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  • i don't need anything more.
    so no rights sorry.
    mattjs pls.
    so nape and nite for shaymin right ?
    hm if ive undestood right, i can have 6 pokemon ?
    i only need nape and nite sry.
    i can give you the shaymin but without rights.
    well, i give you the clones back.
    can you trade now ?
    None of these are hacks though are they. DOnt think i saw anything in ur thread.
    Well i have urs if u want me to advertise ur poke's for u, seeing as how ur doing all this for me.
    U mean the one who got it from me? Yeah im pretty sure i no all the redi rules from bowsing other peoples threads. No redi means no redi. Semi means i can, but whoever gets it off me cannot, and fully means everyone who has it can redi.
    K, cool. So for another 4 credits could i get the Shiny Machamp, Shiny Infernape, The Latios and the Shiny Skarmory?
    So i can pick 6 more? Also how does the credit system work, we both keep a note of them, and you look at my thread as i update, and if you want something you can have it?
    Ok. Anyroad, back to original Q, what is the actual process with cloning? DO i need to do anything, and is it something i can do afterwards (as in, i dont need an AR or anything do i?)
    Oh ok about the thread bit. Also not a casual trader, but bro defo is and i was just saying these will help his dex when he gets home.
    Cool thanks a lot. I wont be redistrubiting anyway, althought mught send to my bro's pokedex when he comes back from uni. Whats the method with cloning then? Anything i have to do on my end?
    Oh. Thought it would be loads of credits for just the Electrivire! (thats how new i am!) Ok then, if its possible can i get clones of the Shiny Electrivire, Shiny Machamp, Latias, Jirachi and Shiny Spiritomb; or am i being greedy now?
    Credit for a clone of the shiny electrivire then? I dont know how to clone btw.
    Hey thanks for the offer. And criticism. Thread is totally jumbled at the moe, but im pretty new, so am unsure of layouts etc. If its alright with you, and still possible, could i get that shiny blastoise (to clone with you) for credits? Or something u eant on my thread?
    Good thing for you :)
    I would like to have my cresselia now :D.
    And by the way, is it that easy to use rng for legends?

    *going online*-- just tell me when you're going online too.
    My AR is showing that Doki Doki was 255 and not 252 - same with the Rayquaza. I forget which, but one of them was 255 and 251 - with the other 4 in something like hp :/

    *Shrugs* it's going to be a hassle to retrain them.
    Erm...the EVs you listed for Doki Doki and Rayquaza are incorrect. Only the Dragonite has the correct EV spread.
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