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    te amo

    te amo
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    What is Pokémon to you?

    My childhood. Probably the reason why I can't let go ;_;
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    Grats on global +

    Grats on global +
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    Other Userlist Icons Stylish

    ps name: Asty Pokemon: Shiny Seismitoad (Shiny is really important ;_;)
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    ola :v

    ola :v
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    Spelling and Grammar Standards

    Yeah, I should have read the context more. I thought the issue was with the word 'lure', not the actual way it was used, in which case, changing it for a different word does not change anything. No need to be pedantic though, buddy :^)
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    Spelling and Grammar Standards

    Your suggestion is sound, but if 'lure' is causing semantic problems, I suggest the use of 'invite': 'Scizor invites a switch-in to Heatran, and (predictably) KOes it with Superpower'
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    Ask the Admins - Issue 10

    How many people in real life know you're in charge of a pokemon sim? Are you proud of it?
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    I'm looking at this both from a Room Owner and a user who does make frequent alts. As I said earlier, the pop-up need not be large or too invasive
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    Not sure if this has been suggested, but I honestly think an additional 'Terms and Conditions' box should be added before any account is created. Yes, it will be ignored by thousands, but on the off-chance, it may be read and acknowledged. I've dealt with many, many trolls (as many of you...
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    General Introduce yourself!

    Hello My name is Astyanax and I am a 15 year old girl from a country in South-America called Peru. My hobbies include singing traditional Peruvian folklore (like my idol Wendy Sulca), and occasionally playing pokemon. I like to draw and sing :3 I have made many friends since I started...
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    oie cy k rikolino

    oie cy k rikolino
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    XY LC Pineco Offense

    Top kek. Nice post though, if only this thread has enough to make up for the fact that you're the worst mod :/ Edit: Good post though. I have absolutely no idea about LC, but I might use this team and try it out. Thanks Sken
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    Global + have to re-earn their rank. Why?

    Could a higher member of staff please answer, or at least go through the reason, to why all global + have to re-earn their rank? Have they not already earned it like % and @? I would understand if the ranks were to be put on hold temporarily while everything else is being fixed. Even given or...
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    PSPL II: Semifinals

    Confirming this