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  1. World Championships Thread - BLUECOOKIES WORLD CHUMP

    Perfect description. Thanks dood! And about the practice battles, guys. I guess if I see you guys around I can play. I have some strong teams that I won't ever be able to use again, so I might as well get the most out of them.
  2. Worlds Last Chance Qualifier - Kona, HI - August 13, 2010 - OVER

    The fuck is up with you always tryna police shit?
  3. Worlds Last Chance Qualifier - Kona, HI - August 13, 2010 - OVER

    I'm positive you will maintain your spotless 0-0 record for VGC this year drcossack. 3 stops is nothing in a game of luck when it ends in a free trip with paid hotel and a spot with the elite 49 players in the world. Good thing you've got other plans besides playing in worlds cause you won't be...
  4. Worlds Last Chance Qualifier - Kona, HI - August 13, 2010 - OVER

    You're a very very smart man, but that's not a smart pick.
  5. VGC10 Feedback Thread

    I agree with all of this, save one thing. I would be highly in favor of triple battles, actually for the same reason you gave. Learning information on all the new Pokemon, and a new battle system at the same time would take a lot of research and practice. This would widen the gap between casual...
  6. BadIntent's VGC Nationals 2010: Clearing the Hurdle

    @ Jrank- Yeah, man that's my swagga taking effect. You're not the only one who felt it, dood. @Osirus- Yep, took a bunch of trips but I did it! Thanks for the support =] @Bulldogs- Definitely man. Hope to see you around. @DragonFE- ; D @Ninahaza- You were really enthusiastic in both Arizona and...
  7. United States Nationals Thread - WON BY WESLEY MORIOKA

    Oh I meant Kyogre. Ya Alaka, heavy anti-meta. Makes me proud.
  8. VGC10 Feedback Thread

    Well, the actual game is flawed as far as the lucky players advancing over a lot of more skilled players, but the events are ace. Like Ninahaza said, it was infinitely better for a ton of us than 09. So many of us didn't get to play after so much training. This year, as along as you were...
  9. BadIntent's VGC Nationals 2010: Clearing the Hurdle

    Most of my trip is explained in my vlog at I'd say that is more interesting than text. This is mostly going to be pictures and just a quick rundown of stuff I didn't vlog about. Oh, and I'll warn you now; grab a drink and a snack, because this is still a relatively...
  10. United States Nationals Thread - WON BY WESLEY MORIOKA

    This thread should be updated to say "Won by Wesley Morioka". Just sayin.
  11. VGC Nationals Warstory

    Yeah, dude you were cool at the VGC because you were so confident. Actually I didn't talk to you that much early on because I thought you didn't like me that much. Well, nice job getting into the top 16. I didn't realize how lucky Jessie actually got until I read your account. You use the best...
  12. A Pokemon Online VGC Warstory

    Oh, God! Nice second pic dtrain! Gotta edit that in BlueCookies. Powerful team is powerful. I left before this happened but I now I know what everyone was talking about regarding Hypnos lol
  13. A Time I will not forget soon-VGC '10 Nationals Story

    Yeah a few of the airlines overbooked their flights this weekend. Sucks about that. They knew your sheer power would be too much of a hazard for the other passengers so they tried anything they could to keep you grounded! Woah, close call on the Kyogre lol about the Duy situation. Actually...
  14. United States Nationals Thread - WON BY WESLEY MORIOKA

    Well it wasn't quite as standard as it looked. Rayquaza Kangaskhan Toxicroak Palkia Hitmontop Kyogre The Palkia was slower than my Groudon, and it was very bulky. It also knew Calm Mind. The Rayquaza was also unique since it had Dragon Pulse and Air Slash. It can change from anti-Trick Room...