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    Applying to college

    Is this thread only about undergrads ? Anybody here going to grad school in Fall 18 ?
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    SM OU ZyguardiaN - Protector of the Ladder [Peaked 1890+, still climbing!]

    Nice team. Used it a bit to acquaint myself with USUM. I had quite a bit of trouble handling Tapu Koko though. A well played Tapu Koko can wreck this team and the mons cant even scare it off with an RK. Not sure how to fix this though as I'm really rusty.
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    The Ubers Role Comparison Project

    Just pointing out some stuff. Giratina-O Sneak is very handy for sniping down weakened Ubers and not just Lati/ Mewtwo. Also, ghostceus doesnt need to use a mixed set at all, why is that listed in disadvantages. Also this stuff should be updated into the op if its meant to be used as a uber...
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    Ubers Teambuilding

    Ctr + f Genesect = 36 hits but no set :[ [SET] Genesect @ Choice Scarf Trait: Download EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd Naive Nature - U-turn - Ice Beam - Explosion - Iron Head Role: Revenge Killer What it does: Genesect is the ultimate revenge killer and momentum transfer Pokemon in the game...
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    Arceus (Revamp) (GP 0/2)

    I guess its fine if you mention Gengar just stick it at the bottom of the pile with Landorus-T and co, to be used as a last resort check if you have no other alternative (seriously) No to CB Metagross. Seriously, why are we mentioning these stuff anyway. Its not like they ever get used in Ubers...
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    Project: Arceus Overview Renovation

    I wouldnt really say its a sitting duck, its got twave and toxic to prevent stuff from setting up on it. Mentioned spikes fodder.
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    Project: Arceus Overview Renovation

    Behold the God of Pokemon in His leafy green avatar, as He strides through the lush green fields with the regal air of a king. Dare not incur the wrath of Arceus, for His Judgment is more binding than the strongest vine. Grass Arceus is arguably the best Arceus fome for supporting your team...
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    Project: Arceus Overview Renovation

    Didnt notice this till today. So gonna post my comments / nitpicks about stuff. Bug Arceus - Agree with trickroom but one thing about the overview is that the overview should reflect that Bug Arceus is the WORST Arceus forme and should never really be used except for exceptional cases or...
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    Smogon Tournament #8 - Signups

    gonna try my luck and shitass timezone. in
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    Smogon University PO Statistics — October 2011

    Not to be rude but I find the 1337 stats really odd. How on Earth is Reuniculus a better sweeper in Ubers than Kyogre, Salamence, Palkia and the others ? Apart from that, excellent work Antar. Next month will be even more exciting with detailed stats ! Also I've been waiting for these stats to...
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    Policy on Placeholder Threads

    I am not a C&C moderator so my opinion might not be relevant or needed, so feel free to delete my post or disregard it if it is out of place. I dont agree with Oglemi that placeholder posts are really quite (not fully) useless. Admittedly, they just clutter up the forum and have no real...
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    No but at least use proper spacing and bold certain tags such as Additional Comments and stuff.
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    You should really fix up your format, its an eyesore at the moment. Anways on to the main point. -To put it very bluntly, I think the Screens Support set is pretty bad. Why wouldnt I just run Bronzong like Trickroom stated ? It has better overall (mixed) bulk than Metagross and has Levitate...
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    (Archive) Small Objective Changes Thread

    Damn..I should have read the complete description about Mew before fixing it. If you read the next paragraph it is painfully obvious that its actually "forgoing" Rock Polish. I'm really sorry about all this confusion.
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    (Archive) Small Objective Changes Thread

    Fixed the two. I'm pretty sure it is "while using Rock Polish". The Special Sweeper (its not Special Wall as you mention it) is actually Latias. The physical wall in this team is Kyogre (obviously).