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  1. Bye bye Latias! Bring in the apes...

    I think the point in saying that DNite was a suspect was that every time you ban something from OU you low the power threshold that OU has. Like, Mence used to be fine, now if it gets banned, things that used to be overshadowed by it, or completely counter by it can shine, and soon people will...
  2. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Yes, three, sorry
  3. Nuzlocke Challenge

    So, I posted a while back, very loosely speed running Nuzlocke Emerald, as in, I have no clue what the heck I am doing and no plan to do anything specific except trying to beat the game as fast as possible. Anyway, yeah, I just beat Flannery and so I have 2 badges at 3:33 in game time, going to...
  4. Nuzlocke Challenge

    What is wrong with using Dustox? He isn't part flying you know, grind him up a bit, then kill Wattson.
  5. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Take a Shroomish, named Shrooms, it cannot evolve until it beats one of Flannery's Pokemon 1 v 1, and must be under level 38 when doing so.
  6. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Politoed Take a Machop, name it Chop Suey, it must have guts and cannot evolve until after all gyms and victory road are passed. EDIT: 1 Second, I forget how Machop learns DynamicPunch, so, if it can't learn DynamicPunch, then it must know at least 2 special moves, if it can learn DynamicPunch...
  7. Nuzlocke Challenge

    That sums it up, amazing work, tell your sister she is good at drawing. EDIT: Not good, but great!
  8. Nuzlocke Challenge

    I have started a speedrun, emerald nuzlocke, currently at Brawly, who I will be skipping but fighting his trainers, with a level 16 Marshtomp and a level 16 Shroomish, 1 hour in
  9. #Stark challenges

    Alright, it didn't look like this was addressed in the rules so... Is it ok if we use different monotype teams on the ladder if we join? Like, one time I use a fighting monotype and one time I use a water monotype, or do we have to stick to one monotype team only?
  10. US Military kills multiple Iraqi civillians, including two journalists, wounds 2 kids

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but really, two things. 1) You shouldn't be hating them, you should be hating that they tried to cover it up 2) Don't be so quick to judge the pilots
  11. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Alright, Platinum: Try 2 Team: Nook the Ponyta, level 11 Kip the Prinplup, level 18 Geode the Geodude, level 13 Backup: Kwak, the Psyduck, Level 5 Two Tails the Zubat (Going to be used for Fly and Defog HMs,) Level 5 Sphinx the Shinx, Level 10 R.I.P Tweet the Starly, who life was...
  12. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Alright so, restarted Platinum nuzlocke, currently: KIP the Piplup, just single-handedly beat my rival at level 12(?) I think, I am not sure R.I.P TWEET the Starly had his life cut short by an unfortunate crit while trying to train :(
  13. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Alright so I would update on my Platinum run, however, I lost -.- So it's time to restart
  14. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Alright, again, no progress update from last night, sorry, I have been busy, I did however forget to post my rules so: -No healing items, or held berries that heal -Pokeballs ONLY -You can't buy Pokeballs -If a Pokemon faints, it must be released/put in a box marked DEAD -Pokemon must have...
  15. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Alright, so my team was posted on page 11, the mighty trio! I will make these first chapters fairly short, they're not the most interesting, I will start with the trip to Oreburgh because before that is just boring. Chapter 1: Old Rivals Walking down the steps leaving the city, I find my...