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  • retail game rip save -> put on emulator (dolphin can't make save files that are compatible with retail)
    RNG on emulator
    emulator save file -> retail save file
    transfer legitimately from GC -> GBA -> DS

    Hozu has done this a bunch.

    need access to the save files of the competitors (save file ripping to computer -> writing to DS)

    the tool that inserts tournaments isn't polished yet; OmegaDonut is the one responsible for it.

    Rip Save from cartridge
    Open Tournament Injector
    Open Save File, Inject Tournament Data
    Save the Save File
    Write Save to cartridge
    User loads game and locks box themselves.
    It's ok man I understand. Good luck, maybe we will get the chance to battle another day.
    Will be set for our match in say 2 days..ish, what's your availability over the next 3-4 days?
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