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  1. Resource RU Viability Rankings

    As an additional point in favor of Archeops, it can kill itself off using Head Smash (assuming you are brought to sash) to prevent a spin or defog while dealing substantial damage in the process. Albeit 80% accurate, Aero can only provide this additional utility if it forgoes coverage for...

    Name: Ban Me Formats: ORAS, SM Foreseeable Inactivity: None
  3. Metagame RU Stage 17 Alt Identification Thread

    Confirming as Suspect Scald Pls
  4. RU Stage 14 Suspect Voting

    Sharpedo: Ban Abomasite: Ban
  5. Metagame RU Stage 14 Alt Identification thread

    Confirming as Suspect Scald Pls. Kableye doesn't like my jokes.
  6. Project ORAS RU Victim of the Week V2, with enthusiasm!! (Week 77: Swords Dance Cacturne)

    Seismitoad as a COUNTER Seismitoad @ Leftovers Ability: Water Absorb EVs: 216 HP / 200 Def / 92 Spe Bold Nature - Stealth Rock - Scald - Earth Power - Knock Off Seismitoad can switch in on any of the listed moves with ease and proceed to set up Stealth Rocks, Knock Off an...
  7. Resource RU Viability Rankings Thread

    I disagree. I think that you do need to account for Absol on every team. It has the power to tear through all offensive teams with Sucker Punch and SD to do the same to defensive and balance teams. In my opinion, he's more dangerous than Tyrantrum because of the versatility within one set. It...
  8. Resource RU Viability Rankings Thread

    To be fair, it really doesn't stop M-Abomasnow in its tracks. It gets demolished by Wood Hammer and most SD Abomasnows run enough speed to beat base 50s if I remember correctly. Hariyama is great but saying it stops M-Aboma is overselling. It's a check at best, but only on predicted ice moves...
  9. Resource RU Viability Rankings Thread

    The one additional note I'd like to make for my support on Mawile is that is also provides offense with an Absol counter, a Tyrantrum check/potential counter, a Scrafty counter, a Stealth Rocker, and a pivot using baton pass all in one slot. That's a lot of utility and role compression for...
  10. Resource RU Replays

    GG bud, no hax needed there, just good plays. That late U-turn with Melo was a great play, won the match.
  11. RU Stage 12 Suspect Voting

    Tyrantrum: Ban
  12. Project RU Matchmaking Redux (Week 7: Support Jumpluff)

    Braviary (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Defiant EVs: 252 HP / 208 SpD / 48 Spe Careful Nature - Substitute - Roost - Bulk Up - Brave Bird You know what 'mon eats defensive teams for lunch? This guy. You know who hates steel types? This guy. But in all fairness, Braviary is still a very...
  13. Samurott Runs RU (Peaked #1 @ 1453)

    Thank you all for your replies! Based on the feedback I have opted to make some changes. They'll be listed in red in the OP as well. 252 Spe EV's on Samurott to outspeed Scrafty 252 HP/96 Att+/ 160 SpD spread on M-Steelix (Thanks Fran!) The big seller on this is that it still OHKO's Fletchinder...
  14. Samurott Runs RU (Peaked #1 @ 1453)

    Hey Arifeen, thanks for the reply and suggestions. To your points: I am very much considering running additional speed EV's. I didn't realize that the threshold for outspeeding Scrafty was within such close reach. While I do believe that the additional EV's in HP are meaningful, this is a...