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  • Hey, we have to battle for the R6 of the VGC Tournament. My GMT is -3, I'm available almost everyday from 8pm to 11pm. Or in the weekend if you prefer.
    We have to play for the VGC tournament. I'm gmt-5. I can play tomorrow the whole day. Weekdays I get back pretty late from school so we could only play after 7 my time. Next saturday is free for me too, but sunday isn't.
    The world sure is round. I'm your opponent in the 3rd round of the Eevee Tournament!
    So let arrange a match, the new deadline is January 13th.
    GMT-0? so you're british?!
    anyway, i don't have problem with the time, see you then, and thanks for accepting!
    oh, sorry i don't have Skype....
    but in on almost always at night, my timezone is GMT-4, what your time zone?
    Hi pal!
    we're in the "Eve of Eevee Tournament", apparently you din't have any matches and round 3 is around the corner. My point is that i'm on the same situation, i din't have a chance to test my team, and i don't want to get to round 3 without knowing the metagame by battling.

    So i propose a battle bewteen you and me, just for fun.... and to test our teams!
    if you accept (and i hope so) we can schedule a match. I will wait for your answer, bro!
    We need to battle for the Eve of Eevee Tournament; however, I don't have any Eevees, lol.

    I requested a sub though, so you may get news of having to fight a sub. Good Luck!
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