened
    erm... i'm gonna be offline for the next 20 mins or so because it's tea time.
    Hopefully we can play after that
    right, i am on what you said you'd try to get on.
    I should be on for a while, so hopefully we can battle in a little bit.
    Aslo i won't be able to do 4pm your time as it is past when my parent's say my laptop has to be turned off, and they say there is no exceptions.
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