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  1. Smogon Fantasy Football - 2011 NFL season

    I might come back this season, so don't take me out of the league yet. Hopefully I'll arrange my schedule better so I don't miss the draft again. Still not fully decided though, but I'll try to get back to you soon.
  2. Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno/Seduce Me series

    I watched the whale one, and wholeheartedly agree with your reaction. I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped open, then I started laughing. Awesome vids
  3. nj art

    lol xaq, I thought the same exact thing. Great art nasty! I love that lanturn.
  4. a forum presents: The Roast of WaterBomb (a 2k thread)

    This is a terrible roast. How the fuck could you have such a terrible 2k thread? I might as well have expected as much from smogon's third shittiest user. Nah man, happy 2k. Only thing I can do is hope to beat you in fantasy football next year (I won't).
  5. Osama Bin Laden Killed

    You sure about those nukes MWL?
  6. Rebecca Black Plague Thread

    *goes to top 100* *looks at no. 1* *gets lyrics* It sure ain't 1981 anymore.
  7. Overall: Boobs+!!

    Please excuse the language, but.... how the FUCK do you only have 30 luvdisks? This is the best art on smogon, hands down. The pokemon, the pictures, everything is absolutely beautiful.
  8. The apocalypse

    With May 21, 2011 and December 21, 2012 right around the corner, I'd like to bring this up. There is evidence supporting both ways, such as birds falling from the sky, dead fish being washed ashore and the unusual weather patterns, as well as the increasing severity of the natural disasters...
  9. Cybertron's Trade Thread

    sounds good
  10. Cybertron's Trade Thread

    hey man, long time no see check me for some stuff please
  11. FrenzyB3ar & Shady6121's Joint Trade Thread.

    i guess you wanted me to post this here? please check me for roobushin
  12. ---infernape-5 trade thread---

    yo check me for some stuff
  13. The 2010-11 Football/Soccer Thread

  14. Whimsicott

    Erufuun gets five subs with leftovers. What would it set up? Seed doesn't affect nat and Reuniclus, and scizor will just turn out of the matchup Those are as good as counters get
  15. nj art

    I love those two gengars :D