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  • Yo dude,
    We got paired up for OST round 2. My time zone is gmt +1, and i can play every day in thte afternoons / evenings + friday, saturday and sunday all day. Tell me what time suits you best. Good luck and have fun!!!
    Hey, we have to play for BW Seasonals R6. I’m GMT+1 and I’m available every night
    We are paired for the Round 2 of bw winter tour. Im Gmt +1, so you can find me often on stour these days from 3 pm to 8/9 pm. Tell me when!
    I will be of saturday and sunday
    Hi! When do you want to play for the RoA Room Championship fall playoffs? I will probably be available at any time from 11 am to 10 pm PST this week (except on Thursday)
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