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  • >:I
    Can you tell me what time in MY time you'll be on? Because I can't seem to catch you, ever D:
    It's 3:50 PM here right now.
    Augh D:
    I'm sorry to hear about kipp and Toast (it's a little sad, seeing everybody drift away, I suppose D:)
    I'm not sure when that time is.
    Okay, right here it's 5:44 PM.
    I'll assume it's about 1 or 2 there about now, so...
    If I'm here around about lunchtime, then?
    I'll be awake as long as another 11 and a half hours, so if you respond, that'd be great~

    I pick the day you return to Smogon...
    I'll be there sometime during your time on MY Saturday/Sunday, I'm sure, so please hang around if you get the chance ;;
    i only got 6 votes in the last CAP spriting poll. i got the worst score! either smogonites have shitty opinions in sprites or i suck at this.
    Is it possible for you to send me all those sprites you made, even if you're not doing it anymore?
    I'd really appreciate it :X
    Not /you/ not listening to me, Toast, since in a nutshell I called him an idiot. (^^;;
    And yeah, my third hack. I have my first one, which gameplay-wise is done, but I'm working on an extensive text fix and embellishment ATM, and the second hack (which will take a while) is a Touhoumon hack. THe third one which I have only drafted will be amix of gen 1-5 pokemon and hopefully some fakemon. It isn't a problem copyright wise, since if I don't give you credit or someone uses them without permission, Creative Commons and moderators of the forums it appears in can easily destroy offenders. If you want I can talk about it on IRC. ANd backsprites would be lovely, at least for those other two sprites. I already have the front sprites insertable. And it's Gen 3, by far the easiest to manipulate, and the only one where extensive overhauls outside of core play and text is easily manipulated.
    If you don't want to do any of that, could me backsprites for those eggs?
    I have the frontsprites ready to go, but :I
    Also, if it isn't a huuuuuge trouble, sometime when you have a slow period in your life, would you be able to sprite my other egg Pokemon? (The hands one could obviosuly do with simplification) since I'm reducing the colours and eventually inserting them into my third hack (once I finish my Touhoumon :'D). If not, that's fine. Also, any of your fakemon that you'd like to see in a real hack, send them to me, I will credit you and add them /if you want/, since Winderr is kind of just stagnant. :/
    What is that?
    I'll come on tomorrow, since you're probably in bed right now.
    I basically called Toast a name a while ago, so to avoid petty scratches I've hardly been on, since I wasn't sure anyone wanted to talk to me.
    Alright, I'll talk tomorrow, on #Doran or that chest hair one (^^;;
    So we're down to 1x1! Well done to raff, but now the battle will be decided by Toxic. I just hope that toxic doesnt kill me :)
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