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  • Thank you very much for the trade! I hope you enjoy the Pokemon. Just remember to credit me if list them in your thread.
    Sure, I can clone for you if needed. I'll get on wifi right now. My Wifi was been acting up today, so I apologize if it takes me a couple minutes to get online.
    Looks like I sent that last message right as you were going offline. If you are able, I will be online around 11:30 am my time tomorrow.
    Could we perhaps say 7 pm your time (1 pm my time). I had an obligation come up later in the afternoon which starts at 2:00 pm my time.
    Cool. Is there any particular time that you would prefer? Literally any time Saturday works for me except 10am-1pm central time.
    Hey there, it seems that we never got around to completing our trade. I'll be around all night Friday and all day Saturday. Could we trade sometime in that range?
    Mewtwo for Cobalion sounds good to me! What are some good times to trade for you? I'm afraid I don't have time to trade right now. I might have some time to trade later tonight, though I will definitely be available early next week.
    I am able to clone. As for Scizor, I'm afraid I don't have what you're looking for, though I do have two different adamant Scyther. If you want to reduce the trade to two Pokemon, that's fine. I'll just remove Cobalion from the three Pokemon I requested. However, if you do want one of my UT Scyther or if you see something else you like and we end up doing a three Pokemon trade, I would like the UT Cobalion.
    i'll pass then. getting them to level 50 is the fun part. i never candy my mons either. i'll instant egg and quick hatch, but you've got to train them properly.
    don't worry man. think it's destined not to happen. just going to write this giveaway off. cheers for trying.
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