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  • can we play for minitour tommorow, since im gone for a week after tommorow, if we dont play tommorow, you'll play dr ciel (im 1 hr ahead timezone wise) (pls come on #neverused as it will be so much easier to contact me there)
    uh, I've gotta build a team first, but after I do, I can play w/e. I'm on IRC all the time, so you can catch me in #neverused. I'm also on alts all the time, so feel free to ask the chat if I'm there if you don't see my name. I very well might be.
    hey, wanna play now? I'll be on SpareAacount on Showdown if so.

    EDIT: Is main server Showdown really down right now?
    We're paired up against each other for the RU mini-tournament. When can you play? I'm GMT -4 by the way.
    LMAO IM STILL IN? It looks like a misunderstanding. I said i was in at first and changed my mind and made a post that i left. Apparently FLCL deleted that post thus forcing me in. I also got really surprised that i haven't heard anything for round 1 but apparently i got coinflipped. Let's just say you won. Are you with me?
    Unfortunately i came online earlier than I usually do. Maybe I'll try to make it at that time again tomorrow but I might be a little late. If I can't make it, then we'll have to do it at your early morning.
    Your last activity was my midnight. This will be difficult

    I guess you waking up early and me staying up late would work. Do you want to do it today or maybe tomorrow?
    My time zone's GMT +8 and it's 4.30pm where I am right now, you?

    I will be away from tomorrow till next Monday morn, unfortunately. I'll try catching you on IRC or something if I can, and if you go there
    We're both online now, so can you come on at this time tomorrow, as I have to go now?
    I'm pretty sure I'll be free then.
    Well, do you go on #neverused at all?

    If not, then it could be difficult, as my timezone is most likely completely different from yours. I'm GMT +13
    today I work all day, so unless your timezone is completely different than mine (GMT-5/EST) then I should be online by midnight, if not I'll be online let's say from 10am to 1pm wednesday (EST), I can also pick different times if it suits you better.
    yo, danger zone, I'll make my team today, wednesday would really be the best day for me as I'm free all day, could you battle then ?
    i was always wondering who you were on the forums xD i get you on ladder a lot for ru
    Just posting here to let you know that I really like your recently-posted RU team, you made me wanna make a team with CB Sawsbuck as it's my favorite Pokemon!
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