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  • aTheos
    Not much. Breeding a flawless kangaskhan real fast. shouldn't take long since they are all females, and I have a 6 IV male charmander
    Hi there. :) Jon here.
    Let’s hatch Pokemon egg SV 3199 , since it matches your trainer shiny value.
    My FC is 4957-2901-5642/ TSV: 1677/ IGN: Anthony
    You may also message me on facebook:
    Thank you. :)
    Sure I can do it! Just let me know when we are both online
    Hi. I'll double check the egg if it's 3199 or 3119. :)
    I have an egg that matches you, would you mind hatching it for me? my FC is 4468-1200-2346
    Would you hatch my egg?
    My egg is matched with your TSV :D
    I have an egg matched with your SV I gonna give you 5IV flawless Korean pokemon for you
    Please Reply me :D
    My FC: 0920 0525 0129
    It'll be glad you will help me! :D Please Reply me :D
    Sure! I have a slightly busy schedule, but I'm sure we can find some time over the weekend for me to hatch your egg!
    Hi can you hatch an egg for me please ? i give you a 5iv pokemon for reward thx for answer me.
    my 3ds code: 3995-7277-7073 ig name is Kise Ryota
    see you.
    Ok i add you, what is your ig name ?
    My IGN is Ted. But I probably won't be able to get online until tonight or some other time this weekend.
    ok np send me a message when you can
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