Quote Dump :

Pokestep: ive lost way too many games on the lower ladder lol
Pokestep: its so unpredictable
Pokestep: like i was considering stabbing my brain with a fork just to play on that level

+IAmGingy: aj plz mute the idiot
%AjTheEpic: alright
IAmGingy was muted by AjTheEpic for 7 minutes.

Omegasization: sometimes being dumb pays off
Omegasization: I am the living example

Brock the asian: bird rabbit knights genies zards bp stall HO
Brock the asian: this meta

+Flan76: Are you Costa
+Flan76: @ Costa

daftmau5: Sub toxic aegi puts in more work than IAmGingy on a pole.
RainCakes: SS+gingy, best core in a tier only consising of fairies

pop098: im undefeated with this team
pop098: except for 1 loss
+Albacore: so you're not undefeated
pop098: i guess
+Albacore: lemme guess, you only had 2 matches w/ it?
pop098: 5

VEEK: how much speed on defensive lando?
%Arcanine is Regal: 8
VEEK: just 8? nah
%Arcanine is Regal: yeah
%Arcanine is Regal: for rotom-w
%Arcanine is Regal: thats it
VEEK: ill throw in 22
VEEK: lol

@TFL: albacore, plz me

Alkov: the only difference between hitler and aegi
Alkov: is that aegislash wipes out entirely
Alkov: hitler couldn't

+Dragonite VII: >tfw highlighted while ppl are talking about the actual mon
The DragonKnight: Dragonite VII, I get highlighted when people decide to spell Dragonite wrong, so a lot.
%Arcanine is Regal: yeah my screen goes yellow when there is talk of mawile counters

HeartHaxxor: lets call it JT
HeartHaxxor: for joke tier

ban the ghost man i got all sorts of randoms pming me saying gengar doesn't need to get banned

+Albacore: !ds wish, rock tyê
'rock tyê' could not be found in any of the search categories.
+jpw234: dude
+jpw234: you need to unfuck your keyboard

AjTheEgotistical: speak endlish
AjTheEgotistical: ensigl*
AjTheEgotistical: enligh*
AjTheEgotistical: english*

Nodly: Gyarados is broken
+Draeden: What is your reasoning?
Nodly: it swept me

+Draeden: I donate my money to fucking polar bears

TheLaughingCats: alba i dunt think
TheLaughingCats: azu checks x zard

%Sharpteeth: See, the thing is
%Sharpteeth: if people use hp grass zard x
%Sharpteeth: the hp grassness will go back in time
%Sharpteeth: and Terminate TFL before he makes that fucking team

%Chagrilled: keldeo's speed tier is too important to waste on a modest nature, even if it runs a scarf
all Kyogre now: chagrilled life's is too important to waste on a pokemon website

+IAmGingy: giz
+IAmGingy: id buy you a drink
+IAmGingy: but
+IAmGingy: id be jealous of the glass

+Gizmo $_$: While it is by no means a great Pokémon, lacking in power and durability, it is certainly useful and better than most of C- and D-ranked Pokémon and should go up imo.
T00N World: gizmo is by no means a great voice, lacking in power and durability, it is certaintly a useful voice, better then most D rank users

+Sinclair: why is normal immune to ghost
+daftmau5: normal people don't believe in ghosts

DrPepperIsLife: mega pedo just rolls off the tounge
DrPepperIsLife: and into your house to rape your children

@Albacore: i have only ever been muted by boTTT
@Albacore: for flooding
Albacore was muted by skylight for 7 minutes. (let's change that)

Sucker Lunch: BJ Azumarill so gud

+Montsegur: Zodiax
+Montsegur: do you even lift
@Zodiax: Yes
+Montsegur: really?
Montsegur was redirected to room Health & Fitness by Zodiax.

+Albacore: lol idk how i lost o.o
+Albacore: isn't skarm supposed to counter pinsir
Sucker Lunch: Sweeperella is no
Sucker Lunch: average pinsir
Sucker Lunch: he's gay
Sucker Lunch: and that gives him strength

is TFL a dancer: ive got a team
is TFL a dancer: with 2 metagrosses on it
is TFL a dancer: one is assault vest
+SeventyFive: darn
is TFL a dancer: the other is agility
is TFL a dancer: 2 metagrosses on one team
is TFL a dancer: smh joo
is TFL a dancer: im just goin through my teams
+SeventyFive: so you made an illegal team
is TFL a dancer: it would appear so rofl

TheAsianIsGamin: TIL U-turn switches through magnet pull
+IAmGingy: what does til mean
+IAmGingy: sigh
TheAsianIsGamin: today i learned
@Sharpteeth: Today I Learned TIL stands for Today I learned

+Albacore: i thought your fetish for pointy objects was a well-known fact by now
Adam Lambert: Albacore as much as I enjoy your pointy object, I don't like many other pointy objects

+Dread Arceus: Albacore is ed sheeran

+daftmau5: hastebin is lagging
+daftmau5: maybe it's my aids net
%Omegasization: n daft
%Omegasization: its just that youre so bad that its affecting ur net

+Vrin: "guess the mon"
+Vrin: | Rest 99.160% |
+Vrin: | Sleep Talk 98.749% |
+Vrin: | Scald 98.666% |
Career Ended: crocune
+Vrin: no, it isnt crocune
+Vrin: it's fucking
+Vrin: poliwrath

+m00ns: i've been redirected to chinese so many times that i've become fluent in mandarin

PwNeD1: On my Gengar I have shadow ball, dark pulse and sludge bomb. Should I use venoshock just in case the sludge bomb poisons the target?

Camilas: global warming is not a major threat right now
Camilas: since there are ways around it

rattatafan123 was warned by Albacore. (wtf?)
rattatafan123: why warn
rattatafan123: i dont understand
rattatafan123 was muted by Albacore for 1 hour. (you're right)

AlexPimpon55: how can i get mega rayquaza
disconnectar: You get 1024 kilo rayquazas

Angela: CAP Beast: r u a bot?
Angela: +Angeela: Hello CAP Beast! I am a robot, please PM another staff member if you need assistance.
Angela: CAP Beast: ok
Angela: Uh
Angela: i didn't think this would work
Angela: dammit now he's testing commands

@WaterBomb: I don't think the intro is big enough
@WaterBomb: can we make it bigger?
@innovamania: like natural male enhacement
@innovamania: ?
@Trickster: admins hate him: try these cool tricks to make your room intro bigger

Dread Arceus: fleggumfl is the bad guy of half of every 90s movie located in a high school

Twilight Zant: guys
Twilight Zant: is archeops viable at all in ou?
%Rampecker: no
+Numera: no
savvyyy: n
GoldenPortal: no
AD impish john: no
Twilight Zant: so... mabye

@Albacore: how is garbodor any worse than muk
AndHisNameIsJC: it's about how sewage will come back to bite man if he continues to dispose of it carelessly albacore
AndHisNameIsJC: it's poetic

Pebe: there needs to be a paralysis clause where if you get parahaxed two turns in a row you get to burn down the other persons home
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Panda Problems: Alba you're a + now
+Albacore: thanks panda problems
SeventyFive: alba is actually b- on the viability rankings