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  • man i was gonna see if you wanted to be a stark sharks spl mascot but the season is over. mop told me to ask you xD
    Hey we're opponents in the DPP OU Tour. Hit me up when you'd like to play. I'm on the PO 2 Server as Michael
    let's schedule an hour, so that we can be on both, i think i could be tonight after 11pm, it's 2pm for you, i don't have much time sorry
    We are opponents for the 4th Round of Farm League, I'm GMT+1 and I'm able to play this Friday night (around 9:30pm) or some time on Saturday.
    Oh, ok. I will be on for a while waiting then. Aprox 1h 20 min. I am also on #pokemon. It`s very likely that I will respond to a highlight there.
    We should try to have a scheduled time in case we don`t run into each others. I suggest 23:00 gmt+1. Should be 14:00 your time. Do you think you can play this early? I guess I would be able to play a bit later if that`s better with you.

    edit: Actually, I can play 03:00 my time (18:00 yours). Hope that works out for you. Sunday is probably a possibility as well, but then I can`t play much later than 23:00
    Sorry, didn`t see your PM. YEah, PS! was down yesterday. In any case, I can play on both simulators.
    By the way, how should we handle the suspect tests? I don`t really have much hindsight here, but I think it`s likely that Tornadus-T will be banned before our battle. Keldeo is also a possibility, I guess. Do you want to play with the tiers we had when the matches got posted, or do you want to let the new bans have effect (if they happen)? Either way is good for me.
    Hey! We are opponents for the farm league. My timezone is GMT+1 and the earliest I can play is thursday. Saturday or sunday would be even better though.
    i'm pretty busy this week so if we don't happen to meet to play, you can have the win
    gmt +0 btw
    hey, when do you wanna play for the DPP tour? personally i need a bit of time to build new teams, but regardless let me know when you're available and we'll sort something out
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