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  • i'm having some issues with my 3DS atm ;-; i've returned it to the store i bought, and i'm waiting for a position of the store about my case
    Hello Anniie! My name is Shak, and i have an egg with your SV of 343! Unfortunately i have just joined smogon for Sv's and have no idea how to PM, but i would be obliged if you could hatch it for me in return for a 4 IV mawile.
    FC: 1220-7327-0905
    Name; SHAK
    Ign: Serena
    hi! i have a pokemon with the shiny value of 343! can you help me hatch it? my fc is 2723-9014-8985 and my ingame name is eden.
    Hey u have the SV level of one of my eggs. It would be great if u could hatch it for me, My fc is 1392-4910-2236 and my IGN is Austin. Also if you could send me your IGN and FC that would be great Thanks
    Hello; I have a Goomy egg with an SV of 343. Would you mind hatching it for me? My FC is 4811 - 6964 - 2701.
    Hey there! I noticed you have 343! I have an egg with that, would you mind hatching mine? I have no clue how to pm you I'll be honest. :X FC: 3582 - 9598 - 9978. (Criminon) SV: 1973 I would super appreciate it and I'll add you now just incase you say yes!
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