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  2. The World Cup of Pokémon IX - Sign Ups - Read post #322 and #463

    Pokémon Showdown Username(s): Baris/.Baris/.Baris. Tiers: The tiers you want to play DP Country / State of Residence: Germany ( I refuse play for german shits, shit country conflict is (BAN ME PLEASE), he fuckin d Nationality: TURKEY Other Eligibility: germany (refuse )
  3. SPL General Talk Thread

    all teams are a shit, lonleness team is th
  4. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 1

    won 4:0 gg gouki u noob hrhrhr
  5. The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Round 1

    jooo gg GERMANY FOR WIN YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::happybrain::justin:
  6. The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Representation Thread

    Shoddy Name:Baris First Choice:Germany I would like to be the Captain of Germany.
  7. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

    3:0 wasnt that just a missklick ? x_x