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  • For some reason I thought our Round 3 battle was already done <_< Sorry, when do you want to battle?
    do note that you have to finish up the distribution of Pokemon for SPL by next week. You should have most, if not all of your Pokemon. Send the team to me after you have received all of your Pokemon.
    What day is today?
    It's Addiethunder's birthday,
    What a day for a Birthday,
    Let's all have some cake.
    Caught up with your Nuzlocke challenge. Congratulations! It was a great read, and it's always awesome to see success stories. :)

    As for Pokerus - it's easy to get people here to swap throwaways with Pokerus to you if you need them. Unless you need it right away on your gen IV cart, I'd just start the Emerald challenge.
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