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  • Teacher Andrea?
    That sounds pro :) I'm sure you'll do fine and hopefully get some spare time soon :D

    yeah me getting mods was kind of out of the blue :P
    oh I will, people might actually listen to me now, being a mod here nowadays and all XD
    I do hope to see you hop on irc sometime as well, plsu I hope stuff lightens up on you so you can spend more time doing whatever :)
    Also your intro in that video reminded me that I used to pronounce your name wrong for the longest time :(
    awww, im certain if I speak for others that we miss you. Hopefully your work/study lightens up soon.
    so round 2 of karaoke was posted tonight and the theme is foreign music/languages. it reminded me of a past karaoke contest on smogon with the same theme and that led me to looking up my entry from that round, so i could listen to it. long story short, i stumbled upon THIS. sooooo good ^_^

    Ah 2010, seems just like yesterday and yet at the same time it seems like forever ago.
    Hey Andrea? How are you? I was just wondering if I could do anything for your Modest Dark Pulse Shiny Female Hydreigon. I was also wondering if you could nickname it for me. I've been looking for exactly that all week, and I noticed you're the only one who has one. Hope to hear from you soon :)
    Miss Andrea!!!! long time no see/talk to
    are you still as cute, nice and kind hearted as i remember?
    hope the new year has been good to you so far and i also hope to see you again <3<3

    PS: say hi to chad for me
    Anyways I will be going since it is so close, so whether or not I participate I will see everyone there!
    dear miss andrea,
    I was looking at your former trade thread,and noticed your ALAMOS Darkrai.I'm learning to RNG, but was wondering if I can have a copy of that wonderful project of yours.In other words,looking if I can pay you in credits for it? Don't know why,but I saw Darkrai cloaked in fire in my dream yesterday, kinda made me wanna desperately ask for it.

    Thank you for your time.
    It's been too longgggggg :( Anyway, I was dropping by and wondering if I could get your address again for something :)
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