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  1. The Pokemon Villa - A Joint Trade Thread

    Hi Christian, please CMT for this: (ID - CHRIS 35338) (♂) Nature: Jolly Ability: Vital Spirit Individual Values: 31/31/31/x/31/31 UT
  2. Kingdra (Yawn + Dragon Dance)

    Kingdra has access to an incredibly frustrating move to deal with that can phase or sleep an opponent; Yawn. Yawn is only really mentioned in one of the analysis that Kingdra currently has. I'm not entirely sure if this merits its own set, but as Kingdra has only one weakness, Kingdra's Yawn can...
  3. Struggling to The Very End [OU Warstory]

    Thanks for the comments and criticism, everybody, and sorry for the late editing-in of Jaysel's comments! Writing this warstory and reading over the battle logs have given both myself and Jaysel some perspective on how to deal with threats in the future.
  4. Struggling to The Very End [OU Warstory]

    [Struggling to The Very End] Jaysel vs. acid_paradox (or) jaysel24 vs. haunt Hello everybody, and welcome to mine (acid_paradox) and Jaysel's very first warstory. Whilst lurking around the forums, I've seen several Warstories hither and thither and always wanted to write one. I was...
  5. KarlMee1234's Trade Thread (Taking a break from Pokemon for a while)

    You can use the credit on the Shaymin if you'd like. In response to your CMT, I really like the looks of this: Shiny Zangoose Pokeball(s) avaible in: Nature: Adamant Female IVS: 31/31/31/7/31/31 EVS: None Moveset: Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Slash Hidden Power...
  6. Politoed (Perish Trapper)

    Politoed's bulk isn't bad, just not as good as Lapras'. Politoed also has better typing than Lapras, and doesn't get completely fucked by Fighting moves like Lapras does. Mismagius pretty much falls to any physical move with attack EV's invested. Fixed, and yes I was surprised too :s To reach...
  7. Politoed (Perish Trapper)

    Grip Claw will make Whirlpool last the full five turns. I changed the wording and mentioned to use Water Absorb, etc, etc. Thanks. I kind of slapped on the EV spread without putting too much thought into it. I ran some quick calcs and Defensive Milotic's HP Grass won't even 4HKO Politoed...
  8. Politoed (Perish Trapper) Status: Awaiting response from QC. name: Perish Trapper move 1: Perish Song move 2: Whirlpool move 3: Protect move 4: Toxic / Ice Beam item: Grip Claw / Leftovers nature: Bold EVs: 104 HP / 152 Def / 252 SpD Use Water Absorb because you can Protect...
  9. Make Love Not Warcraft - A (not so common) OU RMT

    Thanks I will change the wording around. Which slot should be replaced with Scarfed Starmie/Azelf, though? Flygon? I will do some playtesting. I see your point about Magnezone and Bulky DD Gyarados, and I will take that into consideration. If Magnezone were to be removed, what would replace it...
  10. Make Love Not Warcraft - A (not so common) OU RMT

    Does Anybody want to rate this? I've had a grand total of...two (?) in-depth ratings on this team and would like some more detailed feedback.
  11. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Thank you
  12. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    It's been a while since I've done a breed... If my target spread for IV's is on frame 6 for example, do I advance to frame 5 and talk to the daycare man, or just go straight to frame 6?
  13. Team Equate [NU RMT]

    I'm wondering why you're using Phione in the first place, she seems like a random addition to the team... I know I don't have much experience with NU, but I'm pretty sure that Rain Dance isn't very good for Entei's Flamethrower :S
  14. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 10 - Name Poll

    I voted for Voodoom because it just seems to fit CAP 11 the best out of all of the name choices. I know Voodoo + Doom doesn't incorporate so much the fighting aspect of CAP 11, but I feel like most of the submissions were trying to hard to incorporate both types into the name. I feel like...
  15. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (Mark 3)

    Well I'm pretty sure I'm connected to the internet if I'm asking for online help with Shoddy Battle. I'll do a virus check to see if that's what's causing the problem.