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    The Legend of Korra (Spoilers ITT)

    More saddening than if whoever died in the blast is the fact that next week is the last week of Avatar ever :(((((((
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    Soft Resetting Guide Pokémon XY and ORAS!

    Oh, I wasn't aware of that imo a bit ridiculous lol, I only really care about competitive value, but I think it should still be noted for people who also don't care and just want to efficiently soft reset ASAP because it drastically cuts down the time spent on each reset.
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    Soft Resetting Guide Pokémon XY and ORAS!

    Which is why I used Rare Candies instead, much faster to check IVs and easier to get early game than using a bunch of vitamins/punching bags for each stat. There's a limit to how many punching bags you can store, takes a while to beat them up and you have to use vitamins for each stat.
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    Battle Spot in the OR/AS era - two metas, one generation! (UPDATE: ALL MEGA EVO STATS LEAKED!)

    Judging from the usage stats, Draco Meteor is increasingly more common than Fire Blast on MixMence in singles, presumably to hit Zapdos/enemy Mence/other would-be checks. Is anyone feeling safer running lots of Steels rather than niche checks like the above Mega Aggron? Lopunny at #12...
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    Soft Resetting Guide Pokémon XY and ORAS!

    Woops, my bad on the typo. I didn't like Speed Bags or vitamins all that much because you still need to check all stats and you'll need levels anyways to confirm IVs. Speed isn't the only stat that matters, I only mention it because you can't compromise on it like you can the other stats.
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    ORAS Experiences

    I found this on reddit, 4chan being the source its authenticity is questionable but I'm glad that I'm not alone in being seriously disappointed and bored with these games. If this is real, I am very concerned about the future of Pokemon especially since there was that Siliconera article recently...
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    Soft Resetting Guide Pokémon XY and ORAS!

    I got a 31/4-8/31/29/31/31 Latios in only a few short hours so I have some tips to share with SRing Lati@s, as it can prove to be obnoxious: 1. Latis are obtained before the IV checker guy, so Rare Candies are invaluable to confirm IVs. Rare Candies can be easily obtained early game by spending...
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    Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    Thanks for your ideas. At the moment I can't contribute to the former Good Cores idea because of lack of experience on the new ladder, but I like the latter. I think we got a request for doubles or rotation?
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    grats, you deserve it :)

    grats, you deserve it :)
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    Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    Hey guys, I've been occupied with other games lately but lmk if there's any special projects for the forum you guys would like to see (I know Singles Rankings needs an update, but besides that). I haven't been able to ladder in-game yet, but if there's anything you guys need I'm here for you :)
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    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    My point is that we're not taking just one person's word for it. It's confirmed what was already fairly established in the games canon and cleans up a lot of loose ends that didn't make sense. You really need to look at the big picture outside of ORAS and RSE because they do not exist in a...
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    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    I actually think it was a wonderful decision on the part of Gamefreak to make the idea of multiple universes canon. The main reason is that it's already well-established. The games and the manga were separate from the games, it's not a stretch to see the games separate from each other. It...
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    3v3 Hazard Discussion

    Better alternatives to Sticky Web (and also more reasons not to run it): 1. Thunder Wave - Better distribution and better effect, one turn of being fully paralyzed often decides games. Sticky Web is better against Manectric and Garchomp but the Sticky Web mons don't do well against them; Flying...
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    Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    Glad to hear you're trying it out! RE: Megamence: I think everyone is overpreparing for it, so it's natural to see a lot of its checks. Your team in general seems walled by Zapdos though, I would recommend Tyranitar over Breloom to help with that and it has good synergy with the rest of your...
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    Battle Spot feels so often like a cheese-fest.

    I posted a message on your profile. None of those Pokemon are allowed on ranked Battle Spot. I suggest you look at our resources before you form opinions based on the unrated/PSS Wi-Fi battles which are not Battle Spot. Also, discussing Smogon tiers on this subforum is not allowed. EDIT: Free...