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  • Wow, that's really lame. I don't think you DCd, so don't worry. BUt i hope you don't suspect me of it, either (considering the lag that started happening within those last few turns).

    It was a GG, up to there, though. :/
    Argh I missed you again, lol.

    Btw, I left one little post on your thread again but apparently you never had a chance to see it. It was another CMT request, thanks.
    Hey Atraes, I really would like to finish our pending. When are you usually on?
    Just a reminder about our trade (My Heracross and Froslass for your Adamant Metagross and Jolly Salamence). I'm not sure if you only are on during weekends, but if you see this VM, please let me know so that we can schedule a time.

    Also, I'd prefer the UT versions of both, if that's alright.
    Alright, thanks for reminding me, but I'll probably be really busy this week (AP Testing). Would it be alright with you if we traded this next weekend?
    yeah how about this
    aipon~tecnician~timid hp fire 59 Power 31/30/31/28/31/30**the ivs must be exact for hp 59 (shiny please =] i love more shiny monkeys)
    I have a long list of redistributables, including
    DokiDoki's Latias
    MattJ's Jirachi
    Expert Evan's Blissey
    Jibaku's Celebi
    Themarcster's Mudkip
    Bozo's Red Gyarados
    Negator's Zapdos
    Kazo's Mismagius
    Redistributable Shiny Umbreon and Shiny Mamoswine
    Matt J's Suicune
    Destroya's Mantine
    Bearsfans' Heatran
    Forsworn's Tentacruel
    Ggled's Darkrai
    Linkino's Groudon
    Redistributable Mew and Cresselia
    Shiny Mantine
    Timid or Bold, Flawless HP Electric Suicune
    Flawless Relaxed Mudkip
    Flawless Timid Kyogre
    Near-Flawless Impish Wooper with Recover
    Flawless Corphish
    Flawless Timid Mewtwo
    Near Flawless Jolly Dragonite
    Flawless ExtremeSpeed Dragonite
    Flawless Steelix
    Near-Flawless Self-Destruct Snorlax
    Flawless Caterpie
    Flawless Hoppip
    Flawless Relaxed Mudkip
    Shiny Flawless HP Ground Yanma
    Flawless Shiny Trick Room Dunsparce
    Shiny Metagross

    I can also ev train anything in about an hour, nickname it, etc!
    Sorry, I'm getting anxious and worried about two people at the same time. =/ Enjoy your Pokemon!
    Are you trading with Testing or me first? I'm on though with your 3738 8580 4506 added. I also have another trade that needs to be dealt with right now so if you really can't trade with me, let me know.
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