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  • You can't divide by 68. If you add up all the usages of OU's monthly stats, it only goes up to 6 (600%), bcause the team size in OU is 6.
    Hey since the Trick Room group isn't up yet I made a substitute until the group is back up on Smogon. Hop onto irc.mibbit.net I have a channel called #TrickRoom. I'll give mod
    Well its seems Smogon is back, so do you want to continue where we left off?
    I just posted an RMT for a team I made while it was down, but yes I would like to pick back up! You should check out the RMT.
    Alright, PM me a rough draft of a team and I'll send you mind and then we can collaborate.
    Thats stupid. Its probably because they don't Trick Room is a valuable tactic to use.
    Sorry, was busy. I'm trying him out now. Got a spread in mind? Currently using:
    Exeggutor @ Chesto Berry
    252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
    Leaf Storm
    Sleep Powder
    Leech Seed
    Yo! I think I might have to give up on UU TR. I've won lot's of games and had tons of good ones, but I was always screwed over by opposing slowbro and the only two grass types, Roserade and Shaymin were way too fast to work into the team.
    Hey Absolete, I'd love to help with your team! You can PM me the team so far, or we could meet up on po1/2/ps and work on it there, just tell me the details :)
    alright, exuggutor has to go, IMO. It's great that you're trying to use it, but it's quite useless outside of Sun, and it's not like Kingdra, where you can use it to counter Rain- because Sun itself isn't very common. I suggest you try something like Celebi. I have a very good set, though I'm not very sure how it works in TR. I have some time now, so I'll test out the team and see how it is. ^^
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